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Mar 11th, 2020
Night league Race
not provided

Series: Bogus Basin Night League Racing
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 5 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Christian Questad
Christian Questad
Results for Mar 11th, 2020 - Night league Race

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Ron AbramovichBoise, IDMale 55-59TBDProBlue26.1555.84 T* Silver 
Rachel AlbertsonBoise, IDMale 21-29Snow BoatersRecYellow27.7969.24 - 
Cathrine AndersonGarden City, IDFemale 55-59TBDRecYellow21.6131.61 Gold 
Clancy AndersonBoise, IDMale 45-49Rat Pack RacingRecBlue20.1520.08 Silver 
Eric Anderson Boise, IDMale 45-49Limes In My PocketProBlue19.1814.30 Gold 
Trevor AndersonBoise, IDMale 30-34Limes In My PocketProBlue17.936.85 Platinum 
Tucker AndersonBoise, IDMale 45-49Rat Pack RacingRecBlue20.2620.74 Silver 
Sara AndrewBoise, IDFemale 30-34Limes In My PocketProBlue21.3627.29 Silver 
Mike BachmanBoise, IDMale 40-44Chairlift Hecklers NorthRecBlue19.1013.83 Gold 
Rachel BachmanBoise, IDFemale 35-39Chairlift Hecklers NorthRecYellow21.1728.93 Gold 
David BakerBoise, IDMale 50-54Pool Boyz RacingProYellow23.5843.61 Bronze 
Ross BordenBoise, IDMale 60-64The BoardRecBlue24.3845.29 Silver 
Greg BrandonBoise, IDMale 50-54Chairlift Hecklers NorthRecBlue18.8112.10 Platinum 
Isis BrangersBoise, IDFemale 21-29GEORecBlue30.4681.53 - 
Andrew BrinkerCaldwell, IDMale 21-29Hold My Edgie WedgiesProBlue21.5328.31 Silver 
Mark CamperNampa, IDMale 50-54Rat Pack RacingProBlue20.3621.33 Gold 
Jim CarlsonBoise, IDMale 60-64TBDProYellow20.4224.36 Gold 
Lisa CarlsonBoise, IDFemale 55-59B4warnedProBlue22.4533.79 Gold 
Dave ChristianBoise, IDMale 65-69Lounge LizardsRecBlue24.5346.19 Silver 
Jeanine ClearyBoise, IDFemale 55-59B4warnedProBlue23.5840.52 Gold 
Chuck CombsNampa, IDMale 50-54Sun RaycersRecBlue19.4415.85 Gold 
Sarah CombsNampa, IDFemale 21-29Sun RaycersRecYellow20.2523.33 Silver 
Bob CooperBoise, IDMale 65-69Lounge LizardsRecYellow29.7180.94 - 
Quin CooperBoise, IDMale 30-34Lounge LizardsRecYellow27.6868.57 - 
Dan CrockettBoise, IDMale 35-39Chairlift Hecklers NorthRecBlue19.0613.59 Gold 
Mitch CutterMale 21-29Save Our Wild SlalomRecYellow18.8714.92 Gold 
John DadabayBoise, IDMale 60-64TBDProYellow22.0434.23 Silver 
Kim DewitFemale 50-54Bogus Basin Ski ClubRecYellow24.8451.28 Silver 
Peter FalettoGarden City, IDMale 50-54Michael`s MentorsProBlue19.0613.59 T* Platinum 
Aaron FlynnBoise, IDMale 30-34TBDProBlue18.8312.22 Gold 
Bri FordBoise, IDFemale 21-29Hold My Edgie WedgiesProYellow25.8257.25 - 
Mike FrancisBoise, IDMale 35-39Frozen AssetsProBlue20.5622.53 Silver 
Angie FullerBoise, IDFemale 35-39Frozen AssetsProYellow20.0221.92 Gold 
James GarrisonGarden City, IDMale 30-34Michael`s MentorsProBlue19.5116.27 Gold 
Dan GivensBoise, IDMale 55-59B4warnedProBlue19.0113.29 Platinum 
Lisa GytriBoise, IDFemale 35-39Michael`s MentorsProBlue20.3921.51 Gold 
Roger HaleyBoise, IDMale 55-59TBDProYellow23.0440.32 Silver 
Chris HalvorsonBOISE, IDMale 55-59Bogus Basin Ski ClubRecYellow20.5825.33 Silver 
Leslie HalvorsonBoise, IDFemale 50-54Pool Boyz RacingProBlue22.7435.52 Gold 
Tom HalvorsonBoise, IDMale 55-59Bogus Basin Ski ClubRecYellow19.6419.61 Gold 
 David HenryMale 50-54Bogus Basin Ski ClubRecBlue22.9937.01 Silver 
Rustin HoodBoise, IDMale 35-39Frozen AssetsProBlue20.5122.23 Silver 
Blake HopkinsBoise, IDMale 30-34Frozen AssetsProYellow20.3423.87 Silver 
Steve HopkinsBoise, IDMale 60-64Frozen AssetsProBlue22.8836.35 Silver 
Craig HopperEagle, IDMale 45-49Rat Pack RacingRecYellow19.6619.73 Gold 
Jim HovrenBoise, IDMale 60-64TBDProBlue22.0431.35 Silver 
Kim HovrenBoise, IDFemale 60-64TBDProYellow22.5337.21 Gold 
Eric HoweBoise, IDMale 30-34Chairlift Hecklers NorthRecBlue23.0737.49 Bronze 
Brian HueyGarden City, IDMale 65-69Bogus Basin Ski ClubRecBlue26.9760.73 Bronze 
Mark HutchinsonBoise, IDMale 40-44Frozen AssetsProYellow19.0015.71 Gold 
Jeff JayoBoise, IDMale 65-69Sun RaycersRecYellow22.6137.70 Silver 
Kassi JensenBoise, IDFemale 21-29Hold My Edgie WedgiesProBlue23.3038.86 Silver 
Sue JurfBoise, IDFemale 50-54Rat Pack RacingRecYellow28.1871.62 Bronze 
Justin KasermanBoise, IDMale 45-49Hold My Edgie WedgiesProYellow24.3148.05 Bronze 
Jeff KelleyBoise, IDMale 65-69Lounge LizardsRecYellow28.4773.39 - 
Michelle KelleyBoise, IDFemale 55-59Lounge LizardsRecBlue27.4663.65 Bronze 
Pat KellyMale 50-54The BoardRecBlue19.6617.16 Gold 
Jerry KiserBoise, IDMale 60-64TBDProBlue21.9430.75 Silver 
Larry KiserBoise, IDMale 55-59Sun RaycersRecBlue28.4369.43 - 
Maggi KraftHailey, IDFemale 30-34GEORecBlue19.9518.89 Gold 
Tim KurtzBoise, IDMale 35-39Frozen AssetsProBlue19.6316.98 Gold 
Eric LandsburgBoise, IDMale 50-54Limes In My PocketProYellow20.3523.93 Silver 
Sam Lee Male 45-49Michael`s MentorsProBlue19.0713.65 Platinum 
Bryan LevenhagenBoise, IDMale 50-54Stayin AliveRecYellow28.1971.68 - 
Adam LittleBoise, IDMale 40-44The BoardRecBlue29.7777.41 T* - 
Mark ManweilerBoise, IDMale 60-64Lounge LizardsRecBlue24.6346.78 Bronze 
Dave MartinBoise, IDMale 55-59Sun RaycersRecYellow22.4236.54 Silver 
Todd MartinBoise, IDMale 35-39Sun RaycersRecYellow20.9027.28 Silver 
John McCutcheonMeridian, IDMale 60-64TBDProYellow19.4618.51 Gold 
Dave McDermottGarden City, IDMale 55-59TBDProBlue23.1437.90 Silver 
Tim McGeeBoise, IDMale 60-64Michael`s MentorsProYellow21.8332.95 Silver 
Kelly McLeodBoise, IDFemale 55-59TBDProBlue24.1944.16 Silver 
Mike McLeodBoise, IDMale 60-64TBDProBlue19.6417.04 Platinum 
Jim McNamanaraBoise, IDMale 50-54GEORecBlue26.4457.57 T* Bronze 
Brendon McQueenBoise, IDMale 35-39B4warnedProYellow19.3918.09 Silver 
Zac MedekGarden City, IDMale 50-54Bogus Basin Ski ClubRecBlue22.1131.76 Silver 
Andrew MeyerBoise, IDMale 21-29Snow BoatersRecYellow38.92137.03 - 
Rachael MillerBoise, IDFemale 21-29Snow BoatersRecYellow25.5655.66 Bronze 
Riley MoffattBoise, IDMale 21-29Chairlift Hecklers NorthRecYellow19.3617.90 Silver 
Jim MortonBoise, IDMale 65-69B4warnedProBlue20.3421.22 Gold 
Joe MurphyBoise, IDMale 21-29Snow BoatersRecBlue23.5440.29 Bronze 
Megan MurphyBoise, IDFemale 21-29Limes In My PocketProYellow19.1516.63 Gold 
Daniel MurrayBoise, IDMale 21-29GEORecYellow23.8044.95 - 
Kurt NorrellBoise, IDMale 35-39Frozen AssetsProBlue23.1638.02 Bronze 
Ben OttoBoise, IDMale 40-44Save Our Wild SlalomRecYellow24.8051.04 - 
John PascoeBoise, IDMale 45-49Limes In My PocketProYellow20.3423.87 Silver 
Cody PrgilBoise, IDMale 30-34Chairlift Hecklers NorthRecYellow19.7019.98 Silver 
Christian QuestadCaldwell, IDMale 40-44Frozen AssetsProBlue17.655.18 Platinum 
Nora RichardsonBoise, IDFemale 35-39Frozen AssetsProBlue34.93108.16 S* - 
Kali RidenBoise, IDFemale 35-39Frozen AssetsProBlue26.8960.25 Bronze 
Bruce RolfeBoise, IDMale 50-54Pool Boyz RacingProBlue20.6222.88 Gold 
Courtney RussBoise, IDFemale 35-39Michael`s MentorsProYellow20.1322.59 Gold 
Charlie RussellBoise, IDMale 60-64Bogus Basin Ski ClubRecBlue24.7847.68 S* Gold 
Connor SabinBoise, IDMale 21-29Hold My Edgie WedgiesProYellow17.687.67 Platinum 
Mike SabinBoise, IDMale 50-54Hold My Edgie WedgiesProYellow20.0822.29 Gold 
Nickolas SabinBoise, IDMale 21-29Hold My Edgie WedgiesProBlue17.725.60 Platinum 
Jonas SeilerSteamboat Springs, COMale 21-29Save Our Wild SlalomRecBlue21.5628.49 Silver 
Kevin SettlesBoise, IDMale 60-64The BoardRecBlue22.5234.21 Silver 
Corrine SmithBoise, IDFemale 21-29TBDProBlue20.1319.96 Gold 
Barb SpinglaBoise, IDFemale 60-64Lounge LizardsRecYellow26.2559.87 Silver 
Steve StricklandBoise, IDMale 60-64Bogus Basin Ski ClubRecBlue26.7359.30 Bronze 
Bridgette TeetsBoise, IDFemale 50-54Pool Boyz RacingProBlue22.0731.53 Gold 
Kieron TeetsGarden City, IDFemale 21-29Pool Boyz RacingProBlue23.2638.62 Silver 
Amoureux TheronStar, IDMale 65-69Bogus Basin Ski ClubRecBlue30.9284.27 - 
Bobby ThompsonBoise, IDMale 30-34Hold My Edgie WedgiesProBlue22.8636.23 Bronze 
Elena TiptonGarden City, IDFemale 21-29Snow BoatersRecBlue26.8860.19 - 
Marry TottenBoise, IDFemale 21-29The BoardRecBlue19.6517.10 Gold 
Carol VennBoise, IDFemale 65-69Lounge LizardsRecBlue29.3174.67 Bronze 
Bill VernonBoise, IDMale 65-69TBDProYellow19.8921.13 Gold 
Steve VisoskyBoise, IDMale 45-49Pool Boyz RacingProBlue19.3215.14 Gold 
Paul WarnerBoise, IDMale 21-29B4warnedProBlue17.705.48 Platinum 
Paul WarnerBoise, IDFemale 55-59B4warnedProYellow19.1716.75 Platinum 
Craig WhitneyBoise, IDMale 55-59Pool Boyz RacingProBlue20.9324.73 Gold 
Holland WilliamsBoise, IDMale 65-69TBDProBlue21.9530.81 Gold 
Charlie WoodruffBoise, IDMale 40-44Limes In My PocketProBlueDNF-  
Nick YoungMeridian, IDMale 55-59Sun RaycersRecBlue24.0643.38 Bronze 
Danielle ZamzowBoise, IDMale 35-39Frozen AssetsProYellow30.3885.02 - 
Lee ZundelKuna, IDMale 65-69Lounge LizardsRecYellow23.6143.79 Silver 

T = Telemark (-13)
S = Snowboard (-20)