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Mar 11th, 2020
Night league Race #5
not provided

Series: Bogus Basin Night League Racing
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 5 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Christian Questad
Christian Questad
Results for Mar 11th, 2020 - Night league Race #5

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Ron AbramovichBoise, IDTBDProBlue26.1555.84 T* Silver 
Rachel AlbertsonBoise, IDSnow BoatersRecYellow27.7969.24 - 
Cathrine AndersonGarden City, IDTBDRecYellow21.6131.61 Gold 
Clancy AndersonBoise, IDRat Pack RacingRecBlue20.1520.08 Silver 
Eric Anderson Boise, IDLimes In My PocketProBlue19.1814.30 Gold 
Trevor AndersonBoise, IDLimes In My PocketProBlue17.936.85 Platinum 
Tucker AndersonBoise, IDRat Pack RacingRecBlue20.2620.74 Silver 
Sara AndrewBoise, IDLimes In My PocketProBlue21.3627.29 Silver 
Mike BachmanBoise, IDChairlift Hecklers NorthRecBlue19.1013.83 Gold 
Rachel BachmanBoise, IDChairlift Hecklers NorthRecYellow21.1728.93 Gold 
David BakerBoise, IDPool Boyz RacingProYellow23.5843.61 Bronze 
Ross BordenBoise, IDThe BoardRecBlue24.3845.29 Silver 
Greg BrandonBoise, IDChairlift Hecklers NorthRecBlue18.8112.10 Platinum 
Isis BrangersBoise, IDGEORecBlue30.4681.53 - 
Andrew BrinkerCaldwell, IDHold My Edgie WedgiesProBlue21.5328.31 Silver 
Mark CamperNampa, IDRat Pack RacingProBlue20.3621.33 Gold 
Jim CarlsonBoise, IDTBDProYellow20.4224.36 Gold 
Lisa CarlsonBoise, IDB4warnedProBlue22.4533.79 Gold 
Dave ChristianBoise, IDLounge LizardsRecBlue24.5346.19 Silver 
Jeanine ClearyBoise, IDB4warnedProBlue23.5840.52 Gold 
Chuck CombsNampa, IDSun RaycersRecBlue19.4415.85 Gold 
Sarah CombsNampa, IDSun RaycersRecYellow20.2523.33 Silver 
Bob CooperBoise, IDLounge LizardsRecYellow29.7180.94 - 
Quin CooperBoise, IDLounge LizardsRecYellow27.6868.57 - 
Dan CrockettBoise, IDChairlift Hecklers NorthRecBlue19.0613.59 Gold 
Mitch CutterSave Our Wild SlalomRecYellow18.8714.92 Gold 
John DadabayBoise, IDTBDProYellow22.0434.23 Silver 
Kim DewitBogus Basin Ski ClubRecYellow24.8451.28 Silver 
Peter FalettoGarden City, IDMichael`s MentorsProBlue19.0613.59 T* Platinum 
Aaron FlynnBoise, IDTBDProBlue18.8312.22 Gold 
Bri FordBoise, IDHold My Edgie WedgiesProYellow25.8257.25 - 
Mike FrancisBoise, IDFrozen AssetsProBlue20.5622.53 Silver 
Angie FullerBoise, IDFrozen AssetsProYellow20.0221.92 Gold 
James GarrisonGarden City, IDMichael`s MentorsProBlue19.5116.27 Gold 
Dan GivensBoise, IDB4warnedProBlue19.0113.29 Platinum 
Lisa GytriBoise, IDMichael`s MentorsProBlue20.3921.51 Gold 
Roger HaleyBoise, IDTBDProYellow23.0440.32 Silver 
Chris HalvorsonBOISE, IDBogus Basin Ski ClubRecYellow20.5825.33 Silver 
Leslie HalvorsonBoise, IDPool Boyz RacingProBlue22.7435.52 Gold 
Tom HalvorsonBoise, IDBogus Basin Ski ClubRecYellow19.6419.61 Gold 
 David HenryBogus Basin Ski ClubRecBlue22.9937.01 Silver 
Rustin HoodBoise, IDFrozen AssetsProBlue20.5122.23 Silver 
Blake HopkinsBoise, IDFrozen AssetsProYellow20.3423.87 Silver 
Steve HopkinsBoise, IDFrozen AssetsProBlue22.8836.35 Silver 
Craig HopperEagle, IDRat Pack RacingRecYellow19.6619.73 Gold 
Jim HovrenBoise, IDTBDProBlue22.0431.35 Silver 
Kim HovrenBoise, IDTBDProYellow22.5337.21 Gold 
Eric HoweBoise, IDChairlift Hecklers NorthRecBlue23.0737.49 Bronze 
Brian HueyGarden City, IDBogus Basin Ski ClubRecBlue26.9760.73 Bronze 
Mark HutchinsonBoise, IDFrozen AssetsProYellow19.0015.71 Gold 
Jeff JayoBoise, IDSun RaycersRecYellow22.6137.70 Silver 
Kassi JensenBoise, IDHold My Edgie WedgiesProBlue23.3038.86 Silver 
Sue JurfBoise, IDRat Pack RacingRecYellow28.1871.62 Bronze 
Justin KasermanBoise, IDHold My Edgie WedgiesProYellow24.3148.05 Bronze 
Jeff KelleyBoise, IDLounge LizardsRecYellow28.4773.39 - 
Michelle KelleyBoise, IDLounge LizardsRecBlue27.4663.65 Bronze 
Pat KellyThe BoardRecBlue19.6617.16 Gold 
Jerry KiserBoise, IDTBDProBlue21.9430.75 Silver 
Larry KiserBoise, IDSun RaycersRecBlue28.4369.43 - 
Maggi KraftHailey, IDGEORecBlue19.9518.89 Gold 
Tim KurtzBoise, IDFrozen AssetsProBlue19.6316.98 Gold 
Eric LandsburgBoise, IDLimes In My PocketProYellow20.3523.93 Silver 
Sam Lee Michael`s MentorsProBlue19.0713.65 Platinum 
Bryan LevenhagenBoise, IDStayin AliveRecYellow28.1971.68 - 
Adam LittleBoise, IDThe BoardRecBlue29.7777.41 T* - 
Mark ManweilerBoise, IDLounge LizardsRecBlue24.6346.78 Bronze 
Dave MartinBoise, IDSun RaycersRecYellow22.4236.54 Silver 
Todd MartinBoise, IDSun RaycersRecYellow20.9027.28 Silver 
John McCutcheonMeridian, IDTBDProYellow19.4618.51 Gold 
Dave McDermottGarden City, IDTBDProBlue23.1437.90 Silver 
Tim McGeeBoise, IDMichael`s MentorsProYellow21.8332.95 Silver 
Kelly McLeodBoise, IDTBDProBlue24.1944.16 Silver 
Mike McLeodBoise, IDTBDProBlue19.6417.04 Platinum 
Jim McNamanaraBoise, IDGEORecBlue26.4457.57 T* Bronze 
Brendon McQueenBoise, IDB4warnedProYellow19.3918.09 Silver 
Zac MedekGarden City, IDBogus Basin Ski ClubRecBlue22.1131.76 Silver 
Andrew MeyerBoise, IDSnow BoatersRecYellow38.92137.03 - 
Rachael MillerBoise, IDSnow BoatersRecYellow25.5655.66 Bronze 
Riley MoffattBoise, IDChairlift Hecklers NorthRecYellow19.3617.90 Silver 
Jim MortonBoise, IDB4warnedProBlue20.3421.22 Gold 
Joe MurphyBoise, IDSnow BoatersRecBlue23.5440.29 Bronze 
Megan MurphyBoise, IDLimes In My PocketProYellow19.1516.63 Gold 
Daniel MurrayBoise, IDGEORecYellow23.8044.95 - 
Kurt NorrellBoise, IDFrozen AssetsProBlue23.1638.02 Bronze 
Ben OttoBoise, IDSave Our Wild SlalomRecYellow24.8051.04 - 
John PascoeBoise, IDLimes In My PocketProYellow20.3423.87 Silver 
Cody PrgilBoise, IDChairlift Hecklers NorthRecYellow19.7019.98 Silver 
Christian QuestadCaldwell, IDFrozen AssetsProBlue17.655.18 Platinum 
Nora RichardsonBoise, IDFrozen AssetsProBlue34.93108.16 S* - 
Kali RidenBoise, IDFrozen AssetsProBlue26.8960.25 Bronze 
Bruce RolfeBoise, IDPool Boyz RacingProBlue20.6222.88 Gold 
Courtney RussBoise, IDMichael`s MentorsProYellow20.1322.59 Gold 
Charlie RussellBoise, IDBogus Basin Ski ClubRecBlue24.7847.68 S* Gold 
Connor SabinBoise, IDHold My Edgie WedgiesProYellow17.687.67 Platinum 
Mike SabinBoise, IDHold My Edgie WedgiesProYellow20.0822.29 Gold 
Nickolas SabinBoise, IDHold My Edgie WedgiesProBlue17.725.60 Platinum 
Jonas SeilerSteamboat Springs, COSave Our Wild SlalomRecBlue21.5628.49 Silver 
Kevin SettlesBoise, IDThe BoardRecBlue22.5234.21 Silver 
Corrine SmithBoise, IDTBDProBlue20.1319.96 Gold 
Barb SpinglaBoise, IDLounge LizardsRecYellow26.2559.87 Silver 
Steve StricklandBoise, IDBogus Basin Ski ClubRecBlue26.7359.30 Bronze 
Bridgette TeetsBoise, IDPool Boyz RacingProBlue22.0731.53 Gold 
Kieron TeetsGarden City, IDPool Boyz RacingProBlue23.2638.62 Silver 
Amoureux TheronStar, IDBogus Basin Ski ClubRecBlue30.9284.27 - 
Bobby ThompsonBoise, IDHold My Edgie WedgiesProBlue22.8636.23 Bronze 
Elena TiptonGarden City, IDSnow BoatersRecBlue26.8860.19 - 
Marry TottenBoise, IDThe BoardRecBlue19.6517.10 Gold 
Carol VennBoise, IDLounge LizardsRecBlue29.3174.67 Bronze 
Bill VernonBoise, IDTBDProYellow19.8921.13 Gold 
Steve VisoskyBoise, IDPool Boyz RacingProBlue19.3215.14 Gold 
Paul WarnerBoise, IDB4warnedProBlue17.705.48 Platinum 
Paul WarnerBoise, IDB4warnedProYellow19.1716.75 Platinum 
Craig WhitneyBoise, IDPool Boyz RacingProBlue20.9324.73 Gold 
Holland WilliamsBoise, IDTBDProBlue21.9530.81 Gold 
Charlie WoodruffBoise, IDLimes In My PocketProBlueDNF-  
Nick YoungMeridian, IDSun RaycersRecBlue24.0643.38 Bronze 
Danielle ZamzowBoise, IDFrozen AssetsProYellow30.3885.02 - 
Lee ZundelKuna, IDLounge LizardsRecYellow23.6143.79 Silver 

T = Telemark (-13)
S = Snowboard (-20)