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Park City Mountain Resort

Mar 7th, 2020
Daily NASTAR 2
partly sunny and slushy and icey

Par Time

Results for Mar 7th, 2020 - Daily NASTAR 2

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Dean AllredPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow31.27107.09 Bronze 
Lilah AllredVTFemale 1-5Blue43.92186.31 Bronze 
Beckham AndrusUTMale 1-5Blue37.80146.41 Bronze 
Lincoln BaileyMale 6-7Blue31.73106.84 Bronze 
Matthew BaileyMale 8-9Yellow28.3187.48 - 
Emma BallardHolladay, UTFemale 21-29Yellow20.0732.91 Silver 
Scott BoninOakhurst, NJMale 35-39Blue24.4059.06 - 
Calvin BordyHeber City, UTMale 10-11Blue22.3645.76 S* Platinum 
Miles BordyHeber City, UTMale 8-9Blue21.6941.40 Gold 
Kindra BronsonUTFemale 45-49Yellow29.4795.17 - 
Brighman BrookerHerndon, UTMale 12-13Blue38.88153.46 F* - 
Meredith BrookerHerndon, VAFemale 18-20Yellow39.08158.81 - 
Caio BrownPark City, UTMale 16-17Blue19.2125.23 Silver 
Sammy BushPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow18.2921.13 Platinum 
Julien CalifanoWIMale 12-13Blue26.8074.71 - 
Nicholas ChronisSalt Lake City, UTMale 8-9Blue23.1350.78 Gold 
Cole ClevelandUTMale 6-7Blue32.66112.91 - 
Chloe DemersPark City, UTFemale 10-11Yellow19.1426.75 Platinum 
Ron DichterSalt Lake City, UTMale 45-49Blue17.8716.49 Gold 
Stiles DichterSalt Lake City, UTMale 14-15Blue22.6247.46 Bronze 
Liam DiversMale 1-5Blue27.3578.29 Gold 
Hank DonnellyPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue20.2031.68 Platinum 
Miles DrakeUTMale 6-7Yellow31.55108.94 - 
Josie DustmanUTFemale 8-9Yellow25.5269.01 Silver 
Kai EngerUTMale 10-11Blue35.97134.49 F* - 
Cora EschenfelderFemale 6-7Blue42.70178.36 - 
Cala FerrisFemale 8-9Blue26.6673.79 Bronze 
Luke FischerUTMale 6-7Blue1:02.6308.08 - 
Bryan FoxSalt Lake City, UTMale 50-54Yellow20.3834.97 Silver 
Brendan GibsonPark City, UTMale 45-49Yellow18.0919.80 Gold 
Page GibsonUTFemale 8-9Blue21.0437.16 Platinum 
William GillisPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow29.9698.41 - 
Shayanne GlasFemale 18-20Blue19.3326.01 Silver 
Chris GreggNHMale 35-39Yellow18.2220.66 Silver 
Colby GreggNHFemale 1-5Blue36.57138.40 Bronze 
Erin Gregg33Female 35-39Blue20.7735.40 Silver 
 Aries GroggWoodland Hills, UTMale 50-54Blue21.5640.55 S* Gold 
 Ashton GroggWoodland Hills, UTMale 18-20Yellow18.8724.97 S* Platinum 
Hayden GrovesIpswich, MAFemale 16-17Blue21.2738.66 Bronze 
Gavin GuruleUTMale 8-9Blue27.9582.20 Bronze 
Cj HaerterPark City, UTMale 16-17Yellow29.5495.63 F* - 
Asher HagenUTMale 8-9Blue27.1677.05 Bronze 
Ella HagenUTFemale 10-11Blue30.1096.22 - 
Jon HagenUTMale 35-39Yellow25.9872.05 - 
Greta HallUTFemale 6-7Blue37.55144.78 - 
James HawleyMale 8-9Blue29.0689.44 - 
Chip HaynesPark City, UTMale 60-64Yellow25.1966.82 - 
Rick HodgeWindham, NYMale 65-69Blue17.9216.82 Platinum 
Avery HoltFemale 10-11Yellow22.2147.09 Silver 
Liam HoltPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue28.6886.96 Bronze 
Drew HootsTXMale 12-13Yellow20.3834.97 Gold 
Asher HoustonUTMale 8-9Blue30.6499.74 - 
William HullWinter Park, FLMale 50-54Blue30.4998.76 - 
Aaron JohnsonPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow24.7764.04 Silver 
Jackson JonesPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow25.9371.72 Silver 
Hazel JoslynFemale 1-5Yellow25.2267.02 Gold 
Slyvan JoslynMale 1-5Yellow28.4288.21 Silver 
Ben KaufmanUTMale 35-39Yellow17.2214.04 Gold 
Logan KaufmanUTMale 6-7Blue28.4185.20 Bronze 
Lia KirschnerPark City, UTFemale 12-13Yellow23.0152.38 Silver 
Sam KirschnerPark City, UTFemale 10-11Blue18.3119.36 Platinum 
Drew KoffordPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue26.1370.34 Bronze 
Railey KorinkeCAFemale 6-7Blue38.93153.78 - 
James KowalskiHeber City, UTMale 10-11Blue23.8855.67 Silver 
Maggie KriedPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue28.4285.27 Silver 
Zander LabonPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow17.3915.17 Platinum 
Johnny LanePark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow21.2240.53 Gold 
Wilson LavoieUTMale 1-5Yellow30.58102.52 Silver 
Audrey LawsonFemale 6-7Blue45.45196.28 F* - 
Quinton LeombrunoPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow25.7170.26 Gold 
Milo LewisUTMale 1-5Blue28.7487.35 Silver 
Kaleb LichtyMale 8-9Blue29.0789.50 - 
Michael LightstoneMale 50-54Yellow22.1946.95 Bronze 
Quinn LupicaMale 6-7Yellow27.9685.17 Bronze 
Charlotte LymanSan Francisco, CAFemale 6-7Blue26.9375.55 Silver 
Stryder MarzkaPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue22.9049.28 Gold 
Cole McCutcheonPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue24.6560.69 Gold 
Landen McGaughyMale 1-5Blue28.9088.40 Silver 
Miles McPhersonPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue25.8168.25 Silver 
Sean McPhersonMale 40-44Yellow24.3160.99 - 
Calder Miller-VickersPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue23.6354.04 Silver 
Zoe MonningerFemale 10-11Yellow19.2327.35 Platinum 
Callie MorganPark City, UTFemale 1-5Blue33.68119.56 Silver 
Noah MorsePark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow26.0172.25 Silver 
Zane MurphyPark City, UTMale 10-11Blue24.7361.21 Bronze 
Ada NewmanUTFemale 14-15Yellow22.4448.61 Bronze 
Estelle NewmanUTFemale 8-9Blue23.9756.26 Silver 
Paul NewmanUTMale 40-44Yellow20.1733.58 Silver 
Seth NewmanUTMale 12-13Blue23.0150.00 Silver 
John NicolPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow20.1833.64 Platinum 
Lillian NicolPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue21.2638.59 Platinum 
Sophia NorthReno, NVFemale 16-17Blue28.0782.99 - 
Samuel Norton Salt Lake City, UTMale 1-5Blue26.9175.42 Gold 
Abe OconnorPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow25.7270.33 Silver 
Dennis OconnorMale 55-59Yellow16.7711.06 Platinum 
Merrill OvesonOrem, UTMale 50-54Yellow20.7137.15 Silver 
Chase PakullaMDMale 14-15Yellow27.4281.59 - 
Reagan PakullaMDFemale 10-11Blue30.1396.41 - 
Lewis PerryWashington, DCMale 55-59Yellow22.3948.28 Bronze 
Raife PetersenPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue20.6934.88 Platinum 
Peter PintoEvanston, WYMale 45-49Blue19.4927.05 Silver 
Kris PotaskyKamas, UTFemale 55-59Blue20.8035.59 Gold 
Toby PowellMale 14-15Blue1:11.42365.58 F* - 
Grey PrenticeMale 8-9Blue23.6454.11 Silver 
Hayden PricePark City, UTMale 12-13Blue1:00.28292.96 - 
Katie PriceEl Mirage, AZFemale 21-29Blue26.8074.71 - 
Lawson PricePark City, UTMale 6-7Blue33.10115.78 - 
Brittany ProbertPark City, UTFemale 30-34Yellow21.2740.86 Silver 
 SOELDEN PROBERTPark City, UTMale 1-5Blue22.0143.48 Platinum 
Justin QuencerUTMale 1-5Blue36.11135.40 Bronze 
Camden RaePark City, UTMale 8-9Blue23.3452.15 Silver 
Poppy RaeFemale 10-11Yellow26.8677.88 Bronze 
James RasmussenUTMale 14-15Yellow31.81110.66 F* - 
Kellen RobertsonPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow21.0239.21 Gold 
Cai RodeheaverPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue29.9795.37 Bronze 
Case SchemmerPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow21.5942.98 Silver 
Joshua ScheullerKaysville, UTMale 12-13Yellow1:05.5333.77 - 
Hazel SchillerFemale 1-5Yellow36.21139.80 Bronze 
Pete SchrumpfPark City, UTMale 55-59Blue18.4320.14 Gold 
Sierra ShernerSalt Lake City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow28.5088.74 Bronze 
Lindsey SiskPark City, UTFemale 30-34Yellow39.38160.79 - 
Xander SiveyHeber City, UTMale 10-11Blue18.0617.73 Platinum 
Jasper SkyllingPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow22.4348.54 Gold 
Allison SmithUTFemale 10-11Blue26.3471.71 Bronze 
Douglas SmithKamas, UTMale 8-9Yellow19.2527.48 Platinum 
Greg SmithYorklyn, DEMale 65-69Blue18.3219.43 Platinum 
Martha SmithYorklyn, DEFemale 65-69Blue25.8668.58 Bronze 
Matt SmithYorklyn, DEMale 21-29Yellow16.388.48 Platinum 
Ryan SmithYorklyn, DEMale 30-34Yellow18.8124.57 Silver 
Tristan SmithPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow26.9178.21 Silver 
Kent SpittlerHeber City, UTMale 65-69Yellow22.6850.20 Bronze 
Story StarkUTFemale 1-5Yellow45.65202.32 - 
Elspeth StevensonPark City, UTFemale 12-13Blue44.65191.07 - 
Sophia StinsonUTFemale 6-7Blue31.90107.95 Bronze 
Alyna TaylorUTFemale 1-5Yellow45.48201.19 - 
Michael TaylorUTMale 8-9Blue27.4679.01 Bronze 
Gavin TerryPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue24.9262.45 Silver 
Jamie ThomasPark City, UTMale 55-59Blue16.698.80 Platinum 
Ciao TrautweinUTMale 1-5Blue1:43.5574.71 - 
Grayson TraynorStanwood, MIMale 18-20Blue37.31143.22 - 
Morgan WarnerPark City, UTMale 21-29Blue40.60164.67 F* - 
Haven WeinbergFemale 1-5Blue35.60132.07 Bronze 
Rowan WilsonPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow21.8444.64 Gold 
Gray WismerPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow18.9125.23 Platinum 
Kelli WohlfarthFemale 8-9Yellow21.9145.10 Gold 
Beau WoodringKetchum, IDFemale 6-7Blue21.4739.96 Platinum 
Harry WoodringKetchum, UTMale 8-9Blue19.4626.86 Platinum 
Mason WoodsUTMale 6-7Yellow26.6876.69 Silver 
 Alexander YoungPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow19.5429.40 Platinum 
Lindsay YoungSalt Lake City, UTFemale 30-34Yellow24.6863.44 S* Silver 
 Mat YoungMale 45-49Blue20.0830.90 Silver 
Eva YoungquistAlameda, CAFemale 10-11Yellow24.8064.24 Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)
F = Adaptive Alpine: Cognitive Disability (-35)