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Mar 1st, 2020
Friends Team Race
not provided

Series: Regional Championships Friends Team Race
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4
Par Time

Results for Mar 1st, 2020 - Friends Team Race

(sorted by team results - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Kermit AndersonHolland, MITeam CrystalBlue24.612.97 10.00Y 
Mike WellsTraverse City, MITeam CrystalYellow25.372.59 10.00Y 
 Edie AylsworthCedar, MITeam CrystalBlue26.3110.08 10.00Y 
Quincy ThayerFrankfort, MITeam CrystalBlue24.653.14 10.00Y 
Austin SkibowskiTraverse City, MITeam CrystalYellow24.950.89 9.90N 
Abby PasanskiTeam CrystalBlue26.4910.84 9.59N 
Averi FairbanksFenton, MIVictorius SecretYellowBlue26.5711.17 10.00Y 
Bobby MuganDublin, OHVictorius SecretYellowBlue24.432.22 10.00Y 
Jim NoahAvon, INVictorius SecretBlueBlue25.305.86 10.00Y 
 Andre FairbanksFenton, MIVictorius SecretYellowBlue24.994.56 9.94Y 
 Wayne SchreckAnn Arbor, MIVictorius SecretYellowBlue25.817.99 9.60N 
 Brian LovejoyWhite Lake, MIVictorius SecretBlueBlue26.5210.96 9.50N 
 Tom NorthwayBeulah, MIInstigatersBlueYellow25.764.16 10.00Y 
Evan CulpTraverse City, MIInstigatersBlueBlue23.880.01 9.99Y 
 Dan CulpTraverse City, MIInstigatersBlue25.285.77 9.92Y 
 Scot PerryTraverse City, MIInstigatersBlueBlue25.787.87 9.92Y 
Matthew BouschorTraverse City, MIInstigatersBlue26.2910.00 9.60N 
 Michael NowakTraverse City, MIInstigatersBlue26.4210.54 9.55N 
Scott PerryTraverse City, MIInstigatersYellowBlue25.858.16 9.10N 
Natalie CheckleyMiddlebury, INMr. Checkley`s Fan ClubYellowBlue26.159.41 10.00Y 
Abigail CheckleyMiddlebury, INMr. Checkley`s Fan ClubYellowBlue26.3010.04 9.85Y 
John Paul YoungerGranger, INMr. Checkley`s Fan ClubBlueYellow30.8724.83 9.56Y 
Gloria CheckleyMiddlebury, INMr. Checkley`s Fan ClubYellowBlue28.3318.54 9.46Y 
 Bryson EvansPaw Paw, MIMr. Checkley`s Fan ClubBlue32.7537.03 9.44N 
Helena HoffmannSouth Lyon, MIXLR8YellowYellow28.0313.34 9.88Y 
 Payton WedekemperBrighton, MIXLR8YellowBlue28.2718.28 9.75Y 
Sophia ShinglesXLR8YellowBlue27.6815.82 9.68Y 
Jacob shinglesCanton, MIXLR8BlueBlue28.6019.67 9.49Y 
 William LatchanaDavison, MIXLR8BlueYellow29.9821.23 9.39N 
Hunter PostHowell, MITeam BreadBlueBlue24.894.14 10.00Y 
Din VanFaroweKentwood, MITeam BreadBlueBlue25.807.95 9.89Y 
 Ryland FairbanksFenton, MITeam BreadBlueYellow27.4811.12 9.54Y 
 Kylee BratschiMilan, MITeam BreadYellowBlue28.0317.28 9.09Y 
Tyson LovejoyTeam BreadBlueBlue26.6511.51 8.88N 
Melanie PostHowell, MITeam BreadYellowBlue29.6524.06 8.72N 
Kathy HubbardFreeland, MIRusty EdgesYellowBlue27.8116.36 9.78Y 
 Glen RuczynskiWilliamsburg, MIRusty EdgesYellowBlue25.878.24 9.48Y 
 Richard WagnerHarbor Springs, MIRusty EdgesBlueBlue30.0925.90 9.39Y 
Larry WaltersCadilllac, MIRusty EdgesBlueBlue29.0721.63 9.37Y 
Ray BlytheElkhart, INRusty EdgesBlueBlue27.6515.69 9.36N 
 Richard GedertLevering, MIRusty EdgesBlueBlue31.5431.97 8.08N 
Benjamin SmithTraverse City, MIRusty EdgesBlue30.3727.07 6.65N 
 John ChuprinkoCenterburg, OHAmazballsBlueBlue26.289.96 9.73Y 
Junko Kato-WeinsteinDublin, OHAmazballsYellowBlue30.1426.11 9.08Y 
Kris SchererRoanoke, INAmazballsYellowBlue29.5923.81 8.89Y 
 Kimberly MillerGahanna, OHAmazballsYellowYellow31.8828.91 8.48Y 
Elizabeth BegleDublin, OHAmazballsYellowBlue29.5523.64 8.28N 
Tim SchererRoanoke, INAmazballsYellowBlue28.3818.74 7.42N 
Jim SidesColumbus, OHAmazballsBlue30.6428.20 7.15N 
George PetritzBeulah, MITeam AltheaBlue27.7215.98 9.67Y 
Steven KermodeMaple City, MITeam AltheaBlueBlue27.0913.35 9.55Y 
Dana AllenTraverse City, MITeam AltheaYellowBlue29.7524.48 9.23Y 
Gary EdwardsFenton, MITeam AltheaBlueBlue30.9229.37 7.44Y 
Ann EdwardsFenton, MITeam AltheaYellowBlue38.0959.37 5.06N 
Lauralee PetritzAsheville, NCTeam AltheaBlue33.0838.41 4.77N 
Adam AdkinsHouse Springs, MOMissouri MadnessYellowBlue25.155.23 9.64Y 
 Calvin KolkWhite Lake, MIMissouri MadnessBlue35.8149.83 8.87Y 
Patryk BuryHoffman Estates, ILMissouri MadnessBlueBlue32.9437.82 8.64Y 
 Jason KolkWhite Lake, MIMissouri MadnessYellowYellow28.4214.92 8.36Y 
Peter BuryHoffman Estates, ILMissouri MadnessYellowBlue33.9642.09 S* 6.12N 
 Stephen WhiteSt Louis, MOMissouri MadnessBlueBlue30.6228.12 5.97N 
Clara WestonHouse Springs, MOMissouri MadnessYellowBlue36.6653.39 5.60N 
Amy WestonHouse Springs, MOMissouri MadnessYellowYellow46.3087.22 1.00N 
 Richard BrownCincinnati, OHPerfect North SlopesBlueBlue26.7011.72 9.57Y 
 Rob QuatkemeyerWest Chester, OHPerfect North SlopesYellowBlue26.269.87 9.13Y 
Jacob StrebelCincinnati, OHPerfect North SlopesBlueBlue25.958.58 9.05Y 
Dawne PattersonCincinnati, OHPerfect North SlopesYellowBlue32.8537.45 7.51Y 
 Julia QuatkemeyerWest Chester, OHPerfect North SlopesYellowYellow51.20107.04 2.61N 
Preston FarwellCincinnati, OHPerfect North SlopesBlue33.9742.13 2.56N 
Kyle HegemannCincinnati, OHPerfect North SlopesBlue35.1046.86 1.73N 
Evan LehanePerfect North SlopesBlueBlue40.6269.96 S* 1.19N 
Sophie HicksGrand Rapids, MITeam Win AlpineYellowBlue30.5327.74 9.19Y 
Patrick SmiggenAda, MITeam Win AlpineBlueBlue27.9116.78 8.55Y 
 Charlotte SmiggenAda, MITeam Win AlpineYellowBlue31.1730.42 7.93Y 
Marissa HicksTeam Win AlpineYellowBlue34.3343.64 5.47Y 
Vern RoweRapid City, MISchussy KatzBlueBlue26.8112.18 9.65Y 
 Krissa KirbyBellaire, MISchussy KatzYellowBlue30.8729.16 8.44Y 
 Josh WillsonBellaire, MISchussy KatzYellowBlue28.9921.30 6.74Y 
 Karina RodriguezSchussy KatzYellowYellow34.4839.43 5.16Y 
Luke StevensNew Hudson, MIButt KickersBlueYellow28.8616.70 9.39Y 
Daniel WeltonButt KickersBlueBlue28.5019.25 9.16Y 
John SadrackCanton, MIButt KickersBlueBlue30.1726.23 9.06Y 
Riley WeltonSouth Lyon, MIButt KickersYellowBlue41.1572.18 1.00Y 
Michael SchaubThompsonville, MITeam I Don`t KnowBlue27.4214.73 7.57Y 
Joslyn WickerTustin, MITeam I Don`t KnowYellowYellow35.3943.11 7.27Y 
Jamie riley-lampinenThompsonville, MITeam I Don`t KnowBlueBlue30.1125.98 7.19Y 
Russell BerganManton, MITeam I Don`t KnowBlue32.8537.45 3.39Y 
Lou OlesFenton, MIInspirationBlueBlue35.0646.69 7.43Y 
Pat HolmesBenzonia, MIInspirationYellowYellow41.0365.91 7.02Y 
Joseph HamiltonAnn Arbor, MIInspirationBlueBlue34.6845.10 D* 4.16Y 
Jean CapperOnekama, MIInspirationYellowBlue39.7866.44 2.98Y 

S = Snowboard (-20)
D = Adaptive Alpine: Standing (-30)