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Pats Peak

Feb 13th, 2020
not provided
Pats Peak, New Hampshire

Par Time

Jeff Moore
Jake Stratton (coat)
Results for Feb 13th, 2020 - Pats_Peak_Corporate_Thursday_Week7

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Paul BarbadoroConcord, NHMale 60-64BrewskisBlue22.5631.09 Silver 
Ian BarrySalisbury, NHMale 30-34Sippin And RippinYellow22.5228.76 Silver 
Jeff BarryConcord, NHMale 35-39Outdoor Sports CenterYellow20.4516.92 Gold 
Brewster Bartlett Male 70-74Outdoor Sports CenterYellow32.5786.22 - 
Todd BissellKeene, NHMale 45-49Outsourced 2Blue24.3541.49 Bronze 
Jeff BleacharczykMale 55-59Dpt Of Ecentric SkiersBlue24.9244.80 Bronze 
Elizabeth BohnConcord , NHFemale 30-34DESperadosBlue25.8049.91 Bronze 
Jon BorrowsHenniker, NHMale 45-49Outsourced 1Blue24.2741.02 Bronze 
Eric BosGoffstown, NHMale 45-49Snow DragonsYellow26.8753.63 - 
Molly BrandtConcord, NHFemale 50-54Lady FingersBlue23.7638.06 Gold 
Peter BrandtWalton, FlorMale 50-54What The Kids Dont KnowBlue24.3241.31 Bronze 
Ted BroadluaterMale 40-44Downward SpiralYellow23.3233.33 Silver 
Sarah BurdetteConcord, NHFemale 40-44Lady FingersBlue20.6720.10 Platinum 
Ryan BurgessNashua, NHMale 40-44Donut KingsBlue19.3212.26 Platinum 
Michael CamachoWeare, NHMale 30-34Dpt Of Ecentric SkiersBlue22.9533.35 Bronze 
Sean CashmanChester, NHMale 50-54Downward SpiralBlue23.6137.19 Silver 
Bill ChapinNorth Conway, NHMale 45-49IdiotsBlue19.2111.62 Platinum 
Jim ChurchillChester, NHMale 55-59Downward SpiralYellow25.6446.60 Bronze 
Jill DinsmoreNHFemale 55-59Snow DragonsYellow35.33102.00 - 
Matt DodgeMeredith, NHMale 30-34Scary LarrysBlue18.004.59 Platinum 
John DreisigBedford, NHMale 55-59DESperadosBlue32.9591.46 - 
Chris DuhaimeConcord, NHMale 60-64BrewskisBlue20.2017.37 Platinum 
Sarah EckContoocook, NHFemale 35-39Lady FingersBlue19.7014.47 Platinum 
James EilenbergerHenniker, NHMale 60-64Snow DragonsBlue22.9133.12 Silver 
Pierce EllinwoodConcord, NHMale 21-29What The Kids Dont KnowBlue18.919.88 Gold 
Glenn EllisMale 30-34Snow DragonsBlue26.1051.66 - 
Jonathan FindonMale 30-34Dpt Of Ecentric SkiersBlue25.3747.41 - 
Calvin Finemore Northfield , NHMale 21-29DESperadosBlue27.3158.69 S* Bronze 
Kent FinemoreNorthfield , NHMale 55-59DESperadosYellow25.9348.26 Bronze 
Ian FlanaganBow, NHMale 35-39Outdoor Sports CenterYellow26.6252.20 - 
Brian GirardoNHMale 21-29Donut KingsYellow22.7930.30 Bronze 
Chris GreenwaldWaban, MAMale 45-49Team YardsaleYellow23.0131.56 T* Gold 
Ryan HaleAmherst, NHMale 40-44Outdoor Sports CenterBlue20.2017.37 Gold 
 Erik HallHooksett, NHMale 40-44Unregulated DEScentBlue20.7020.28 T* Platinum 
 Mark HibbardMerrimack, NHMale 60-64S&WYellow22.2026.93 Gold 
William HouleSwanzey, NHMale 50-54Outsourced 2Yellow39.31124.76 - 
Drake JamesMale 55-59Donut KingsBlue24.7543.81 Bronze 
Daniel KelleyBow, NHMale 30-34DESperadosBlue24.3941.72 Bronze 
Adam KimballCroydon, NHMale 30-34Sippin And RippinBlue23.0133.70 Bronze 
Angela KlingerContoocook, NHFemale 45-49Lady FingersYellow22.9431.16 Gold 
Lev KoltookianConcord, NHMale 60-64Outdoor Sports CenterBlue23.1534.51 Silver 
Leigh KomornickAtkinson, NHFemale 55-59Snow DragonsYellow23.2632.99 Gold 
Bryson KoziellManchester, NHMale 45-49Donut KingsBlue19.1911.50 Platinum 
Charlie KrautmannCanterbury, NHMale 35-39Unregulated DEScentYellow21.7424.30 T* Gold 
Bob LaflamConcord, NHMale 60-64IdiotsBlue22.7732.31 Silver 
Bryce LambertConcord, NHMale 55-59BrewskisBlue20.0416.44 Gold 
Jesse LapomardoSuncook, NHMale 40-44S&WBlue19.8715.46 Gold 
Michael LaveryConcord, NHMale 21-29Sippin And RippinBlue28.5565.89 S* - 
Ryan LavoieStoddard, NHMale 40-44Scary LarrysBlue18.809.24 Platinum 
Tod LeedbergConcord, NHMale 55-59DESperadosYellow36.51108.75 - 
Renelle LhuillierContoocook, NHFemale 45-49Lady FingersYellow22.7630.13 Gold 
Robert LiskGilmanton, NHMale 60-64BrewskisBlue21.0322.20 Gold 
Danielle LlewelynFemale 45-49What The Kids Dont KnowYellow25.1443.74 Silver 
Keith LundquistContoocook, NHMale 30-34Outdoor Sports CenterYellow22.6429.45 Silver 
Harrison MacKayMale 60-64Dpt Of Ecentric SkiersBlue26.5854.45 Bronze 
Shawn MarshRindge, NHMale 21-29Outsourced 2Blue28.4665.37 S* - 
Chip MartinPortsmouth, NHMale 50-54IdiotsBlue18.256.04 Platinum 
Margaret McGovernHooksett, NHFemale 70-74S&WYellow20.4917.15 Platinum 
Kelly McKennyFemale 40-44Outsourced 1Yellow25.3244.77 Silver 
Jody MooneySurry, NHMale 45-49Outsourced 1Blue22.1928.94 Silver 
Christopher MooreBow, NHMale 35-39Unregulated DEScentBlue20.5719.52 Silver 
Jeff MooreHillsboro, NHMale 21-29S&WYellow20.1415.15 Gold 
Mark NigroBedford, NHMale 50-54Scary LarrysYellow19.8613.55 Platinum 
John NoonanFitzwilliam, NHMale 35-39Outsourced 2Blue26.4553.69 S* Bronze 
Lee OrmistonWilton, NHMale 50-54Scary LarrysBlue18.346.57 Platinum 
Bryan PellerinContoocook, NHMale 50-54Team YardsaleYellow22.4628.42 Silver 
Bruce PrattBedford, NHMale 50-54Scary LarrysBlue18.909.82 Platinum 
John PughTyngsboro, MAMale 55-59Donut KingsYellow23.8536.36 Silver 
Tyler ReisdorfRaymond, NHMale 30-34S&WBlue18.416.97 Platinum 
Danielle RuaneBow, NHFemale 45-49S&WYellow28.2961.75 T* Silver 
Heather SchollContoocook, NHFemale 50-54Lady FingersBlue21.9727.66 Gold 
Brad SheehanBow, NHMale 40-44S&WBlue18.869.59 Platinum 
Jon SimardManchester, NHMale 65-69BrewskisBlue24.8344.28 Silver 
Jeremy SlaytonCanterbury, NHMale 45-49Dpt Of Ecentric SkiersYellow24.1738.19 Bronze 
Jay StewartConcord, NHMale 55-59IdiotsBlue19.7914.99 Platinum 
Emily SzmytAuburn, NHFemale 40-44Unregulated DEScentBlue20.8521.15 Platinum 
Peter TalpeyMale 21-29What The Kids Dont KnowYellow20.9920.01 Silver 
Brad TannerConcord, NHMale 60-64IdiotsYellow20.0114.41 Platinum 
Graham TheodoreBedford, NHMale 45-49Scary LarrysYellow19.4611.26 Platinum 
Bill ThomasSalisbury, NHMale 50-54DESperadosBlue29.8373.33 - 
Wilson TownsendConcord, NHMale 55-59Team YardsaleBlue23.5136.61 Silver 
Isabel VaughanCanterbury, NHFemale 40-44Unregulated DEScentYellow26.2450.03 Bronze 
Jim VincentSpofford, NHMale 55-59Outsourced 1Yellow21.8524.93 Gold 
Jim WattMale 45-49What The Kids Dont KnowBlue19.8615.40 Gold 
John WeeksBedford, NHMale 55-59IdiotsYellow19.8613.55 Platinum 
James WhalleyBow, NHMale 55-59IdiotsYellow23.9636.99 Silver 
David WilliamsLondonderry, NHMale 55-59Outsourced 1Blue22.2529.29 Silver 
Keith WoodmanSwanzey, NHMale 50-54Outsourced 1Yellow22.3427.73 Silver 
Julie YerkesConcord, NHFemale 40-44Lady FingersBlue21.7326.26 Gold 
Mark ZankelHopkinton, NHMale 50-54Team YardsaleBlue23.3835.85 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)