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Feb 13th, 2020
Ski Challenge BHTHUR Wk 6 - 2020
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Par Time

Results for Feb 13th, 2020 - Ski Challenge BHTHUR Wk 6 - 2020

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Paul AasenOrono, MNHasty LombagosThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.6719.60 Gold 
Garret AndersonLakeville, MNNatural IntimidatorsThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.0622.10 Silver 
Zach AndersonLa Crosse, WIGatecrashersThe Ski ChallengeBlue20.1829.28 T* Gold 
David BeddorChanhassen, MNExcelsior BreweryThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.3311.02 Platinum 
Wally BergsethBurnsville, MNRut BustersThe Ski ChallengeBlue20.4030.69 Silver 
Isaac BraunMinneapolis, MNNatural IntimidatorsThe Ski ChallengeYellow18.529.59 Gold 
Brett BurgstahlerMinneapolis, MNTeam Formerly Known as Beer RacingThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.5612.49 Gold 
Jason ChristiaansenEdina, MNKill the RabbetThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.7526.52 Silver 
Rebecca CogswellMinneapolis, MNPremature ReleaseThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.7213.52 Platinum 
Nicholas ConantMinneapolis, MNKill the RabbetThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.7726.65 Silver 
Roann CramerMinneapolis, MNThe RookiesThe Ski ChallengeBlue21.3336.64 Gold 
Chris DabroskiLakeville, MNThe High LifersThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.6112.81 Platinum 
Kat DalagerCoon Rapids, MNAncient NinjasThe Ski ChallengeBlue22.7545.74 Silver 
 Mark DalagerMinneapolis, MNAncient NinjasThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.5618.90 Gold 
GUY DEMESYLakeville, MNTeam DirtbagThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.3817.75 Platinum 
Todd EricksonShorewood, MNExcelsior BreweryThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.0021.72 Gold 
 Mark EumurianOakdale, MNThe RookiesThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.0615.70 Platinum 
 Dave EversonSavage, MNTeam DirtbagThe Ski ChallengeYellow17.956.21 Platinum 
 Eric EwaldVictoria, MNExcelsior BreweryThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.2110.25 Platinum 
Scott FlanaryMinnetonka, MNPremature ReleaseThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.5912.68 Platinum 
Jake FredboRosemount, MNExcelsior BreweryThe Ski ChallengeBlue16.918.33 Platinum 
TIM FREDBOEagan, MNExcelsior BreweryThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.6919.73 Platinum 
MIKE FULLERBloomington, MNThe High LifersThe Ski ChallengeBlue21.1135.23 Silver 
Shane GatzLakeville, MNThe High LifersThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.8120.50 Gold 
TIM GERLACHApple Valley, MNTeam DirtbagThe Ski ChallengeYellow18.8011.24 Platinum 
Justin GilletteMinneapolis, MNKill the RabbetThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.3917.81 Gold 
DAVE GULBRANSONOakdale, MNThe RookiesThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.2116.66 Gold 
TODD GUSTAFSONBloomington, MNTeam DirtbagThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.4318.07 Gold 
 TROY GUSTAFSONEagan, MNTeam DirtbagThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.2910.76 Platinum 
Daniel HabermanGolden Valley, MNGatecrashersThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.2810.70 Gold 
JOHN HABERMANGolden Valley, MNGatecrashersThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.7520.12 Gold 
MAGNE HATLEVIKWoodbury, MNThe High LifersThe Ski ChallengeBlue20.2629.79 Gold 
LEE HEGGENApple Valley, MNTeam DirtbagThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.4511.79 Platinum 
JEFF HEMERMinneapolis, MNPremature ReleaseThe Ski ChallengeYellow18.6410.30 Platinum 
MARK HICKMANBloomington, MNSnow Temple PilotsThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.5712.56 Platinum 
Bill HicksWayzata, MNHasty LombagosThe Ski ChallengeBlue20.0628.51 Silver 
Ron HillmanSt Louis Park, MNHoigaardsThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.4624.66 Gold 
Jake HuhnEdina, MNNatural IntimidatorsThe Ski ChallengeBlue16.495.64 Platinum 
BERNIE ISAACSONEagan, MNThe High LifersThe Ski ChallengeBlue20.5231.45 Silver 
Dustin JacobMinneapolis, MNAncient NinjasThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.9815.18 Gold 
Audrey JellisonMinneapolis, MNBHTHUR GuestsThe Ski ChallengeBlue23.7952.40 Silver 
Tom KellyExcelsior BreweryThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.159.87 Platinum 
John KimPremature ReleaseThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.069.29 Platinum 
BILL KLEINMANLilydale, MNTeam Brew SkiThe Ski ChallengeBlue20.5731.77 E* Gold 
Billy KleinmanInver Grove Heights, MNTeam Brew SkiThe Ski ChallengeYellow18.8811.72 Gold 
Dax KuhfussMinneapolis, MNGatecrashersThe Ski ChallengeBlue23.4149.97 - 
GRANT LAMBERTApple Valley, MNThe High LifersThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.1222.49 Gold 
CHRIS LAMKINMinneapolis, MNTeam Brew SkiThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.2510.51 Platinum 
RON LARSONEdina, MNRut BustersThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.8620.82 Gold 
Craig LindsayMinneapolis, MNTeam Formerly Known as Beer RacingThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.6713.20 Gold 
MATT LYSNEFalcon Heights, MNThe RookiesThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.2316.78 Gold 
Paul MaahsMinnetrista, MNHasty LombagosThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.4124.34 Gold 
MARK MAGNEYExcelsior, MNRut BustersThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.5925.50 Gold 
TAMMY MAGNEYShorewood, MNRut BustersThe Ski ChallengeBlue21.3937.03 Gold 
Matt MahoneyMinneapolis, MNKill the RabbetThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.3423.89 Gold 
Matthew MatticeSt. Paul, MNTeam Brew SkiThe Ski ChallengeBlue16.857.94 Platinum 
Ryan McElrathMinneapolis, MNTeam Formerly Known as Beer RacingThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.9214.80 Gold 
Hennessy McIlvaineMinneapolis, MNTeam Brew SkiThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.3517.55 Gold 
MARY MIDTHUNChanhassen, MNRut BustersThe Ski ChallengeBlue20.7032.61 Gold 
STEVE MIDTHUNChanhassen, MNExcelsior BreweryThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.6613.13 Platinum 
RICK MILLSEden Prairie, MNExcelsior BreweryThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.2710.63 Platinum 
 Ian MontgomeryELKO, MNThe High LifersThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.1616.34 Platinum 
Thor MoralesBloomington, MNTeam Brew SkiThe Ski ChallengeBlue16.938.46 Platinum 
Bruce MuellerEdina, MNHasty LombagosThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.5919.09 Gold 
JOHN MYAYALittle Canada, MNThe RookiesThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.1216.08 Gold 
Dick NashBurnsville, MNKill the RabbetThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.4918.45 Gold 
John NelsonMinnetonka, MNHoigaardsThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.0922.29 Gold 
Tyler NelsonMinneapolis, MNTeam Formerly Known as Beer RacingThe Ski ChallengeBlue16.495.64 Platinum 
Matt NewquistLa Crosse, WIGatecrashersThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.5819.03 Silver 
Kurt NiersteMinneapolis, MNPremature ReleaseThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.6413.00 Platinum 
Brad NordgrenEden Prairie, MNThe High LifersThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.5212.24 Platinum 
Barry OlsonSavage, MNThe High LifersThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.8914.61 Platinum 
Matt OppegardSavage, MNThe High LifersThe Ski ChallengeBlue21.0534.85 Silver 
 Michael PekarikRosemount, MNAncient NinjasThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.0722.17 Gold 
Dave PellerLakeville, MNSnow Temple PilotsThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.8514.35 Platinum 
 Morgan RappBurnsville, MNSnow Temple PilotsThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.089.42 Platinum 
Tiegan RappLakeville, MNSnow Temple PilotsThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.6913.32 Platinum 
DAN ROGERSBloomington, MNGatecrashersThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.2923.57 Gold 
PETER ROWLANDShorewood, MNPremature ReleaseThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.1816.46 Platinum 
 Bob RudePrior Lake, MNThe RookiesThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.4117.94 Platinum 
Emmanuel SavageMinneapolis, MNSnow Temple PilotsThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.3817.75 Gold 
Mike SeifertExcelsior, MNHasty LombagosThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.6425.82 Silver 
Dan SeimSt Paul, MNTeam Formerly Known as Beer RacingThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.008.90 Platinum 
MEGAN SHELTONMinneapolis, MNTeam Brew SkiThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.4117.94 Platinum 
Chris SpeltzNew Hope, MNTeam Brew SkiThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.1910.12 Platinum 
Pete SprengelerMinneapolis, MNThe RookiesThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.9921.65 Gold 
Keith SteffensWayzata, MNPremature ReleaseThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.1015.95 Platinum 
ANNE STEMPERMinneapolis, MNThe RookiesThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.7620.18 Platinum 
Pete SwensonDeephaven, MNPremature ReleaseThe Ski ChallengeYellow18.9011.83 Platinum 
GREG SWIRTZExcelsior, MNExcelsior BreweryThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.4418.13 Gold 
Amy TereickMinneapolis, MNPremature ReleaseThe Ski ChallengeBlue19.1622.74 Platinum 
SARAH TRESSELMinneapolis, MNThe RookiesThe Ski ChallengeBlue20.0128.19 Gold 
David VanwartMinnetonka, MNSnow Temple PilotsThe Ski ChallengeYellow18.107.10 Platinum 
Ben WadellEdina, MNTeam Brew SkiThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.129.67 Platinum 
 Mitchell WallLakeville, MNTeam DirtbagThe Ski ChallengeBlue16.998.84 Platinum 
DALE WESTVIGChanhassen, MNAncient NinjasThe Ski ChallengeBlue20.7833.12 Silver 
DANA WHEELOCKSt. Paul, MNSnow Temple PilotsThe Ski ChallengeBlue18.4017.87 Platinum 
CHRIS WHITEEden Prairie, MNHoigaardsThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.4811.98 Platinum 
David WilkStillwater, MNPremature ReleaseThe Ski ChallengeBlue17.3811.34 Platinum 

T = Telemark (-13)
E = Adaptive Alpine: Visual Impairment (-45)