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Race Results
Crystal Mountain Resort

Feb 13th, 2020
League Race 6
Cold really Cold

Series: Crystal Race League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4
Par Time

Evan Culp with suit
Austin Skibowski with suit
Results for Feb 13th, 2020 - League Race 6

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Jeff AikenTraverse City, MIMale 60-64Team TuckerYellow23.1626.56 Gold 
Dana AllenTraverse City, MIFemale 55-59DTTW Warm CrewBlue28.9045.81 Silver 
Melissa AlvaradoLudington, MIFemale 35-39Yard SaleBlue32.0461.65 Bronze 
Gregory BartlettCadillac, MIMale 65-69The Wild ThingsYellow23.7629.84 Gold 
Jim BloemArcadia, MIMale 65-69Roadhouse RacersYellow25.5139.40 Silver 
Carla BoydBear Lake, MIFemale 50-54Team MacacasBlue32.1162.01 Bronze 
Kaylee BrownFemale 30-34Killer CubbiesBlue24.9926.08 Gold 
Jeff CockfieldTraverse City, MIMale 55-59Team TuckerYellow25.2337.87 Silver 
Sarah ConkleBellaire, MIFemale 30-34Down to the WireYellow20.7013.11 Platinum 
Michael CorcoranTraverse City, MIMale 60-64Team MacacasBlue29.2547.58 Bronze 
 Dan CulpTraverse City, MIMale 50-54InstigatersBlue22.4313.17 Platinum 
Evan CulpTraverse City, MIMale 18-20InstigatersYellow18.661.97 Platinum 
Morgan CulpTraverse City, MIFemale 21-29Down to the WireYellow19.908.74 Platinum 
Chad DiltsBeulah, MIMale 35-39Great Northern HomesYellow21.3116.45 Gold 
Sean DuperronHonor, MIMale 50-54Great Northern HomesYellow22.5323.11 Silver 
Joe ElliottTraverse C Ity, MIMale 60-64Team MacacasBlue22.7914.98 Platinum 
Kevin FisherMaple City, MIMale 30-34More Buck Less CheersYellow18.923.39 Platinum 
Mark FisherMaple City, MIMale 65-69Crossing The LineYellow22.6923.99 Gold 
Pete FisherMIMale 35-39More Buck Less CheersYellow18.601.64 Platinum 
Noah HonakerMale 21-29The Wild ThingsBlue19.970.76 Platinum 
Denny HoxsieWilliamsburg, MIMale 70-74InstigatersBlue24.8725.48 Gold 
Kathy HubbardFreeland, MIFemale 50-54Down to the WireYellow24.4633.66 Gold 
David KarczewskiTraverse City, MIMale 60-64Team MacacasYellow22.9225.25 Gold 
Steven KermodeMaple City, MIMale 65-69Crossing The LineYellow23.4428.09 Gold 
Luke KrolikowskiTraverse City, MIMale 30-34Killer CubbiesYellow23.4528.14 Silver 
Tim LodgeTraverse City, MIMale 55-59Roadhouse RacersYellow24.1632.02 Silver 
Mike LummBeulah, MIMale 60-64DTTW Warm CrewYellow23.7930.00 Silver 
Eric LundMale 35-39Yard SaleBlueDNF-  
Chris MacInnesBeulah, MIFemale 70-74Crossing The LineBlue25.8230.27 Platinum 
Derek MillerTraverse City, MIMale 40-44DTTW Warm CrewYellow23.4828.31 Silver 
Drew MillerLeland, MIMale 40-44Great Northern HomesYellow20.8714.04 Gold 
David NanryInterlochen, MIMale 30-34Team MacacasYellow21.6418.25 Silver 
 Tom NorthwayBeulah, MIMale 55-59InstigatersYellow20.6212.68 Platinum 
Randy OlsenFrankfort, MIMale 70-74LAST CALLBlue27.5539.00 Silver 
 Geoffrey PaineManistee, MIMale 60-64InstigatersBlue22.9315.69 Platinum 
Mark PernaudMale 35-39DTTW Warm CrewYellow27.0547.81 Bronze 
 Scot PerryTraverse City, MIMale 60-64InstigatersBlue23.3918.01 Gold 
Scott PerryTraverse City, MIMale 21-29Down to the WireYellow21.5517.76 Silver 
George PetritzBeulah, MIMale 70-74Crossing The LineYellow23.8430.27 Gold 
Katie ProvenzanoLudington, MIFemale 35-39Yard SaleBlue31.4458.63 Bronze 
Adam PutneyArcadia, MIMale 35-39Killer CubbiesYellow21.6918.52 Silver 
Carl RaglandFredericksburg, VAMale 70-74Roadhouse RacersYellow23.3927.81 Gold 
Don RauMale 45-49Team MacacasBlue33.9571.29 S* - 
Christopher ReedTraverse City, MIMale 21-29The Wild ThingsBlue21.146.66 Platinum 
Zoey ReightleyFemale 21-29Killer CubbiesBlue27.1436.93 Silver 
Angela RogersTraverse City, MIFemale 50-54DTTW Warm CrewYellow29.6562.02 Bronze 
Joe RogersMale 50-54DTTW Warm CrewYellow25.1837.60 Silver 
 Glen RuczynskiWilliamsburg, MIMale 40-44Down to the WireYellow20.7913.61 Gold 
Nathan SheldonMale 35-39Yard SaleBlue29.4548.59 - 
Austin SkibowskiTraverse City, MIMale 21-29Crossing The LineYellow18.732.35 Platinum 
Benjamin SmithTraverse City, MIMale 55-59Down to the WireYellow23.8730.44 Silver 
Brett StalmackTraverse City, MIMale 50-54Great Northern HomesYellow23.1326.39 Silver 
 Chet SuttenCadillac, MIMale 55-59The Wild ThingsYellow27.1348.25 Bronze 
 Kris SuttenCadillac, MIFemale 50-54The Wild ThingsBlue29.2147.38 Silver 
Mike SwoggerTraverse City, MIMale 55-59Team TuckerBlue27.6739.61 Silver 
 Smith TimTraverse City, MIMale 50-54atomic BombersYellow26.3944.21 Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)