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Wachusett Mountain

Feb 12th, 2020
Wed Day League Week 6 - and Daily NASTAR
Sunny Blue Bird Day

Par Time

Results for Feb 12th, 2020 - Wed Day League Week 6 - and Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Bob AmeroTownsend, MAMale 65-69Native JoesBlue29.6332.51 Silver 
 Amanda AmoryWorcester, MAFemale 55-59Blue30.4136.00 Gold 
Edward BassettAndover, MAMale 70-74Day TrippersBlue28.4527.24 Gold 
Kim BentWorcester, MAFemale 45-49Wild Bunch GangBlue39.2675.58 S* Bronze 
Ron BlanchardBristol, RIMale 60-64Blue29.4531.71 Silver 
Derek BlodgettSpencer, MAMale 21-29Blue38.6272.72 - 
Michael BohanHarvard, MAMale 70-74Blue34.8155.68 Bronze 
Steph BreenGardner, MAFemale 18-20BlueDNF- S*  
Mason BrownAndover, MAMale 65-69Half FastBlue30.9438.37 Silver 
Clark BurrowsHolden, MAMale 70-74Benjamin HillBlue27.6123.48 Platinum 
James CampPrinceton, MAMale 60-64Half FastBlue29.6432.56 Silver 
Steve CasserlyWarwick, RIMale 65-69Blue32.2244.10 Silver 
Maggie ChalifouxAshburnham, MAFemale 21-29BlueDNF- S*  
Richard ColeBoston, MAMale 85-89Blue40.3180.28 Bronze 
Kelly ConnorsLeominster, MAFemale 21-29Blue24.6910.42 Platinum 
John DavidWorcester, MAMale 80-84Ski Shool OldiesBlue32.2344.14 Gold 
Anthony DitommasoRutland, MAMale 30-34Blue36.6163.73 S* Bronze 
Joanne DurosHarwich, MAFemale 55-59Benjamin HillBlue28.3726.88 Platinum 
David GiammatteoWestminster, MAMale 60-64Wild Bunch GangBlue28.9229.34 Silver 
Stephen GoodrichEast Providence, RIMale 60-64Blue26.5618.78 Gold 
Rick GrangerPrinceton, MAMale 70-74Wild Bunch GangBlue28.4127.06 Gold 
Paul GuerardWestminster, MAMale 80-84Day TrippersBlue38.0870.30 Bronze 
Michael HauserHarrisville, RIMale 60-64Blue33.3249.02 Bronze 
Steve HiermanHarvard, MAMale 70-74Day TrippersBlue31.0238.73 Silver 
John HoAshland, MAMale 55-59Blue34.7155.23 Bronze 
Frank HubaczNorth Brookfield, MAMale 65-69Blue32.8546.91 Silver 
Earl KishidaRockport, MAMale 70-74Half FastBlue31.0038.64 Silver 
Joe KleinNorth Attleboro, MAMale 60-64Benjamin HillBlue27.6523.66 Gold 
 Lise KolotaWestborough, MAFemale 60-64Ski Shool OldiesBlue31.4840.79 Gold 
John LaserteWestminster, MAMale 65-69Blue27.4922.94 Gold 
Hector LeblancHudson, MAMale 75-79Half FastBlue31.3340.12 Silver 
Dan MacPhailBoxborough, MAMale 70-74Blue35.5358.90 Bronze 
Patricia McCowanPrinceton, MAFemale 65-69Ski Shool OldiesBlue30.8838.10 Gold 
Matt McDonaldAthol, MAMale 21-29Blue39.4276.30 S* - 
John PalmgrenWorcester, MAMale 50-54Blue26.6419.14 Gold 
Craig PerryWinchendon, MAMale 45-49Native JoesBlue24.9311.49 Platinum 
William PutnamLancaster, MAMale 65-69Blue29.8633.54 Silver 
Jack QuinnRockville, MDMale 21-29Blue28.3126.61 Silver 
Red RiderPrinceton, MAFemale 60-64Blue29.2130.64 Platinum 
Don RoseberryWest Boylston, MAMale 70-74Blue30.0934.57 Gold 
Amy SalvadoreWestminster, MAFemale 45-49Native JoesBlue27.9324.91 Gold 
Dylan SanfordBedford, MAMale 40-44Blue36.3762.66 S* Bronze 
Jared SchofieldGardner, MAMale 21-29Blue37.0465.65 S* - 
Joe SerioWestminster, MAMale 65-69Native JoesBlue30.0534.39 Silver 
Susan ShipmanPrinceton, MAFemale 70-74Ski Shool OldiesBlue33.4549.60 Gold 
David SmithNorth Attleboro, MAMale 60-64Benjamin HillBlue30.2035.06 Silver 
Rob SoluriLincoln, MAMale 55-59Blue27.0420.93 Gold 
 Arden SonnenbergFemale 55-59Blue34.3853.76 S* Gold 
Kendal StackhouseReading, MAMale 60-64Benjamin HillBlue24.8911.31 Platinum 
Jeff SturgesMARLBOROUGH, MAMale 70-74Benjamin HillBlue29.0629.96 Gold 
Joe TaukarHarrisville, RIMale 21-29Blue45.33102.73 S* - 
Jay TrenkleMarlborough, MAMale 21-29Blue27.8124.37 Silver 
Ken UptonTownsend, MAMale 80-84Ski Shool OldiesBlue36.6663.95 Silver 
Jax VachonWest Kingston, RIMale 10-11Blue33.9551.83 Silver 
Justin VachonWest Kingston, RIMale 35-39Blue32.4745.21 S* Silver 
 Dan VillaniMale 60-64Wild Bunch GangBlue33.7050.72 S* Silver 
Robert WoodsideRINDGE, NHMale 65-69Blue27.6323.57 Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)