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Mt. LaCrosse

Feb 11th, 2020
2020 Tuesday League Night 5
Fresh powder, slow snow
Mt. LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Series: Mt La Crosse Adult League Racing
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 6
Par Time

Jenni Wolk (suit)
Jenni Wolk (suit)
Results for Feb 11th, 2020 - 2020 Tuesday League Night 5

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Dannel AdamsLa Crosse, WIMale 50-54The OptimistsYellow20.5144.33 Bronze 
Jessica AdamsLa Crosse, WIFemale 40-44The OptimistsBlue21.8544.32 Silver 
Loren AndersonLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64DarksideYellow19.2035.12 T* Gold 
Mike BendelStodddard, WIMale 50-54RanchYellow15.9111.96 Platinum 
Mike BluskeWIMale 55-59DarksideBlue23.8557.53 Bronze 
Chris BornLa Crosse, WIMale 65-69Spotted Cow TippersYellow24.8274.67 - 
Kristin BornWIFemale 35-39Spotted Cow TippersBlue24.5662.22 Bronze 
Ryan BornLa Crosse, WIMale 35-39Spotted Cow TippersBlue18.2720.67 Silver 
Steph DicksonLa Crosse, WIFemale 45-49Northside RulesYellow19.0734.20 Gold 
Ward EvensonLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64River RocksYellow18.1327.59 Gold 
Scott FinchLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49WellsBadgerYellow15.8611.61 Platinum 
Adam FleisOnalaska, WIMale 35-39Here For The BeerYellow18.1227.52 Silver 
Preston FriseLa Crosse, WIMale 21-29DarksideBlue17.6916.84 Silver 
Jim GelattFrisco, COMale 50-54DarksideBlue17.3414.53 Platinum 
Eric GianniniLa Crosse, WIMale 35-39DarksideYellow19.3536.17 Bronze 
David GrothLa Crosse, WIMale 55-59DarksideYellow19.2435.40 Silver 
John GulbrandsenWIMale 55-59DarksideYellow19.2335.33 T* Gold 
Nick HansenLa Crosse, WIMale 40-44Spotted Cow TippersYellow18.3128.85 Silver 
Steve HendersonCoon Valley, WIMale 21-29Spotted Cow TippersYellow21.7252.85 S* Bronze 
Dave HerlitzkeMale 45-49The OptimistsYellow20.3243.00 Bronze 
Derek IversonOnalaska, WIMale 35-39ViltsowYellow15.388.23 Platinum 
Tim JamesLacrosse, WIMale 55-59The OptimistsYellow18.2328.29 Silver 
Dave JohnsonLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64WellsBadgerBlue17.5615.98 Platinum 
Robert JordanLa Crosse, WIMale 35-39ViltsowBlue16.7410.57 Platinum 
 Luke KnadleHolmen, WIMale 35-39Northside RulesYellow15.408.37 Platinum 
Attila KovacsLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49WellsBadgerBlue17.1113.01 Platinum 
Steve LeeWIMale 60-64River RocksYellow18.2728.57 Gold 
Jody MarcouWIFemale 40-44The OptimistsYellow22.3357.14 Bronze 
Will MathyLa Crosse, WIMale 30-34River RocksYellow15.237.18 Platinum 
Rafe McAnallyWIMale 21-29Northside RulesBlue23.2253.37 S* Bronze 
Al McCoyLACROSSE, WIMale 55-59RanchYellow16.5416.40 Gold 
Brady McCoyLa Crosse, WIMale 18-20RanchBlue16.7110.37 Gold 
Ellie McLooneSaint Charles, ILFemale 55-59River RocksYellow19.6638.35 Gold 
Jay McMichaelMale 35-39Northside RulesYellow21.1248.63 S* Silver 
Derek PetersonOnalaska, WIMale 40-44Northside RulesYellow17.2521.39 Silver 
Jennifer PoelemaLa Crosse, WIFemale 45-49The OptimistsYellow22.9961.79 Bronze 
Randy PoelmaLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49ViltsowYellow15.9111.96 Platinum 
Tarah RaaumOnalaska, WIFemale 35-39ViltsowBlue17.2814.13 Platinum 
Adam ReuterWIMale 21-29Spotted Cow TippersYellow21.7452.99 S* Bronze 
Robbie RuprechtOnalaska, WIMale 18-20ViltsowYellow16.3715.20 Gold 
Tim SaterbakLa Crosse, WIMale 50-54RanchYellow17.5023.15 Silver 
August SchiniLa Crosse, WIMale 18-20RanchYellow15.629.92 Gold 
Hans SchroederLaCrosse, WIMale 65-69WellsBadgerBlue17.8718.03 Platinum 
Kurt SchuldesLaCrosse, WIMale 55-59WellsBadgerBlue18.0919.48 Gold 
Jeff SexauerLa Crosse, WIMale 40-44WellsBadgerBlue17.5615.98 Gold 
Abigail ShawDousman, WIFemale 21-29River RocksYellow16.3114.78 Platinum 
Douglas ShupeONALASKA, WIMale 60-64WellsBadgerYellow16.4215.55 Platinum 
Ryan SneathLa Crosse, WIMale 21-29Spotted Cow TippersBlue19.1226.29 Silver 
Robin SwartzLa Crosse, WIMale 65-69WellsBadgerBlue19.3427.74 Gold 
Paul TeppOnalaska, WIMale 50-54Northside RulesYellow15.8311.40 Platinum 
Bryan TomzakWIMale 40-44Northside RulesYellow22.7860.31 S* Bronze 
Darin TopelLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49Northside RulesYellow19.7338.85 Bronze 
Max TraneLa Crescent, WIMale 45-49The OptimistsYellow18.3729.28 Silver 
John WalkerOnalaska, WIMale 55-59DarksideBlue18.1219.68 Gold 
Augie WeberWIMale 35-39River RocksYellow16.2014.00 Gold 
Casey WeissMale 35-39ViltsowYellow15.247.25 Platinum 
Bryan WernerHolmen, WIMale 35-39Spotted Cow TippersYellow18.4930.12 Silver 
Jenni WolkLa Crosse, WIFemale 40-44RanchYellow15.448.66 Platinum 
Robert WolkLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49RanchYellow15.539.29 Platinum 

T = Telemark (-13)
S = Snowboard (-20)