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Race Results
Wachusett Mountain

Feb 11th, 2020
Tuesday Night League - Week 6
Cloudy and 36 degrees

Series: Wachusett Tuesday Night League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Results for Feb 11th, 2020 - Tuesday Night League - Week 6

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Richard BasqueLeominster, MAMale 65-69Skichair SWRTBlue31.9425.01 Gold 
Trisha BergerWorcester, MAFemale 30-34#jerryofthedayYellow32.1623.22 Gold 
Lisa BohneLyndeborough, NHFemale 55-59Scary when fastBlue37.4146.42 Silver 
Rheo BouchardTemple, NHMale 35-39Cold and Piste OffYellow34.0530.46 Silver 
Nicole CarlsonN Grafton, MAFemale 30-34Skichair BBlue31.5923.64 Gold 
James CiocioloMale 30-34East Bound and DownBlue29.1414.05 Gold 
Herb ColbyBolton, MAMale 65-69Schuss N 60sBlue30.9421.10 Gold 
Kelly ConnorsLeominster, MAFemale 21-29Whiski EverywhereYellow30.3116.13 Gold 
Greg CusimanoWorcester, MAMale 45-49First Chair Last CallYellow28.8310.46 Platinum 
Jonathan DaigeWorcester, MAMale 35-39#jerryofthedayYellow33.6929.08 Silver 
Sean DandleyYork, MEMale 55-59Piste OffBlue31.9224.93 Gold 
Krzysztof DanekUpton, MAMale 55-59No Ruts No GloryBlue33.6531.70 Silver 
Alan DavisFranklin, MAMale 60-64Skichair Exec AthletesYellow30.0515.13 Platinum 
Tony DeanCharlton, MAMale 35-39Team ExtremeYellow31.9022.22 Silver 
Steven DefrancescoBolton, MAMale 50-54Altar SkigoYellow30.6817.55 Gold 
Kateri DeMartinoGardner, MAFemale 40-44Skichair BYellow35.3535.44 Gold 
Jared DewolfeShrewsbury, MAMale 21-29#jerryofthedayYellow34.6232.64 Bronze 
Karl DoaneSpencer, MAMale 21-29Scary when fastYellow29.7914.14 Gold 
Ryan Dolan Worcester, MAMale 21-29#jerryofthedayBlue34.8136.24 Bronze 
John FoodyLowell, MAMale 21-29Whiski EverywhereBlue28.1510.18 Gold 
Ed ForerW Warwick, RIMale 35-39No Ruts No GloryBlue33.9032.68 Bronze 
Matthew ForguesShrewsbury, MAMale 45-49Skichair SWRTBlue36.3542.27 Bronze 
Jack GallagherWorcester, MAMale 21-29Whiski Everywhere TooYellow29.1011.49 Gold 
Tom GardnerGrafton, MAMale 65-69Bolder and ColderYellow37.6844.37 Silver 
Mick GarsideGroton, MAMale 55-59Scary when fastYellow31.3520.11 Gold 
John GillmanGardner, MAMale 35-39Bolder and ColderYellow31.6821.38 Silver 
Mike GormleyLunenberg, MAMale 60-64Skichair BYellow31.1419.31 Gold 
Rachel GosnellSutton, MAFemale 21-29Cold and Piste OffBlue37.4546.58 Bronze 
Jeff GouldOakham, MAMale 45-49East Bound and DownYellow29.0811.42 Platinum 
Laura HaddadWorcester, MAFemale 30-34Altar SkigoBlue41.4962.39 S* Silver 
Brandon HanlonWorcester, MAMale 21-29Whiski Everywhere TooBlue28.3410.92 Gold 
Martha HanrightTempleton, MAFemale 55-59First Chair Last CallYellow31.0218.85 Platinum 
Michelle HartwellWestminster, MAFemale 45-49East Bound and DownBlue39.2553.62 Silver 
Ben HebertJefferson, MAMale 40-44#jerryofthedayYellow36.4239.54 Bronze 
Dave HeikkinenWhitinsville, MAMale 40-44Skichair Exec AthletesBlue29.7416.40 Gold 
Ben HeneyMilford, NHMale 21-29Whiski Everywhere TooBlue30.4719.26 Silver 
Adam HeppeRutland, MAMale 40-44First Chair Last CallYellow28.9310.84 Platinum 
Nathan HequembourgHolden, MAMale 40-44Cold and Piste OffYellow32.1123.03 Silver 
Chris HoldenLunenburg, MAMale 60-64Piste OffBlue31.1922.07 Gold 
Julia HorganPepperell, MAFemale 60-64Team ExtremeYellow32.2923.72 Platinum 
Brian JosephBolton, MAMale 21-29Whiski EverywhereBlue28.069.82 Gold 
Kara KimballWorcester, MAFemale 30-34#jerryofthedayYellow33.0926.78 Gold 
Steve KristoShrewsbury, MAMale 55-59Skichair BBlue29.2814.60 Platinum 
Bill KroppAuburn, MAMale 65-69Skichair CYellow32.7925.63 Gold 
Rich LachapelleWorcester, MAMale 60-64Whiplash CasualtiesYellow31.6421.23 Gold 
Steve LemmoWayland, MAMale 60-64Team ExtremeYellow34.5632.41 Silver 
Dave LieblichMale 60-64Altar SkigoBlue30.3118.63 Gold 
Christine LowrieLakeville, MAFemale 50-54Altar SkigoBlue33.7332.02 Gold 
Alli ManionWestminster, MAFemale 45-49Ski Chair DYellow40.0253.33 Silver 
John MarabelloLancaster, MAMale 50-54Skichair AYellow36.5039.85 Bronze 
Jonathan MartinGardner, MAMale 30-34Bolder and ColderBlue31.0521.53 Silver 
Jim MasieroSterling, MAMale 60-64Schuss N 60sBlue46.5482.15 - 
Dale MaynardAYER, MAMale 60-64Skichair Exec AthletesBlue28.6212.02 Platinum 
Rick MayoN. Chelmsford, MAMale 60-64Team ExtremeBlue31.1221.80 Gold 
Ana MechlinClinton, MAFemale 30-34Piste OffBlue41.8163.64 - 
Jon MechlinBolton, MAMale 60-64Piste OffBlue31.1621.96 Gold 
Dave MichaelNewton, MAMale 60-64Team ExtremeYellow30.8518.20 Gold 
Bret Obrien Northborough, MAMale 40-44Skichair SWRTBlue30.7020.16 Silver 
Deirdre Obrien Acton, MAFemale 55-59Skichair SWRTYellow35.6236.48 Gold 
Sean OulletteWestminster, MAMale 40-44East Bound and DownYellow31.7821.76 Silver 
Michael PeckAshby, MAMale 30-34Cold and Piste OffYellow42.7963.95 - 
Heather PedersenLeicester, MAFemale 40-44Whiplash CasualtiesBlue32.8128.41 Gold 
Trevor PeltakClinton, MAMale 30-34Piste OffYellow39.7852.41 - 
James ReidyLeicester, MAMale 60-64Whiplash CasualtiesYellow32.0822.91 Gold 
Joe ReidyWestminster, MAMale 65-69Whiplash CasualtiesBlue33.3230.41 Gold 
Shelly ReidyWestminster, MAFemale 55-59Whiplash CasualtiesBlue31.8324.58 Platinum 
Damien RiddleLeominster, MAMale 45-49Skichair BBlue28.9613.35 Platinum 
James RitortoS Kingston, RIMale 40-44Ski Chair DBlue33.5431.27 Silver 
Gregg RodenhiserHaverill, MAMale 55-59Ski Chair DBlue37.0845.13 Bronze 
Josh RomanNorthfield, MAMale 35-39Skichair AYellow30.4216.55 Gold 
Maggie RooneyHarvard, MAFemale 21-29Whiski EverywhereYellow30.0215.02 Gold 
James RossiMerrimack, NHMale 55-59Scary when fastBlue29.6416.01 Gold 
Christopher RouxWinchendon, MAMale 35-39Cold and Piste OffBlue32.9328.88 Silver 
Nancy SaucierLeominster, MAFemale 40-44Bolder and ColderBlue33.0229.24 Gold 
 David SchabBolton, MAMale 60-64Schuss N 60sBlue29.3314.79 Platinum 
Joe SerioWestminster, MAMale 65-69East Bound and DownYellow35.1934.83 Silver 
Larissa ShabashevaCambridge, MAFemale 45-49Skichair Exec AthletesYellow33.9730.15 Gold 
George SmilyanskiWorcester, MAMale 45-49Skichair Exec AthletesBlue28.1410.14 Platinum 
Tory SowizralHarvard, MAFemale 21-29Whiski EverywhereYellow29.9114.60 Platinum 
Dominic SpanoMale 55-59Piste OffBlue37.2145.64 Bronze 
Sam SutnerCanbridge, MAMale 21-29Whiski Everywhere TooYellow28.198.01 Platinum 
Liz SwainClinton, MAFemale 21-29Whiski Everywhere TooBlue32.8428.53 Silver 
Ryan SwiftAshby, MAMale 21-29Cold and Piste OffBlue32.0625.48 Silver 
Jim TabnerActon, MAMale 60-64Skichair SWRTBlue37.7347.67 Bronze 
Lisa TorchiaGriswald, CTFemale 50-54No Ruts No GloryYellow38.4247.20 Silver 
Jon TurbittWorcester, MAMale 50-54First Chair Last CallBlue29.9517.22 Gold 
Erin Van TuylWestminster, MAFemale 40-44Skichair CBlue32.7928.34 Gold 
Joliel WhitneyEast Burke, VTFemale 18-20East Bound and DownBlue31.1321.84 Gold 
Scott WilsonTempleton, MAMale 55-59Altar SkigoYellow34.0530.46 T* Gold 
Robert WoodsideRINDGE, NHMale 65-69Scary when fastBlue31.7824.38 Gold 
Evan YesmentesGardner, MAMale 30-34Bolder and ColderBlue34.8436.36 T* Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)