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Race Results
McIntyre Ski Area

Feb 4th, 2020
corprate week 4
not provided

Series: Mcintyre beer league
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 3
Par Time

Results for Feb 4th, 2020 - corprate week 4

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
John Adams Candia, NHMale 45-49Edge CatchersYellow23.9858.08 S* Bronze 
Jeffery AlbertsAuburn, NHMale 40-44CensoredYellow26.6075.35 - 
Michael BeaudoinManchester, NHMale 35-39WLTD RacingYellow20.5035.14 Bronze 
Sara BeeManchester, NHFemale 21-29Down Hill From HereYellow19.3827.75 Silver 
Jeffrey BeliveauAuburn, NHMale 40-44Edge CatchersYellow19.1426.17 Silver 
Ross BoisvertHooksett, NHMale 50-54Mac RatsYellow17.7917.27 Gold 
 Clermont BoutinManchester, NHMale 55-59Mac RatsYellow19.4127.95 Silver 
Corey BowmanManchester, NHMale 40-44Better With BeerYellow21.9444.63 Bronze 
Lorraine BriandCandia, NHFemale 70-74Mac RatsYellow26.9277.46 Bronze 
Meaghan BroderickFemale 30-34Apres SkiersYellow18.9925.18 Gold 
Steven BrodeurHooksett, NHMale 30-34WLTD RacingYellow17.2413.65 Gold 
Jeff BrownManchester, NHMale 35-39WLTD RacingYellow16.629.56 Platinum 
Marie CaronManchester, NHFemale 60-64EscargotYellow23.9457.81 Silver 
Nancy Keenom CaronHooksett, NHFemale 60-64EscargotYellow26.1372.25 Bronze 
Jayme ChalogiasNottingham, NHMale 45-49Edge CatchersYellow24.3260.32 S* Bronze 
Evan ChambersManchester, NHMale 21-29WLTD RacingYellow20.9137.84 Bronze 
Garrett ChambersHooksett, NHMale 35-39WLTD RacingYellow18.6422.87 Silver 
Dave ConnorsWindham, NHMale 60-64White HeatYellow22.0345.22 Silver 
Robin DiamondFemale 60-64EscargotYellow21.3040.41 Gold 
Aaron DiersManchester, NHMale 40-44Betterer With BeerYellow18.2019.97 Silver 
Stephen DiersDeering, NHMale 65-69Mac RatsYellow19.3027.22 Gold 
Laura DodgeBedford, NHFemale 50-54Down Hill From HereYellow23.2353.13 Silver 
Bill DriscollManchester, NHMale 60-64White HeatYellow21.6442.65 Silver 
Emily DriscollBedford, NHFemale 35-39Better With BeerYellow18.8424.19 Gold 
Nate DubiszManchester, NHMale 35-39Better With BeerYellow18.7223.40 Silver 
Mark DuchesneAllenstown, NHMale 45-49Fast Times At McIntyre HighYellow20.7136.52 Bronze 
Matt EvansDerry, NHMale 45-49Hillbilly Hose DraggersYellow28.3486.82 - 
Theodore FarnsworthMale 21-29CensoredYellow18.4121.36 Silver 
Kevin FinkeBedford, NHMale 50-54Down Hill From HereYellow22.0445.29 Bronze 
Steve FinnConcord, NHMale 30-34Hillbilly Hose DraggersYellow32.74115.82 S* - 
Loren FoxxMale 45-49Better With BeerYellow20.3634.21 Silver 
Aaron Fracht-MonroeConcord, NHMale 40-44MisfitsYellow20.4835.00 T* Silver 
Laura GilmanFemale 35-39Better With BeerYellow18.6222.74 Gold 
Matt GosselinHooksett, NHMale 35-39Apres SkiersYellow17.8717.80 Gold 
Kathryn GrowneyAuburn, NHFemale 45-49BrewskisYellow26.6375.54 - 
Matthew GrzywaczManchester, NHMale 40-44Edge CatchersYellow24.4060.84 S* Bronze 
Dennis HaleyBedford, NHMale 50-54Down Hill From HereYellow20.3033.82 Silver 
Kathy HallFemale 65-69EscargotYellow23.3153.66 Silver 
Dan HannonManchester, NHMale 40-44Fast Times At McIntyre HighYellow18.4221.42 Silver 
Becky HawxwellMerrimack, NHFemale 60-64Tripple SYellow22.4047.66 Silver 
Sue HaydockAuburn, NHFemale 55-59White HeatYellow23.5555.24 Silver 
Jeff HopkinsConcord, NHMale 65-69PolecatsYellow18.4021.29 Gold 
Dick HoranManchester, NHMale 60-64Mac RatsYellow21.4141.13 Silver 
Kerry HoranGeorges Mills, NHMale 21-29Apres SkiersYellow18.0418.92 Silver 
Patrick HoranManchester, NHMale 35-39Apres SkiersYellow17.7917.27 Gold 
Tom HowellConcord, NHMale 55-59MisfitsYellow24.0758.67 Bronze 
Christopher HudsonBedford, NHMale 45-49MisfitsYellow24.5962.10 - 
Roy HugenbergerNashua, NHMale 75-79MisfitsYellow23.1452.54 Silver 
Steve HusseyEpsom, NHMale 45-49Hillbilly Hose DraggersYellow26.3273.50 - 
James JacksonMancherster, NHMale 21-29PolecatsYellow16.8911.34 Gold 
Karyn JenningsLee, NHFemale 35-39Apres SkiersYellow18.9725.05 Gold 
Bob JensenMale 60-64White HeatYellow22.9951.55 Bronze 
Amy JuneauEpsom, NHFemale 40-44Betterer With BeerYellow18.5922.54 Gold 
Jeffery JuneauManchester, NHMale 45-49Better With BeerYellow18.9424.85 S* Platinum 
Raymond JuneauBarnstead, NHMale 70-74Tripple SYellow22.4047.66 Silver 
Eric KruegerNashua, NHMale 55-59Fast Times At McIntyre HighYellow18.3120.70 Gold 
Robert LachanceBedford, NHMale 80-84Tripple SYellow21.4741.53 Gold 
Rory LaveryManchester, NHMale 55-59MisfitsYellow23.7156.30 Bronze 
Scott LeverLondonderry, NHMale 60-64Fast Times At McIntyre HighYellow18.8524.26 Gold 
Tom LottNashua, NHMale 21-29Betterer With BeerYellow19.0625.64 Silver 
Pattie MacIssacAuburn, NHFemale 21-29Hillbilly Hose DraggersYellow22.4247.79 Bronze 
Dan MaherLondonderry, NHMale 50-54White HeatYellow20.7436.72 Silver 
Alan MainsManchester, NHMale 21-29Fast Times At McIntyre HighYellow21.8644.10 S* Silver 
Jacqui McCartinHooksett, NHFemale 60-64BrewskisYellow23.4954.85 Silver 
Kevin McGovernManchester, NHMale 30-34WLTD RacingYellow17.5615.75 Gold 
Joe MessineoConcord, NHMale 50-54MisfitsYellow21.9544.69 Bronze 
Benjamin MillinaAmherst, NHMale 40-44PolecatsYellow18.4321.49 Silver 
Walt MilneAuburn, NHMale 55-59BrewskisYellow18.5422.21 Gold 
Mario MontanileManchester, NHMale 30-34Fast Times At McIntyre HighYellow23.8257.02 S* Bronze 
 Fred MyhaverManchester, NHMale 80-84Tripple SYellow20.7036.45 Gold 
David PaquinGoffstown, NHMale 30-34CensoredYellow18.5021.95 Silver 
Erica ParnellFemale 40-44Better With BeerYellow19.4127.95 Gold 
Jeremy PhillipsManchester, NHMale 30-34Fast Times At McIntyre HighYellow24.8263.61 S* Bronze 
Grace ReisdorfDerry, NHFemale 65-69Mac RatsYellow22.0545.35 Gold 
Tyler ReisdorfRaymond, NHMale 30-34Mac RatsYellow16.8110.81 Gold 
Nick RizosBedford, NHMale 50-54Down Hill From HereYellow23.8056.89 - 
Terry SandersBedford, NHMale 55-59White HeatYellow24.7262.95 - 
Ray ScottHooksett, NHMale 40-44Edge CatchersYellow17.9718.46 Gold 
Ron SebastianDerry, NHMale 40-44Hillbilly Hose DraggersYellow22.7650.03 - 
Emily SeditaManchester, NHFemale 30-34Apres SkiersYellow19.0425.51 Gold 
Jeff stevensManchester, NHMale 35-39CensoredYellow22.2546.67 S* Silver 
Rich StevensonManchester, NHMale 75-79CensoredYellow28.6889.06 S* Bronze 
Christoper StockenHanover, NHMale 21-29PolecatsYellow17.2613.78 Gold 
Jeffrey TancredeCandia, NHMale 40-44Betterer With BeerYellow17.7517.01 Gold 
Vanessa TancredeCandia, NHFemale 40-44Betterer With BeerYellow20.0832.37 Gold 
Justin VeprauskasDerry, NHMale 35-39PolecatsYellow21.0538.76 Bronze 
Tony WallisManchester, NHMale 60-64Mac RatsYellow22.6249.11 Bronze 
 Roger WilsonManchester, NHMale 65-69PolecatsYellow19.5328.74 Gold 
Brian withersManchester, NHMale 60-64BrewskisYellow23.5555.24 Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)