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Mt. Holly Ski Area

Feb 10th, 2020
NBL Monday Night Mt. Holly Week 6
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Series: NBL Monday Night Mt Holly
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
By Group
Teams of 3
Par Time

Results for Feb 10th, 2020 - NBL Monday Night Mt. Holly Week 6

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender

Katie AmmanFemale 40-44My Dixie Wrecked4Blue32.0468.01 - 

Bill AndersonMale 50-54Old And Slow3Yellow31.7064.68 - 

Marc AndersonMale 45-49FKA McKay`s 11Yellow23.0919.95 Gold 

Robert AntonishekLinden, MIMale 45-49Late to The Gate2Blue26.2637.70 S* Gold 

Steven BaileyFenton, MIMale 55-59Old And Slow3Yellow25.3731.79 Silver 

Chadd BooerMale 21-29FKA McKay`s 11Yellow21.4111.22 Gold 

Jon BryanGrand Blanc, MIMale 35-39Off On The Couch8Blue20.969.91 Platinum 

Alexander BurauMale 21-29The Ski Team2Yellow22.8418.65 Silver 
Scott BurauGrand Blanc, MIMale 50-54The Ski Team2Yellow22.2915.79 Gold 

Dave CampbellMale 45-49Beer Force One1Yellow23.1020.00 Silver 
Vikki CampbellFemale 30-34Beer Force One1Yellow27.9044.94 Silver 

John CarpenterMale 50-54Short Handers3Blue23.2321.81 Gold 

Michael CarrMale 45-49FKA McKay`s 22Yellow33.7875.48 S* - 

Warren CarterMale 65-69Bitch Crew4Blue32.6271.05 S* Bronze 

 Jason ChioiniBloomfield Hills, MIMale 35-39Frost Brewed8Yellow21.019.14 Platinum 
     Blue20.979.96 Platinum 

Grant CisloMale 21-29Old And Slow3Yellow27.6343.53 Bronze 
Greg CisloMale 50-54Short Handers3Blue25.5533.98 Silver 

T'anne ClarkFenton, MIFemale 30-34Bitches On Blades4Yellow30.3957.87 S* Silver 

Jonathon ClaxtonFairlwan, OHMale 45-49TMFT2Yellow23.7023.12 Silver 

Keith CotalingDavisburg, MIMale 21-29Flint Tropics8Blue21.0010.12 Gold 
Jamie CrawfordHartland, MIMale 40-44Frost Brewed8Yellow22.3716.21 Gold 
Joe CrawfordMale 35-39Frost Brewed8Yellow22.2315.48 Gold 

Justin DavisMale 45-49Beer Force One1Yellow26.0735.43 Bronze 
Matt DavisMale 45-49Schuss II1Yellow22.4416.57 Gold 
Mitch DecampMale 65-69Old & Wreckless1Blue24.4428.16 Gold 

Marc DecubberDavisburg, MIMale 40-44Bad Idea3Yellow20.737.69 Platinum 

Sophie DerrickFemale 30-34My Dixie Wrecked4Yellow23.6722.96 Gold 

Kevin DionMale 21-29NO Name Yet3Yellow37.8796.73 S* - 

Brooklyn DobisMale 35-39Bitches On Blades4Yellow33.8375.74 S* - 
Stephanie DudaFemale 30-34Bitches On Blades4Yellow33.3072.99 S* Bronze 

Patti DutkoGrand Blanc, MIFemale 55-59NO Name Yet3Blue28.3748.77 Silver 

Vincent DutkoGrand Blanc, MIMale 55-59Schuss II1Yellow22.3115.90 Platinum 
Jordan EggerdingMale 21-29FKA McKay`s 11Yellow29.2551.95 S* Bronze 

Jim EvansMale 50-54The Ski Team2Blue22.1816.31 Gold 

Steve FelixDavisburg, MIMale 50-54Can`t Stop Skileaving1Yellow22.3115.90 Gold 

Steven FelixMale 50-54Yard Sale2Blue22.0715.73 Gold 

Zachary FelixDavisburg, MIMale 21-29Can`t Stop Skileaving1Yellow21.149.82 Gold 
Brad FoglemanMale 65-69Old & Wreckless1Blue30.4359.57 Bronze 

Albert GillespieFlint, MIMale 65-69Schussmeisters 18Yellow21.4411.38 Platinum 

Thomas GoffOakland, MIMale 55-59Yard Sale2Yellow24.9129.40 Silver 

Tom GoffOakland, MIMale 55-59Can`t Stop Skileaving1Yellow24.9829.77 Silver 

 Rob GreeneClarkston, MIMale 40-44Frost Brewed8Blue21.3111.75 Platinum 

Adam HaffajeeMale 40-44Half Fast3Yellow21.4811.58 Platinum 

Gary HoganBurton, MIMale 40-44Frost Brewed8Yellow21.129.71 Platinum 

Sara HoganFlint, MIFemale 40-44Half Fast3Yellow24.2225.82 Gold 
Jim HoppenrathFlushing, MIMale 60-64Schuss 53Yellow24.6728.16 Gold 
Jerret HudsonHolly, MIMale 35-39Bad Idea3Blue30.4659.73 S* Bronze 

Alex HummelGrand Blanc, MIMale 35-39Bitches On Blades4Yellow26.0635.38 Bronze 

Carrie IrvinFemale 40-44Bad Idea3Yellow24.4627.06 Gold 

Carrie Irvin IrvinMale 40-44My Dixie Wrecked4Yellow24.1525.45 Silver 

Jeff IrvinHolly, MIMale 40-44Bad Idea3Blue25.3733.04 Silver 

Jeff Irvin IrvinMale 65-69My Dixie Wrecked4Blue24.5828.89 Gold 

Bobby JacobsHolly, MIMale 55-59Schussmeisters 18Blue20.839.23 Platinum 

 Don JohnstonMale 60-64Can`t Stop Skileaving1Yellow22.1114.86 Platinum 

Floyd JonesMale 70-74Schuss 53Yellow28.3347.17 Silver 
John JonesFenton, MIMale 45-49Schuss 53Yellow24.9329.51 Silver 

Jim JurkowskiMale 45-49Late to The Gate2Blue30.2258.47 - 

 Jason KanakryWhite Lake, MIMale 40-44Shumakers8Blue20.195.87 Platinum 

 Teresa KingWaterford, MIFemale 40-44Bad Idea3Blue22.0515.63 Platinum 

Amy KlausLake Orion, MIFemale 50-54Klopis1Yellow27.9745.30 Silver 
Justin KlausLake Orion, MIMale 21-29Klopis1Yellow21.5111.74 Gold 
Mike KlausLake Orion, MIMale 55-59Klopis1Yellow26.4937.61 Silver 

 Stephen KoinisGrand Blanc, MIMale 35-39Frost Brewed8Blue21.0710.49 Platinum 

Scott KurkOxford, MIMale 50-54Yard Sale2Yellow21.8513.51 Platinum 

Abbey KwapisOxford, MIFemale 18-20Klopis1Blue24.4328.11 Silver 

John LambertFenton, MIMale 55-59Flint Tropics8Blue21.2311.33 Platinum 

Brian LambournMetamora, MIMale 40-44NO Name Yet3Yellow25.4332.10 S* Platinum 

Bruce LarsonFlushing, MIMale 55-59Old & Wreckless1Yellow23.5822.49 Gold 

Jim LombardiMale 50-54Short Handers3Blue21.6513.53 Platinum 

Tim LuteyMale 35-39Off On The Couch8Yellow21.9614.08 Gold 

Connor MacKsoodMale 21-29Old And Slow3Yellow25.5932.94 Bronze 
Tom MacKsoodMale 50-54Short Handers3Yellow24.6528.05 Silver 

Michael MaresMale 30-34Late to The Gate2Yellow27.7244.00 Bronze 

Matthew MartinecOakland, MIMale 45-49Bad Idea3Yellow22.5216.99 Gold 
Bob McCulloughMale 65-69Schuss 53Yellow30.3357.56 Bronze 

Ryan McDowellHolly, MIMale 40-44My Dixie Wrecked4Blue24.1126.43 Silver 

Matt McKayHolly, MIMale 21-29FKA McKay`s 11Blue23.4923.18 Silver 
Pat MckayHolly, MIMale 30-34FKA McKay`s 11Yellow21.7813.14 Gold 

 Stacy MerrillGrand Blanc, MIMale 40-44Schussmeisters 18Yellow21.3711.01 Platinum 

Bob MoreyMale 70-74Schuss II1Blue25.6234.35 Gold 

 Andrew MorganGrand Blanc, MIMale 21-29Shumakers8Yellow20.838.21 Platinum 
Jim MorganGrand Blanc, MIMale 50-54Shumakers8Blue20.406.97 Platinum 
Stephen MorowskyMale 45-49Off On The Couch8Yellow21.4711.53 Platinum 

Mackenzie NicholsClarkston, MIFemale 18-20Klopis1Yellow22.4716.73 Gold 

Philip NimmoFenton, MIMale 21-29Shumakers8Blue20.949.81 Gold 

Philwcr NimmoMale 21-29World Cup Rebels4Blue20.939.75 Gold 

Shae NimmoFenton, MIFemale 21-29Flint Tropics8Blue21.9415.05 Gold 

Jack OttoLake Orion, MIMale 21-29Beer Force One1Blue21.9615.15 Gold 

David PierleMale 45-49Old And Slow3Blue24.5528.74 Silver 

Charles PiotrowskiFenton, MIMale 45-49My Dixie Wrecked4Blue24.1326.53 Silver 

Bob RacetteMale 55-59Off On The Couch8Yellow24.5427.48 Silver 

Cox RandyMale 50-54TMFT2Blue23.5023.23 Silver 

Brian RobertsMale 40-44Bitch Crew4Blue28.9051.55 S* Silver 
Lindsey RobertsFemale 35-39Bitch Crew4Yellow31.8165.25 S* Silver 

Brian RoodMale 35-39Schussmeisters 18Blue20.809.07 Platinum 
Erik RoodMale 35-39Schussmeisters 18Blue21.4612.53 Gold 

Erik RoodMale 35-39Slope Slugs4Blue22.1716.26 Gold 

Mike SchmaltzMale 40-44TMFT2Yellow28.5748.42 Bronze 

Brian SchrothFenton, MIMale 35-39Off On The Couch8Blue21.1911.12 Gold 

Tony SchutzHolly, MIMale 45-49Beer Force One1Yellow27.5743.22 Bronze 

Alex SedlacekMontrose, MIMale 30-34Late to The Gate2Yellow28.8349.77 S* Silver 

Erin SedlacekFemale 30-34Bitches On Blades4Blue28.5149.50 Bronze 

Sara SerotaLakeville, MIFemale 21-29Can`t Stop Skileaving1Yellow22.9619.27 Gold 

Tony ShumakerGrand Blanc, MIMale 45-49Shumakers8Blue21.8714.68 Gold 

Brad SmithFenton, MIMale 45-49FKA McKay`s 11Blue21.3511.96 Platinum 

Todd SteinMale 50-54Short Handers3Blue24.9230.68 Silver 

Jeff StrausserOrtonville, MIMale 60-64Yard Sale2Yellow21.1910.08 Platinum 

David TaylorBrighton, MIMale 50-54Short Handers3Blue22.3817.36 Gold 

Seth ThompsonFenton, MIMale 21-29World Cup Rebels4Yellow22.2415.53 Gold 

Robert WoodMale 55-59FKA McKay`s 22Yellow27.4242.44 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)