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Hunter Mountain

Feb 9th, 2020
Mini World Cup #2
not provided

Series: Hunter Mtn Mini World Cup
Scoring method: Use Place Points 50, 45, 40...
By Group
Teams of 30
Par Time

Results for Feb 9th, 2020 - Mini World Cup #2

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender

Thorne AgostoMale 8-9Boys Open SnowBoardBoys Open SnowBoardBlue49.29116.85 - 

Lucas Tommaso BaltrusaitisMale 6-7Boys U8-CBoys U8-CBlue31.7839.82 Platinum 

Vivaan BalwaniMonroe Township, NJMale 10-11Boys U12Boys U12Blue41.6283.11 - 

Penelope BaylesTannersville, NYFemale 6-7Girls U8-CGirls U8-CBlue34.9053.54 Gold 

Dylan BennFemale 1-5Girls U8Girls U8Blue37.9867.09 Gold 

Sebastian BennMale 8-9Boys U12-CBoys U12-CBlue32.0541.00 Gold 

Eliana BentleyNew Windsor, NYFemale 1-5Mighty MightsMighty MightsBlue41.7683.72 Gold 

Hailey Bentley New Windsor, NYFemale 6-7Girls U8Girls U8Blue35.1254.51 Gold 

Amadeo BondeDemarest, NJMale 10-11Boys U12-CBoys U12-CBlue31.1336.96 Gold 

Ellie BudFemale 8-9Girls U10Girls U10Blue35.7357.19 Silver 
Katelyn ChantemsinFemale 8-9Girls U10Girls U10Blue39.0571.80 Silver 

Kyle ChantemsinMale 10-11Boys U14Boys U14Blue37.8766.61 Bronze 

Rohan DockeryForest HillsMale 6-7Boys U8-CBoys U8-CBlue45.55100.40 Bronze 

Lukas DolakMale 12-13Boys Open SnowBoardBoys Open SnowBoardYellow39.2377.99 - 

Alex DudjakVictory Mills, NYMale 6-7Boys U8-CBoys U8-CYellow32.1445.83 Platinum 

Griffin EgoziVictory MillsMale 8-9Boys U10-CBoys U10-CBlue31.9440.52 Gold 

Kiki GillVictory MillsMale 6-7Mighty MightsMighty MightsBlue39.9875.89 Silver 

Kaia HalseyMontauk, NYFemale 1-5Girls U8Girls U8Blue45.93102.07 Silver 

Mika HalseyMontauk, NYFemale 8-9Girls U10Girls U10Blue32.4042.54 Gold 

Toren HyerMale 6-7Boys U8Boys U8Blue38.6970.22 Silver 

Alice JohnsonFemale 8-9Girls U10Girls U10Blue40.0176.02 Bronze 
Avery KashmanTannersville, NYFemale 8-9Girls U10Girls U10Blue35.3555.52 Silver 

Emma KrizekAstoria, NYFemale 8-9Girls U10-CGirls U10-CBlue35.1754.73 Silver 

Filip KrizekAstoria, NYMale 1-5Mighty MightsMighty MightsBlue39.8375.23 Gold 

Katelyn LeeForest Hills, NYFemale 6-7Girls U8Girls U8Blue34.0949.98 Platinum 

Elias LiakarisMale 8-9Boys U10Boys U10Blue42.7387.99 - 

Markos LiakarisMale 6-7Boys U8Boys U8Blue47.18107.57 Bronze 

Piper MartinFemale 1-5Mighty MightsMighty MightsBlue39.0171.62 Gold 

Varnik MaruMale 6-7Boys U8Boys U8Yellow46.78112.25 - 

Remedy Loux McNamaraMale 6-7Boys U8-CBoys U8-CBlue37.2663.92 Silver 

Orion MeisterMale 8-9Boys U10-CBoys U10-CBlue33.3046.50 Gold 

Bianka MihaylovaScarsdale, NYFemale 6-7Girls U8-CGirls U8-CBlue41.7783.77 Silver 

Parker MiliantaNew York, NYMale 12-13Girls U14Girls U14Blue30.0932.38 Gold 

Hayley MuiMale 6-7Girls U10Girls U10Blue48.27112.36 - 

Carla MuszynskiBrooklyn, NYFemale 6-7Girls U8-CGirls U8-CBlue34.2050.46 Gold 
Dominique NolteLanesvilleFemale 6-7Girls U8-CGirls U8-CBlue36.6061.02 Gold 

Jacob OommenMale 10-11Boys U12Boys U12Blue40.2477.03 - 

Alexandra PawlukFemale 6-7Mighty MightsMighty MightsYellow41.2787.25 Silver 

Kateryna PawlukFemale 8-9Girls U10Girls U10Blue32.9745.05 Gold 

Zoli PolonyBROOKLYN, NYMale 8-9Boys U10Boys U10Blue38.0667.44 Bronze 
Dennis RabkinBrooklyn, NYMale 8-9Boys U10Boys U10Blue38.5269.47 Bronze 

Sonia RodriguezNYFemale 8-9Girls U10-CGirls U10-CBlue34.3851.25 Gold 

Alexander RoseMale 8-9Boys U10-CBoys U10-CYellow39.0777.27 Bronze 

Cian SheaKingston, NYMale 8-9Boys U10Boys U10Blue32.2141.71 Gold 

Marin SheaKingston, NYFemale 10-11Girls U12Girls U12Blue32.1541.44 Gold 

Ellie SheenHillsborough, NJFemale 6-7Girls U8Girls U8Yellow37.6070.60 Silver 

Nathaniel SheenHillsborough, NJMale 10-11Boys U12Boys U12Blue33.8849.05 Silver 

Owen SheenHillsborough, NJMale 6-7Boys U8Boys U8Blue47.57109.28 - 

Beckett SmithMale 8-9Boys U10Boys U10Yellow38.1272.96 Bronze 

Juniper SmithFemale 6-7Girls U8Girls U8Yellow42.5593.06 Bronze 
Hailey TamSyosset, NYFemale 6-7Girls U8Girls U8Blue47.94110.91 Bronze 

Katelyn TamSyosset, NYFemale 8-9Girls U10Girls U10Blue44.1594.24 Bronze 

Ela TopalogluFemale 1-5Mighty MightsMighty MightsBlue49.59118.17 Silver 

Anais UerkwitzNew Paltz, NYFemale 8-9Girls U10Girls U10Blue39.3673.16 Bronze 

Faye WrzesinskiFemale 6-7Girls U8Girls U8Yellow37.1668.60 Silver 

Sage WrzesinskiMale 8-9Girls U10Girls U10Blue34.4751.65 Silver 
Amelia WuMountainside, NJFemale 8-9Girls U10Girls U10Blue39.3172.94 Bronze 

Blaise YunMale 6-7Boys U8-CBoys U8-CBlue39.7875.01 Silver