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Vertical Challenge

Feb 8th, 2020
Jiminy Peak, MA
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Series: Vertical Challenge
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
By Group
Teams of 2
Par Time

Tyler Bredbury
Tyler Bredbury
Results for Feb 8th, 2020 - Jiminy Peak, MA

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender

Arlo AdlerBrooklyn, NYMale 1-506MSBlue26.6398.88 Silver 

Fred AdlerMale 50-5446MSBlue22.9671.47 - 

Mazie AdlerFemale 8-907FSBlue25.5390.66 Bronze 

Kiernan AndersonSaratoga Springs, NYMale 21-2918MSBlue20.4752.88 - 

Robert AndersonWinhall, VTMale 40-4436MSBlue18.5338.39 Bronze 

Chris AndrewsNorth Adams, MAMale 21-2918MBYellow28.42112.25 S* - 

Grace AnikstNew York, NYFemale 10-1110FSYellow20.5453.40 Silver 
Olivia AnikstNew York, NYFemale 12-1310FSBlue20.5053.10 Bronze 

Blake ArenaStephentown, NYMale 8-907MSYellow19.0342.12 Gold 

Jeremy ArnonHastings On Hudson, NYMale 40-4436MSBlue22.9871.62 - 

Rob barcombCanterbury, CTMale 60-6456MBBlue59.98347.95 S* - 

Jason BeckettDarien, CTMale 40-4436MSBlue26.1195.00 - 

Max BeckettDarien, CTMale 10-1110MSYellow26.2596.04 - 

James BeebeWestport, CTMale 6-706MSYellow20.7454.89 Gold 

William BeebeWEstport, CTMale 8-907MSBlue18.3537.04 Gold 

Alexandra Ben-jakovBrookline, MAFemale 21-2918FSYellow54.15304.41 - 

Julien BessinScarsdale, NYMale 14-1513MSBlue21.8262.96 - 

Justin BinghamAverill Park, NYMale 21-2918MBYellow26.4897.76 S* - 

Mak BlackFairfield, CTFemale 1-506FSYellow27.86108.07 Silver 

Joshua BluestoneNew York, NYMale 40-4436MBBlue31.64136.30 S* - 

Maximus BluestoneNew York, NYMale 8-907MBYellow42.58218.00 S* - 

Daniel BoppKinderhook, NYMale 55-5956MSBlue21.5360.79 - 

Kyle BroganDalton, MAMale 18-2018MSBlue15.4015.01 Gold 
Louise BroganDalton, MAFemale 50-5446FSBlue18.1235.32 Gold 

David BuchananPeabody, MAMale 60-6456MSBlue22.4367.51 - 

Ryan BuchananPeabody, MAMale 18-2018MBYellow21.8863.41 S* Bronze 

Emma CamilloValhalla, NYFemale 10-1110FSYellow21.6861.91 Silver 

Gabby CamilloValhalla, NYFemale 6-707FSBlue24.2380.96 Silver 

Darryn CassavantMale 6-707MSBlue29.37119.34 - 

Ben CharkowNew York, NYMale 45-4946MSBlue19.9448.92 Bronze 

Micah CharkowNew York, NYMale 14-1515MSYellow17.1027.71 Silver 
Kevin ChittendenNew Lebanon, NYMale 14-1515MSBlue20.4652.80 Bronze 

Kelsy ClarkCheshire, MAMale 35-3926MSBlue21.1357.80 - 

David CohenNew York, NYMale 55-5956MSYellow24.8185.29 - 

Jacob CohenNew York, NYMale 14-1513MSBlue18.8040.40 Silver 

Cecelia CramerFemale 12-1310FSBlue17.7532.56 Gold 

John CramerNew York, NYMale 45-4946MSBlue19.5746.15 Bronze 

Josephine CramerFemale 12-1313FSYellow17.9734.20 Gold 

Susan CramerNew York, NYFemale 45-4946FSYellow21.8262.96 Bronze 

Tom DavidsonMale 45-4946MSBlue16.6023.97 Silver 

Heather DeDeckoNorwich, CTFemale 35-3900FAYellow56.56322.40 E* - 

Dave DemmOssining, NYMale 55-5956MSBlue22.5568.41 - 

Faith DiFronzoNaugatuck, CTFemale 18-2018FBYellow36.66173.79 S* - 

Jen DiFronzoNaugatuck, CTFemale 45-4946FSYellow38.83189.99 - 

Richard DiFronzoNaugatuck, CTMale 50-5446MBBlue29.65121.43 S* - 

Cullen DouglasRidgefield, CTMale 10-1110MSYellow22.0764.82 Bronze 

Brian Douglas Jr.Ridgefield, CTMale 16-1715MSYellow19.8248.02 Bronze 

Brian Douglas, SrRIdgefield, CTMale 45-4946MSBlue25.2188.27 - 

David EdelsonMale 55-5956MBBlue25.5290.59 S* - 

Catherine EganPittsfield, MAFemale 55-5956FSBlue24.4482.52 - 

Amelie EngBrooklyn, NYFemale 12-1313FSBlue16.4522.85 Platinum 

Jane EngNew York, NYFemale 45-4936FSBlue23.4074.76 - 

Rafael FageWestchester, NYMale 14-1513MSBlue23.2173.34 - 

Danielle GarryMiddletown, NYFemale 21-2918FBYellow41.11207.02 S* - 

Michele GellerHarrison, NYFemale 50-5446FSYellow24.1980.66 - 

Noah GellerHarrison, NYMale 14-1513MSBlue24.2781.25 - 

Courtney GilmartinPelham, NYFemale 10-1110FSYellow25.4690.14 - 

Josephine GilmartinPelham, NYFemale 8-907FSBlue23.3274.16 Bronze 

Natalie GonzalesRensselaer, NYFemale 10-1110FSYellow35.01161.46 - 

Nick GonzalesRensselaer, NYMale 40-4436MBBlue27.53105.60 S* - 

Eli GreenwaldBurlington, MAMale 21-2918MSYellow16.5023.23 Silver 

Wayne GreenwaldNew York, NYMale 65-6966MSYellow22.6068.78 - 

John GuyerLenox, MAMale 6-707MSYellow29.53120.54 - 
William GuyerLenox, MAMale 6-707MSYellow25.6791.71 Bronze 

Claire HarveyEast Rockaway, NYFemale 8-907FSYellow25.5790.96 Bronze 

Joanne HarveyEast Rockaway, NYFemale 40-4436FSBlue21.9764.08 Bronze 

Keith HarveyEast Rockaway, NYMale 40-4436MBBlue27.65106.50 S* - 

Scott HenrichsWest Sand Lake, NYMale 55-5946MBBlue26.94101.19 S* - 

Alle HughesPelham, NYFemale 12-1313FSYellow18.0034.43 Gold 

Matthew HughesPelham, NYMale 50-5446MSYellow19.1943.32 Bronze 

Maya HughesPelham, NYFemale 8-907FSBlue22.4867.89 Silver 

Alison IvlerWhite Plains, NYFemale 45-4936FSYellow44.00228.60 - 

Ethan IvlerWhite Plains, NYMale 12-1313MSYellow23.9979.16 - 

Neil IvlerWhite Plains, NYMale 45-4936MSYellow24.7885.06 - 

Zachary IvlerWhite Plains, NYMale 12-1313MSBlue27.12102.54 - 

Haylee JohnsonWest Sand Lake, NYFemale 12-1313FSYellow17.4730.47 Gold 

Lindsey JohnsonWest Sand Lake, NYFemale 12-1310FSYellow20.3451.90 Silver 

Lillian KaplanNew York, NYFemale 60-6456FSBlue39.22192.91 - 

Ryan KeatingWilliamstown, MAMale 12-1313MSBlue18.5938.83 Silver 

Emma KlaresGoldens Bridge, NYFemale 12-1313FSBlue19.2543.76 Silver 

Hayden KlyverWilton, CTMale 14-1515MSBlue23.0171.84 - 

Eli KreisherSand Lake, NYMale 12-1316MSBlue17.0627.41 Gold 

Preston LakeNewburgh, NYMale 12-1313MSYellow21.3459.37 Bronze 

Bernie LarocheBennington, VTMale 70-7471MSBlue23.2773.79 - 

Kristiana LauserSpringfield, MAFemale 12-1310FSBlue19.3544.51 Silver 

Susan LauserSpringfield, MAFemale 50-5446FSBlue22.4767.81 Bronze 

Kaitlin LehningPeekskill, NYFemale 16-1715FSBlue17.8133.01 Silver 

Robert LehningPeekskill, NYMale 55-5946MSBlue27.66106.57 - 

Victoria LehningPeekskill, NYFemale 55-5956FSBlue24.0279.39 - 

Tain Leonard-PeckVineyard Haven, MAMale 18-2018MSBlue20.8655.79 - 

Melissa LewitMillis, MAFemale 40-4436FSYellow22.9571.40 - 

Mya LewitMillis, MAFemale 8-907FSYellow1:54.61755.94 - 

Jiang LiangDalton, MAMale 30-3426MBYellow31.05131.89 S* - 

Tim linLebanon, NHMale 35-3936MSBlue17.3029.20 Silver 
Scott MacDonaldNew York, NYMale 40-4436MSYellow22.2265.94 - 

Emmy MackiewiczFairfield, CTFemale 1-506FSYellow30.62128.68 Bronze 

Aiden MapelSouthwick, MAMale 16-1715MSBlue17.4130.02 Silver 

Chris MapelSouthwick, MAMale 50-5446MSBlue20.4452.65 Bronze 

Cindy MapelSouthwick, MAFemale 50-5446FSBlue22.5168.11 Bronze 

Olivia MargolinNorth Salem, NYFemale 10-1110FBYellow33.89153.10 S* - 

Christopher MatejekWolcott, CTMale 21-2918MBBlue24.5383.20 S* - 

Pamela McCunherFemale 60-6456FSYellow25.9894.03 - 

Daniel McfaulSmithtown, NYMale 45-4936MSYellow25.1087.45 - 

Rowan McGrathAlbany, NYFemale 21-2918FSBlue19.3444.44 Bronze 

Dominick MercurioAlbany, NYMale 21-2918MBBlue25.0386.93 S* - 

Ella MorganNew York, NYFemale 12-1310FSYellow18.8740.93 Silver 

James MorganNew York, NYMale 12-1313MSYellow17.2628.90 Gold 

Reese MorganNew York, NYFemale 10-1110FSBlue20.3652.05 Silver 

Austin MullallyDalton, MAMale 10-1110MSYellow20.4152.43 Silver 
Bryce MullallyDalton, MAMale 10-1110MSBlue19.1543.02 Silver 

Hope MullinNaugatuck, CTFemale 10-1110FSYellow26.6498.95 - 

Liam NevinsCastleton, NYMale 12-1313MSYellow22.1465.35 Bronze 

Cailin O'TooleRockville Centre, NYFemale 14-1513FSBlue17.5731.22 Silver 

Declan O'TooleRockville Centre, NYMale 10-1110MSBlue17.4230.10 Gold 

Teague O'TooleRockville Centre, NYMale 8-907MSBlue19.7847.72 Gold 

Julian OsorioNew York, NYMale 10-1110MSBlue20.5753.62 Silver 

Robert PerryPittsfield, MAMale 35-3936MBBlue29.28118.67 S* - 

Jane PfeifferNew York, NYFemale 12-1313FSBlue25.9793.95 - 

Katherine pfeifferGarden City, NYFemale 10-1110FSYellow24.6484.02 - 

Timothy ProcterBrewster, NYMale 35-3936MBYellow22.8770.80 S* - 

Charlotte ProctorBrewster, NYFemale 8-907FBBlue33.66151.38 S* - 

Karen ProctorBrewster, NYFemale 30-3426FBBlue29.14117.63 S* - 

Emerson PuleoChappaqua, NYFemale 12-1313FSYellow19.7647.57 Silver 

Robert RaymaakersPittsfield, MAMale 80-8476MSYellow20.9856.68 Silver 

Tim RickertWilliamstown, MAMale 55-5956MBYellow35.08161.99 S* - 

Chris RizosTarrytown, NYMale 50-5446MSYellow20.9856.68 - 

Jim RocheChester, NYMale 65-6966MSBlue23.2373.49 - 

Alex RubinYorktown Heights, NYMale 18-2018MSBlue22.1665.50 - 

Russell SackjettPittsfield, MAMale 60-6456MSBlue23.4675.21 - 

Talia SalzBrooklyn, NYFemale 10-1110FSBlue19.3944.81 Gold 

Mike SatkowskiBerlin, CTMale 21-2918MBBlue26.85100.52 S* - 

Dylan SavianoNew Lebanon, NYMale 12-1313MBBlue30.37126.81 S* - 

Dominic ScaliseDalton, MAMale 14-1515MSBlue17.7532.56 Silver 

Ella ScaliseDalton, MAFemale 12-1310FSYellow18.3436.97 Silver 

Mitchell ScaliseDalton, MAMale 12-1313MSBlue16.4923.15 Gold 
Vincent ScaliseDalton, MAMale 12-1313MSBlue17.1928.38 Gold 

Tom SchroederNantucket, MAMale 45-4936MSBlue17.8032.94 Silver 

Connor SciaccoCropseyville, NYMale 6-707MSYellow32.30141.22 - 

Ryan SciaccoCropseyville, NYMale 30-3426MSYellow22.0464.60 - 

Cooper SmithSouthwick, MAMale 16-1715MSBlue19.8848.47 Bronze 

Dave SmithSouthwick, MAMale 45-4946MSBlue19.9448.92 Bronze 

Priscilla SmithSouthwick, MAFemale 45-4946FSYellow22.5468.33 Bronze 

Merrick SnyderWilton, CTMale 14-1513MBYellow26.97101.42 S* - 

Taylor SouthAverill Park, NYFemale 14-1513FSYellow20.8355.56 Bronze 
Katherine SuhLarchmont, NYFemale 12-1313FSBlue19.4545.26 Silver 

Mark SwyerSlingerlands, NYMale 55-5956MSBlue20.7254.74 Bronze 

Oliver ThymNew York, NYMale 45-4946MSBlue18.4237.57 Bronze 

Sebastian ThymNew York, NYMale 10-1110MSBlue16.4322.70 Platinum 

Tristan ThymNew York, NYMale 8-907MSYellow21.1257.73 Silver 

Violeta TitiliucScotch Plains, NJFemale 8-907FSYellow1:33.31596.86 - 
Charlotte turcoRidgefield, CTFemale 6-707FSBlue35.32163.78 - 

Thomas turcoRidgefield, CTMale 8-907MSYellow33.79152.35 - 

Mackenzie ValenzuelaLanesborough, MAFemale 6-707FSBlue25.7492.23 Bronze 

Robert VargaYorktown Heights, NYMale 18-2018MSYellow18.0334.65 Bronze 

Emily WalshGarden City, NYFemale 8-907FSYellow27.18102.99 - 

Mary WalshNew York, NYFemale 12-1313FSYellow28.15110.23 - 

Ben WhiteNew York, NYMale 12-1313MSYellow26.3496.71 - 

Jeremy XhayetPurchase, NYMale 10-1110MSBlue19.7147.20 Silver 
Carl YoderLarchmont, NYMale 10-1110MSYellow20.3151.68 Silver 

Jon YoderLarchmont, NYMale 45-4946MSBlue18.5038.16 Bronze 

Deana ZembrzuskiWolcott, CTFemale 21-2918FBYellow30.66128.98 S* - 
Teresa ZgodaBoston, MAFemale 21-2918FBYellow29.23118.30 S* - 

Danny ZwasRochester, NYMale 12-1313MSYellow21.0557.21 Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)
E = Adaptive Alpine: Visual Impairment (-45)