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Jan 21st, 2020
Tuesday Night Race 1.21.20
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Series: Labrador Tuesday Team NASTAR
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 5 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Results for Jan 21st, 2020 - Tuesday Night Race 1.21.20

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Eric AmesConstantia, NYHigh AltitudeYellow42.6643.25 Bronze 
Jennifer AmeyJohnson City, NYSki MeistersYellow56.6990.36 - 
Edward BaylyKirkville, NYMisFits (EATON)Yellow48.5663.06 - 
Abbie BideauxBinghamton, NYWhere`s the Bar TooYellow50.5669.78 - 
Jeffrey BideauxBinghamton, NYWhere`s the Bar TooYellow43.8747.31 Bronze 
Craig BovenziBinghamton, NYWhere`s the Bar TreeYellow1:03.81114.27 S* - 
Kristen BrunnerWhere`s the Bar TooYellow1:02.91111.25 - 
Sean BrunnerVestal, NYWhere`s the Bar TooYellow39.3932.27 Bronze 
Bob BryantBaldwinsville, NYBeer GogglesYellow36.9223.98 Silver 
Maya BryantBaldwinsville, NYBeer GogglesYellow39.0431.09 Silver 
Andrew ButlerBaldwinsville, NYMisFitsYellow57.0391.50 S* - 
Alex CappellaThe Holy WaxersYellow36.3021.89 Silver 
Wai ChanWhere`s the Bar ForeYellow49.2965.51 - 
Norman CheneyOwego, NYSki MeistersYellow45.0951.41 Bronze 
Eric ChidesterBinghamton, NYWhere`s the Bar TooYellow41.9941.00 Bronze 
Susan ColemanLiverpool, NYThing TwoYellow1:10.7137.44 - 
Bonnie CristBaldwinsville, NYThe Holy WaxersYellow45.7153.49 Silver 
Rick DayWhitney Point, NYSki MeistersYellow38.7230.02 Silver 
Steve DolanLiverpool, NYBeer GogglesYellow36.4322.33 Silver 
Tim DwerThe Holy WaxersYellow45.5953.09 Bronze 
Caroline EmondHigh AltitudeYellow44.0247.82 Silver 
Alecia EppelsheimerAUBURN, NYMisFitsYellow51.3872.53 - 
Brian FornellAuburn, NYMisFitsYellow49.1665.08 - 
Abe GnannSyracuse, NYMisFitsYellow54.6283.41 S* - 
Caitlyn GraffYellow43.6646.61 Silver 
Mike GridleyLiverpool, NYThing TwoYellow1:02.24109.00 - 
Gerard GriffinLittle Meadows, PAWhere`s the BarYellow54.3182.37 - 
Kirsten GriffinLittle Meadows, PAWhere`s the BarYellow47.8160.54 Bronze 
Stephanie GronchickBaldwinsville, NYMisFitsYellow47.1958.46 Bronze 
Tom HahnIndianapolis, NYBoozed & BatteredYellow41.9840.97 Silver 
Connor HaldaneHomer, NYBeer GogglesYellow33.4012.16 Gold 
Nils HammerichManlius, NYBeer GogglesYellow38.8130.32 Silver 
 Tim HannaSmithville Flats, NYSki MeistersYellow44.6750.00 Bronze 
Hans HaselbacherCicero, NYMisFitsYellow45.4652.65 Bronze 
Brian HebbardGreene, NYWhere`s the BarYellow41.1138.05 Bronze 
Jessica HehlManlius, NYBeer GogglesYellow38.7330.05 Gold 
Jim HizaLaFayette, NYBoozed & BatteredYellow48.0761.42 Bronze 
Austin HorstEndicott, NYWhere`s the BarYellow57.4192.78 - 
Chris IlesManlius, NYHigh AltitudeYellow36.6122.93 Silver 
Melissa IlesManlius, NYHigh AltitudeYellow55.1885.29 - 
Gary KahnManlius, NYThing OneYellow42.5742.95 Bronze 
Marie KiernanEndicott, NYWhere`s the BarYellow56.4389.49 - 
Russell KincaidWest Monroe, NYThing OneYellow35.6819.81 Gold 
Elisa KnappSyracuse, NYSki MeistersYellow1:03.81114.27 - 
Ken KnappSyracuse, NYSki MeistersYellow41.0837.94 Silver 
Tim KnappSyracuse, NYSki MeistersYellow47.3058.83 - 
Breezy KnightEndicott, NYWhere`s the Bar ForeYellow1:14.68150.77 S* - 
Canaan LeonardLiverpool, NYThe Holy WaxersYellow40.4735.90 Bronze 
Anthony LubrinoFayetteville, NYHigh AltitudeYellow45.2151.81 Bronze 
Tim MaliaWhere`s the Bar ForeYellow41.8340.46 Bronze 
Charles MarronOwego, NYWhere`s the BarYellow49.0564.71 - 
David MarshallFayetteville, NYHigh AltitudeYellow40.9137.37 Silver 
Bill McCloeEndicott, NYWhere`s the Bar TreeYellow42.5742.95 Bronze 
Wendy MoltionLa Fayette, NYBoozed & BatteredYellow53.4779.55 - 
Patrick MorrisseyEndwell, NYWhere`s the Bar TooYellow40.2835.26 Bronze 
Matthew NilssonEndicott, NYWhere`s the BarYellowDSQ-  
Leanne O'hernSyracuse, NYYellow45.8954.10 Silver 
Marc OdinManlius, NYThing OneYellow43.1744.96 Bronze 
Nicole ParrishCicero, NYThing OneYellow49.1665.08 Silver 
Daryl PynnChittenango, NYHigh AltitudeYellow42.1041.37 Bronze 
Nate SchmalingEndicott, NYWhere`s the Bar TreeYellow56.6390.16 S* - 
Mark SteigerwaldFayetteville, NYThe Holy WaxersYellow42.9444.19 Silver 
Drew StephensMinoa, NYThe Holy WaxersYellow49.5366.32 - 
Troy ToffoloManlius, NYThe Holy WaxersYellow40.3435.46 Silver 
Perry TookerBeer GogglesYellow38.2628.48 Silver 
Daniel TreibleClay, NYMisFitsYellow45.9854.40 - 
Yukari TreibleLiverpool, NYMisFitsYellow50.4869.51 - 
Christian WalkerSmyrna, NYThe Holy WaxersYellow45.9554.30 S* Bronze 
Edward WazaluskiManlius, NYHigh AltitudeYellow1:04.12115.31 S* - 
Lee Ann WrightJamesville, NYThing OneYellow44.9350.87 Silver 
Zhang YongSyracuse, NYThing TwoYellow1:18.18162.53 - 

S = Snowboard (-20)