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Jan 12th, 2020
Northstar-Tahoe Race Series U10
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Northstar, California

Series: Tahoe Race Series U10
Scoring method: Use Place Points 100, 80, 60, 50...
By Group
Teams of 6
Par Time

Emerson Jarvis
Emerson Jarvis
Results for Jan 12th, 2020 - Northstar-Tahoe Race Series U10

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender

Chloe ArwinFemale 8-9NSSTFemale U10Blue35.7664.11 Silver 

Robert AshtonMale 6-7SATMale U8Blue35.4062.46 Silver 

Annabeth AuFemale 6-7HSTFemale U8Yellow32.9368.70 Silver 

Eva BarkinFemale 8-9SBSTAFemale U10Yellow30.9958.76 Silver 
Reagan BatesCarnelian Bay, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue30.4139.56 Platinum 

Bryce BatiuchokOrinda, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue33.3252.91 Silver 

Madison BawdenFemale 8-9DPSTFemale U10Blue30.4339.65 Platinum 
Ellery BlachmanFemale 8-9KSEFFemale U10Yellow30.6557.02 Silver 
Cecilia BlixSan Francisco, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue31.7445.66 Gold 

Johnathan BohnetMale 8-9AMSTMale U10Blue37.7673.29 Bronze 
Keenan BoyerMale 8-9SKYMale U10Blue33.5053.74 Silver 

Mia BrennanSan Francisco, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue35.1661.36 Silver 
Kennedy BrownTRUCKEE, CAFemale 8-9AMSTFemale U10Blue33.6754.52 Silver 

Andrew BuchananMale 8-9AMSTMale U10Blue33.2452.55 Silver 
William CainMale 8-9SBSTMale U10Blue37.0469.99 Bronze 
Ethan CannMill Valley, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue31.6545.25 Gold 

Katrin CarlsonTruckee, CAFemale 6-7SVSTFemale U8Yellow28.9148.10 Platinum 

Zoe CarlsonTruckee, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue30.4439.70 Platinum 

Tristan ChoudhuryLAFAYETTE, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue33.2452.55 Silver 

Sophia CinaderFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue34.5458.51 Silver 
Finley ClarkFemale 8-9AMSTFemale U10Blue32.9050.99 Gold 

Levi CohenMale 8-9ASCMale U10Blue34.7159.29 Silver 
Caleb CookMale 8-9AMSTMale U10Blue27.5226.30 Platinum 
Derby DamnerMale 8-9SBSTAMale U10Yellow28.1944.42 Gold 

Riley DeboerFemale 8-9ROSEFemale U10Blue36.0265.31 Silver 

Miles DeedsSan Francisco, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue33.2552.59 Silver 

Jade DesensFemale 8-9AMSTFemale U10Blue31.0442.45 Gold 

Orso DevalleMale 8-9NSSTMale U10Blue31.3343.78 Gold 

Quinn DiamondSan Anselmo, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue31.7745.80 Gold 

Francisco DiasSan Mateo, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue34.6859.16 Silver 

Sofia DiasSan Mateo, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue36.8669.16 Silver 

Dawson DietrichMill Valley, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue33.8255.21 Silver 
Vincenzo DiLunaMale 8-9SBSTAMale U10Blue32.0847.22 Gold 

Andy DoironMale 6-7SBSTAMale U8Blue36.2666.41 Silver 
Connor DrewMale 6-7KSEFMale U8Blue33.7354.80 Gold 

Hudson EdmundsCarnelian Bay, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue31.5744.88 Gold 
William EdwardsMale 8-9NSSTMale U10Blue35.0860.99 Silver 

Chloe EenmaaFemale 8-9SBSTAFemale U10Blue36.5667.78 Silver 

Phoebe EenmaaFemale 6-7SBSTAFemale U8Blue35.5463.10 Gold 

Piper ElliottFemale 8-9SATFemale U10Blue32.8850.89 Gold 

Nico EllisMale 8-9SBSTAMale U10Blue33.2252.46 Silver 
Brooks EriksonMale 8-9DPSTMale U10Blue33.5654.02 Silver 

Shelby EriksonFemale 8-9DPSTFemale U10Blue32.9551.22 Gold 
Keira FayeSausalito, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue31.8546.17 Gold 

Alexander FichtnerSan Francisco, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue31.5744.88 Gold 

Veronika FidelmanSan Francisco, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Yellow32.4766.34 Silver 
Charlotte FifieldFemale 8-9SBSTAFemale U10Blue37.7673.29 Bronze 
Lucia FranzoneFemale 8-9AMSTFemale U10Blue34.0556.26 Silver 

Matthew FreedMale 8-9SKYMale U10Blue41.4190.04 - 
Carter GatlingMale 8-9SATMale U10Blue31.3944.06 Gold 
Chase GoodmanTahoe City, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue31.4644.38 Gold 

Alyseah GoodrichFemale 8-9SKYFemale U10Blue34.5358.47 Silver 

Jackson GreenMale 8-9DPSTMale U10Blue38.8778.38 Bronze 

Mara GreeneFemale 8-9HSTFemale U10Blue41.2489.26 Bronze 

Gabriel GriffinTahoe City, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue30.9241.90 Gold 
Will HagedornMale 8-9NSSTMale U10Blue35.9564.98 Silver 
Cael HanklaMale 8-9DPSTMale U10Blue36.7268.52 Bronze 
Coleston HarveyMale 8-9ASCMale U10Blue35.5563.15 Silver 
Warren HeMale 8-9SATMale U10Blue36.2966.54 Silver 

Whitney HeFemale 8-9SATFemale U10Yellow33.8273.26 Bronze 

Ingrid HerminghausFemale 6-7SATFemale U8Blue34.2857.32 Gold 

Sophia HernandezFemale 8-9AMSTFemale U10Blue33.5353.88 Gold 

Kai HollanderMale 8-9SBSTAMale U10Yellow34.5376.90 Bronze 

Mackinnley HollingsworthFemale 8-9NSSTFemale U10Blue34.0156.08 Silver 

Tommy HoltOrinda, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Yellow28.6046.52 Gold 
Raiden HoqueMale 8-9HSTMale U10Blue31.6245.11 Gold 
John HugerMale 8-9DPSTMale U10Blue32.6149.66 Gold 
Joey HuntOlympic Valley, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue34.9160.21 Silver 
Edward InnesMale 8-9TDSTMale U10Blue33.7754.98 Silver 

Mia IzuelFemale 8-9NSSTFemale U10Yellow31.4561.12 Silver 

Noah JacquesMale 8-9SBSTAMale U10Blue34.7559.48 Silver 

Emerson JarvisFemale 6-7NSSTFemale U8Blue28.8232.26 Platinum 

Robert JeppsonMale 8-9HSTMale U10Yellow31.9463.63 Silver 

Olivia KampFemale 6-7SBSTAFemale U8Blue30.3439.24 Platinum 

Kasper KarbeMale 8-9SBSTAMale U10Blue31.1943.14 Gold 

Sydney KassFemale 8-9NSSTFemale U10Blue29.7536.53 Platinum 
Elsa KastnerSan Anselmo, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue30.1938.55 Platinum 
Anna KeatingSan Francisco, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue34.6258.88 Silver 

Henry KeatingSan Francisco, CAMale 6-7SVSTMale U8Blue34.0556.26 Gold 

Travers KempPiedmont, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue30.0237.77 Gold 
Mateo KimMale 8-9AMSTMale U10Blue33.8355.25 Silver 

Ari KinsmanSt Helena, CAMale 6-7AMSTMale U8Blue28.9332.77 Platinum 

Peyton KochOlympic Valley, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue31.6045.02 Gold 
Finn KroekerMale 8-9AMSTMale U10Blue31.2743.51 Gold 
Benjamin KrughLos Gatos, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue31.4144.15 Gold 

Chang-jie KungFemale 6-7SBSTAFemale U8Blue35.3362.14 Gold 
Milla KwanFemale 6-7NSSTFemale U8Blue37.4071.64 Silver 

Xavier LaforgeMale 8-9DPSTMale U10Blue30.8641.62 Gold 
Bowman LaroccaMale 8-9SBSTAMale U10Blue33.6654.47 Silver 
Brixon LarsonMale 8-9DPSTMale U10Blue32.6549.84 Gold 

Calliope LasmanisFemale 8-9AMSTFemale U10Blue30.6740.75 Gold 

Fritz LaubMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue36.0765.53 Silver 
Max LeinsPalo Alto, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue35.9164.80 Silver 
Tuddy LinMale 8-9NSSTMale U10Blue32.5749.47 Gold 

Katherine LindSan Francisco, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue38.6177.19 Bronze 

Yimo LiuFemale 1-5KSEFFemale U8Blue39.4981.23 Gold 

Yiran LiuFemale 8-9KSEFFemale U10Blue37.9674.21 Bronze 

Oliver LloydBerkeley, CAMale 8-9AMSTMale U10Yellow32.0964.40 Silver 

Eliott LoMale 6-7NSSTMale U8Blue30.4039.51 Platinum 

Everett LoMale 8-9NSSTMale U10Blue28.6731.57 Platinum 
Jake MacauleySan Francisco, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue38.2775.63 Bronze 

Kiana ManovaFemale 6-7NSSTFemale U8Blue32.2347.91 Platinum 

James MathiosMale 8-9NSSTMale U10Blue38.0874.76 Bronze 
Cooper McArdlePetaluma, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue29.4535.15 Gold 
Keegan McArdlePetaluma, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Yellow32.1764.81 Silver 

Caitlin McCrathFemale 8-9NSSTFemale U10Blue35.5363.06 Silver 

Lachlan McCrathMale 8-9NSSTMale U10Blue37.5572.33 Bronze 

Maddie McGuireFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue35.7764.16 Silver 
Ella McNamaraFemale 8-9DPSTFemale U10Blue33.8655.39 Silver 
Andrea McPeekFemale 8-9AMSTFemale U10Yellow30.5756.61 Silver 

Clare MessengerFemale 6-7NSSTFemale U8Blue34.4257.96 Gold 

Mya MillerFemale 8-9DPSTFemale U10Yellow30.7457.48 Silver 
Zoe MinkoffFemale 8-9NSSTFemale U10Blue35.2461.73 Silver 

Kyland MorrisonMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue33.7454.84 Silver 

Vivian MurphyPiedmont, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue34.2157.00 Silver 
Onofrio, Giulia NasoFemale 8-9HSTFemale U10Blue36.1365.81 Silver 

Ella NemecFemale 6-7KSEFFemale U8Yellow30.7057.27 Gold 

Carl NilssonMale 8-9DPSTMale U10Blue31.6645.30 Gold 

Colleen O'dellFemale 8-9NSSTFemale U10Blue34.7559.48 Silver 

Dylan OlenicTahoe City, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue40.3585.18 - 
Max ParisiMale 8-9SBSTAMale U10Blue33.1051.90 Silver 
Sammy ParkesMale 8-9NSSTMale U10Blue31.9346.54 Gold 
Kaeden PashaSan Francisco, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue34.0056.03 Silver 

Charlotte PearsonBelmont, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue32.2147.82 Gold 
Avila PettyFemale 8-9NSSTFemale U10Blue30.4539.74 Platinum 

Miles PfeisterMale 8-9KSEFMale U10Blue29.7936.71 Gold 
Oliver PietzkeMale 8-9DPSTMale U10Blue31.7245.57 Gold 
Finn PlaczekLafayette, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Yellow34.1574.95 Bronze 
Dan PoznianskyCampbell, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue33.6354.34 Silver 
Ron PoznianskyCampbell, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue30.7841.26 Gold 

Chloe ReedyFemale 8-9AMSTFemale U10Blue33.1252.00 Gold 
Emmy ReidFemale 8-9KSEFFemale U10Blue30.1838.50 Platinum 

Tucker ReidMale 6-7KSEFMale U8Blue38.3375.91 Silver 

Hadley RhodesFemale 6-7NSSTFemale U8Blue31.1342.86 Platinum 

Inna RocklinSan Francisco, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue30.2038.60 Platinum 

Beau RussellTruckee, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue31.0742.59 Gold 
Linus SchindlerMale 8-9AMSTMale U10Blue29.1533.78 Platinum 

Zuzana SchlosserFemale 8-9ASCFemale U10Blue30.5640.25 Gold 
Gray SchusterTahoe City, CAFemale 8-9AMSTFemale U10Blue32.7850.44 Gold 

Clark SchwallMale 6-7SBSTAMale U8Blue34.9360.30 Gold 

Scott ShawMale 8-9SBSTAMale U10Blue33.7354.80 Silver 

Alexandra SteinFemale 8-9AMSTFemale U10Yellow30.9158.35 Silver 

Beckett StephensMale 6-7SBSTAMale U8Blue36.1966.09 Silver 

Preston StephensFemale 8-9SBSTAFemale U10Blue31.8946.35 Gold 

Archer SugarmanMale 8-9SBSTAMale U10Blue37.7473.20 Bronze 
Sean SullivanMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue32.6749.93 Gold 
Rodrigo TarazonaMale 8-9DPSTMale U10Blue38.9478.71 Bronze 

Avery TitusFemale 6-7NSSTFemale U8Blue29.3634.74 Platinum 

James TraegerSan Francisco, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue32.5249.24 Gold 

Lila TylerTruckee, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue35.1461.27 Silver 
Penelope VastineFemale 8-9AMSTFemale U10Blue30.7240.98 Gold 
Thaleya WalkerFemale 8-9DPSTFemale U10Blue27.2925.24 Platinum 

Levi WallachMale 8-9AMSTMale U10Blue31.3243.74 Gold 
Darius WescottSan Francisco, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue37.3171.23 Bronze 
Jack WestTruckee, CAMale 8-9AMSTMale U10Blue32.2648.05 Gold 
Hayes WestinMale 8-9NSSTMale U10Blue27.9328.18 Platinum 
Rocket WetzelSan Francisco, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue32.6749.93 Gold 
Oliver winterMoraga, CAMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue33.6754.52 Silver 

Kylie WongRoseville, CAFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue31.1943.14 Gold 
Vivienne WoodFemale 8-9SBSTAFemale U10Blue40.5886.23 Bronze 
Audrey WuebblingFemale 8-9KSEFFemale U10Blue35.9564.98 Silver 

Marcus YakaitisMale 8-9AMSTMale U10Yellow27.3740.22 Gold 
Chase ZanderMale 8-9SVSTMale U10Blue37.1670.54 Bronze 

Lilah ZanderFemale 8-9SVSTFemale U10Blue33.8155.16 Silver 
Quinn ZerrennerCARNELIAN BAY, CAFemale 8-9AMSTFemale U10Blue33.6154.25 Silver 
Kelly ZhangFemale 8-9NSSTFemale U10Blue34.4458.05 Silver