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Wachusett Mountain

Jan 8th, 2020
Wed Day League and Daily NASTAR
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Par Time

David Giammatteo
Results for Jan 8th, 2020 - Wed Day League and Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Bob AmeroTownsend, MAMale 65-69Native JoesBlue31.8630.09 Gold 
 Amanda AmoryWorcester, MAFemale 55-59Blue36.0047.00 Silver 
Edward BassettAndover, MAMale 70-74Day TrippersBlue30.8025.77 Gold 
 Peter BerdosBellingham, MAMale 55-59Blue30.9026.17 Silver 
Mason BrownAndover, MAMale 65-69Half FastBlue32.1931.44 Gold 
Clark BurrowsHolden, MAMale 70-74Benjamin HillBlue29.0218.50 Platinum 
Debbie ButtsLittleton, MAFemale 65-69Half FastBlue34.3840.38 Gold 
James CampPrinceton, MAMale 60-64Half FastBlue30.5324.66 Gold 
Kevin ClarkNew London, CTMale 65-69Blue31.9430.42 Gold 
Jay ContePaxton, MAMale 60-64Day TrippersBlue33.9538.63 Silver 
Julie ContePaxton, MAFemale 55-59Day TrippersBlue34.7141.73 Silver 
John CrottyLeominster, MAMale 65-69Blue30.6024.95 Gold 
Chris CrowleyPrinceton, MAMale 65-69Sacconnessett Golf + Ski TeamBlue28.8517.80 Platinum 
Eugene CrowleySherburne, MAMale 60-64Sacconnessett Golf + Ski TeamBlue29.6621.11 Gold 
Jeff CrowleyPrinceton, MAMale 65-69Sacconnessett Golf + Ski TeamBlue26.759.23 Platinum 
Maureen CrowleyPrinceton, MAFemale 60-64Sacconnessett Golf + Ski TeamBlue31.6029.03 Platinum 
Polly CrowninshieldMarblehead, MAFemale 70-74Half FastBlue31.2227.48 Platinum 
Ken DalyHubbardston, MAMale 70-74Ski Shool OldiesBlue37.2652.14 Bronze 
John DavidWorcester, MAMale 80-84Ski Shool OldiesBlue35.8846.51 Gold 
Tim DuriganCranston, RIMale 60-64Blue42.9775.46 - 
Jay FishmanGrafton, MAMale 60-64Blue28.9418.17 Gold 
Ed ForerWest Warwick, RIMale 35-39Day TrippersBlue32.0330.79 Silver 
Brad FranckumBelmont, MAMale 60-64Wild Bunch GangBlue39.3360.60 S* Silver 
David GiammatteoWestminster, MAMale 60-64Wild Bunch GangBlue29.3920.01 Gold 
Paul GuerardWestminster, MAMale 80-84Day TrippersBlue38.1255.66 Silver 
Peter HaddenSouthborough, MAMale 55-59Blue34.5240.96 Silver 
Michael HauserHarrisville, RIMale 60-64Blue35.1943.69 Silver 
Steve HiermanHarvard, MAMale 70-74Day TrippersBlue32.5432.87 Gold 
Frank HubaczNorth Brookfield, MAMale 65-69Blue34.4040.47 Silver 
Sam JohnsonHubbardston, MAMale 50-54Blue56.74131.69 - 
Earl KishidaRockport, MAMale 70-74Half FastBlue31.8430.01 Gold 
Joe KleinNorth Attleboro, MAMale 60-64Benjamin HillBlue28.7517.39 Platinum 
 Lise KolotaWestborough, MAFemale 60-64Ski Shool OldiesBlue35.6845.69 Silver 
Hector LeblancHudson, MAMale 75-79Half FastBlue33.7137.65 Gold 
Patricia McCowanPrinceton, MAFemale 65-69Ski Shool OldiesBlue31.8329.97 Platinum 
Evelyn MurphyRutland, MAFemale 65-69Wild Bunch GangBlue43.1876.32 Bronze 
 John NestelWalpole, MAMale 50-54Blue31.2927.77 Silver 
John PalmgrenWorcester, MAMale 50-54Blue28.1414.90 Platinum 
Michael PeabodyStow, MAMale 18-20Blue30.8626.01 Silver 
Craig PerryWinchendon, MAMale 45-49Native JoesBlue25.735.06 Platinum 
William PutnamLancaster, MAMale 65-69Blue32.1631.32 Gold 
Donald RoseberryW. Boylston, MAMale 70-74Blue33.2035.57 Gold 
Amy SalvadoreWestminster, MAFemale 45-49Native JoesBlue31.4628.46 Gold 
Joe SerioWestminster, MAMale 65-69Native JoesBlue31.8930.22 Gold 
Susan ShipmanPrinceton, MAFemale 70-74Ski Shool OldiesBlue37.3652.55 Gold 
David SmithNorth Attleboro, MAMale 60-64Benjamin HillBlue32.3332.01 Silver 
 Arden SonnenbergFemale 55-59Wild Bunch GangBlue37.3852.63 S* Gold 
Kendal StackhouseReading, MAMale 60-64Benjamin HillBlue26.859.64 Platinum 
Jeff SturgesMARLBOROUGH, MAMale 70-74Benjamin HillBlue30.7025.36 Gold 
Heather TashjianLexington, MAFemale 45-49Benjamin HillBlue29.5020.46 Platinum 
Ken UptonTownsend, MAMale 80-84Ski Shool OldiesBlue39.0959.62 Silver 
 Dan VillaniMale 60-64Wild Bunch GangBlue37.6653.78 S* Silver 
Robert WoodsideRINDGE, NHMale 65-69Blue29.2319.35 Platinum 
Xusong XieActon, MAMale 40-44Blue28.3615.80 Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)