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Race Results
Wachusett Mountain

Jan 6th, 2020
Monday Night League - Week 1
Cold and Clear

Series: Wachusett Night League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Maggie Rooney (Suit)
Maggie Rooney (Suit)
Results for Jan 6th, 2020 - Monday Night League - Week 1

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Jon AdamsMillbury, MAMale 55-59Pilsner Brew SkiYellow30.0217.22 Gold 
Bob AmeroTownsend, MAMale 65-69Core ShotsBlue34.8933.27 Silver 
 Amanda AmoryWorcester, MAFemale 55-59Moon RacersYellow39.7755.29 Silver 
Tom AndersonHolden, MAMale 40-447 Saws PenstockBlue36.1838.20 Bronze 
Geva BarashAshland, MAMale 50-545 Guys and a BabeBlue44.4469.75 S* Bronze 
Tracy BarberWestborough, MAMale 45-49EdgewiseBlue33.5928.30 Silver 
Laura BaroneUpton, MAFemale 60-64Golf and Gamble.comBlue38.7548.01 Silver 
Frederique BazinSudbury, MAFemale 45-49D Ski ChicsYellow31.2121.87 Platinum 
Dan BeauregardWestminster, MAMale 65-69Loose TurnsBlue31.4019.94 Platinum 
Paul BednarMillbury, MAMale 55-59EdgewiseBlue32.4523.95 Gold 
Derek BlodgettSpencer, MAMale 21-29Cirque du Sore LegsBlue40.0552.98 S* Bronze 
Anthony BoHolden, MAMale 35-397 Saws Fire RoadYellow47.8286.72 S* - 
Brian BoriaMillbury, MAMale 45-49Pilsner Brew SkiYellow35.9540.37 Bronze 
Steph BreenGardner, MAFemale 18-20Cirque du Sore LegsBlue44.7570.93 S* Bronze 
Jeffery BremWestford, MAMale 55-59AMADEUSBlue34.2530.83 Silver 
Laura BrownNeedham, MAFemale 35-39Gate Minds Drink AlikeBlue32.8925.63 Gold 
Don BrutvanWestminster, MAMale 60-64Loose TurnsBlue34.9133.35 Silver 
Melinda BryantMedway, MAFemale 45-49Gone in 30 secondsBlue37.4443.01 Silver 
Clark BurrowsHolden, MAMale 70-74Six PackBlue31.1418.95 Platinum 
Debbie ButtsLittleton, MAFemale 65-69the 40 second PlatinumsBlue39.0449.12 Silver 
Scott CaskoHolden, MAMale 35-397 Saws DragoBlue1:05.61150.61 S* - 
 Lisa CelonaWebster, MAFemale 50-54EdgewiseBlue35.4835.52 Gold 
Mike ColletteHolden, MAMale 40-447 Saws PenstockBlue40.5855.00 - 
Andrew CroswellLittleton, MAMale 60-645 Guys and a BabeBlue41.0756.88 S* Silver 
Polly CrowninshieldMarblehead, MAFemale 70-74RESOLUTE RACINGYellow33.1629.48 Platinum 
Annie CundariWestminster, MAFemale 50-54E Pluribus SkiemYellow39.1252.75 Silver 
Bob DalbeckPrinceton, MAMale 60-64Beerly RacingBlue41.5758.79 Bronze 
Michael DeleoWinchester, MAMale 35-39Moon RacersBlue28.458.67 Platinum 
Lisa DenapoliWoburn, MAFemale 55-59Loose TurnsBlue57.10118.11 - 
Michelle DonohuePaxton, MAFemale 60-64Carpe SkiemYellow42.9967.86 Bronze 
Dana DorsettWorcester, MAMale 60-64RESOLUTE RACINGBlue30.9218.11 Gold 
Steve DunnWorcester, MAMale 50-54Whiplash CasualtiesBlue39.1249.43 Bronze 
Mark FantasiaBoylston, MAMale 45-497 Saws DragoBlue34.3531.21 Silver 
Jay FishmanGrafton, MAMale 60-64Moon RacersBlue32.3123.41 Gold 
Rob FletcherLincoln, RIMale 55-59AMADEUSBlue38.9448.74 Bronze 
Dennis ForesterFramingham, MAMale 21-29Guys and a ChicBlue33.0026.05 Silver 
Richard ForsterMarlborough, MAMale 60-64E Pluribus SkiemYellow31.7023.78 Gold 
Sandy GennaOakham, MAMale 65-69Core ShotsBlue34.1030.25 Gold 
David GiammatteoWestminster, MAMale 60-64Golf and Gamble.comBlue30.4116.16 Platinum 
Neil GilchristHolden, MAMale 40-447 Saws Fire RoadYellow36.7843.62 Bronze 
Todd GillHarvard, MAMale 50-54Guys and a ChicBlue31.2719.44 Gold 
Michael GiuntaBolton, MAMale 55-59Guys and a ChicBlue30.7117.30 Gold 
Jonah GlickmanHolden, MAMale 21-297 Saws Fire RoadYellow26.312.73 Platinum 
Megan GoodaleHolden, MAFemale 35-397 Saws Fire RoadBlue52.50100.53 - 
Johan GrapeBoxborough, MAMale 50-54Gone in 30 secondsBlue29.5913.03 Platinum 
Carol GrinkisSterling, MAFemale 70-74Six PackYellow40.8759.59 Silver 
Rebecca GrocciaJefferson, MAFemale 40-447 Saws LagerBlue32.4924.10 Gold 
Brian HeilHarrisville, RIMale 60-64Beerly RacingBlue35.4235.29 Silver 
Corey HigginsWorcester, MAMale 40-447 Saws DragoYellow38.5050.33 - 
 Allison HopkinsWorcester, MAFemale 50-54Golf and Gamble.comBlue30.9618.26 Platinum 
Patricia HoroszPutnum, CTFemale 21-29Gate Minds Drink AlikeBlue40.2753.82 Bronze 
Andrea HuntShrewsbury, MAMale 60-64the 40 second PlatinumsYellow40.2357.09 Bronze 
Kristina JonesHolden, MAFemale 40-447 Saws PenstockYellow39.1452.83 Bronze 
Nathan KaufmanReading, MAMale 40-44Gone in 30 secondsBlue33.6128.38 Silver 
Chris KennedyMillbury, MAMale 50-54Pilsner Brew SkiBlue29.7713.71 Platinum 
Karen KennedyMillbury, MAFemale 50-54Pilsner Brew SkiBlue30.6417.04 Platinum 
Bryce KirbyBolton, MAMale 40-44Gone in 30 secondsYellow30.2017.92 Gold 
Joe KleinNorth Attleboro, MAMale 60-64Six PackBlue31.3819.86 Gold 
Lise KolotaWestborough, MAFemale 60-64Moon RacersBlue38.2045.91 Silver 
Bradley KowalczykBrighton, MAMale 21-29Ski You LaterBlue39.2950.08 - 
Eric KuczarskiWorcester, MAMale 45-497 Saws LagerBlue33.8029.11 Silver 
Denis KudriashovMAMale 40-44Guys and a ChicBlue43.8467.46 - 
Rich LachapelleWorcester, MAMale 60-64Whiplash CasualtiesBlue28.097.30 Platinum 
William LeavittLexington, MAMale 55-59AMADEUSBlue32.5524.33 Gold 
Ernest LyfordPrinceton, MAMale 60-64Six PackBlue33.2426.97 Gold 
Lesley MacOmberWestford, MAFemale 55-59Carpe SkiemYellow37.7147.25 Silver 
Dan MacPhailBoxborough, MAMale 70-74Cirque du Sore LegsBlue41.8259.74 Bronze 
Paul MagerMarlborough, MAMale 55-59Golf and Gamble.comBlue28.559.05 Platinum 
Rachel MagerMarlborough, MAFemale 21-29Cirque du Sore LegsBlue34.0730.14 Silver 
Tucker MahoneyHolden, MAMale 40-447 Saws DragoBlue40.2353.67 - 
Josh MartinBurlington, MAMale 40-44E Pluribus SkiemYellow30.9620.89 Silver 
Jen MillerWestminster, MAFemale 35-39Core ShotsBlue33.1526.62 Gold 
Troy MillikenHolden, MAMale 40-447 Saws LagerBlue29.6113.10 Gold 
Larry ModestowSouthborough, MAMale 60-64Golf and Gamble.comYellow37.5446.58 Bronze 
Sean MuirMarlborough, MAMale 30-34Ski You LaterBlue41.0256.68 - 
Stephanie MulroyHolden, MAFemale 40-447 Saws DragoYellow43.7570.83 - 
Cathy MurphyBingum, MAFemale 40-44D Ski ChicsYellow34.6335.22 Gold 
 John NestelWalpole, MAMale 50-545 Guys and a BabeBlue31.1018.79 Gold 
Janet NittmanBoxborough, MAFemale 55-59Loose TurnsBlue39.6651.49 Silver 
Johann NittmannBoxborough, MAMale 65-69AMADEUSBlue36.9641.18 Silver 
Alan NordActon, MAMale 70-74Carve and BurnBlue41.9460.20 Bronze 
Robert OconnorAuburn, MAMale 50-54Carve and BurnBlue37.0841.63 Bronze 
Mike PacakBellingham, MAMale 60-64Gate Minds Drink AlikeBlue41.6459.05 Bronze 
Heather PedersenLeicester, MAFemale 40-44Whiplash CasualtiesBlue31.9922.19 Gold 
Tom PennellLittleton, MAMale 60-64Carve and BurnBlue46.1676.32 - 
Bob PlatzShrewsbury, MAMale 55-59the 40 second PlatinumsYellow34.6835.42 Silver 
Charlotte PrideHarvard, MAFemale 45-49D Ski ChicsYellow35.8239.87 Silver 
Steve PuliaficoRutland, MAMale 55-59Six PackBlue29.5412.83 Platinum 
Kristie ReedWare, MAFemale 30-34Gate Minds Drink AlikeBlue46.3477.01 - 
James ReidyLeicester, MAMale 60-64Whiplash CasualtiesBlue31.4320.05 Gold 
Joe ReidyWestminster, MAMale 65-69Whiplash CasualtiesBlue32.8625.52 Gold 
Shelly ReidyWestminster, MAFemale 55-59Whiplash CasualtiesBlue35.8837.05 Gold 
David ReitsmaMale 60-64EdgewiseBlue33.3827.50 Gold 
William RichardAshburnham, MAMale 60-64AMADEUSBlue35.7836.67 Silver 
John RichardsonAyer, MAMale 35-39Gate Minds Drink AlikeBlue27.515.08 Platinum 
Rick RomanoChelmsford, MAMale 55-59Core ShotsBlue29.7413.60 Platinum 
Maggie RooneyHarvard, MAFemale 21-29Blue29.9814.51 Platinum 
Michael RoseUxbridge, MAMale 45-49Ski You LaterYellow36.2341.47 Bronze 
Jeff RozakMale 50-54Gone in 30 secondsBlue29.4512.49 Platinum 
Kim RozakBoylston, MAFemale 55-597 Saws DragoBlue36.6740.07 Gold 
Susan RozakMedway, MAFemale 55-59Gone in 30 secondsBlue38.7047.82 Silver 
Adam RumleyPeterborough, NHMale 21-29the 40 second PlatinumsBlue28.749.78 Gold 
Nolan RyanHolden, MAMale 21-297 Saws Fire RoadYellow36.1441.12 Bronze 
Rick ScarpignatoTownsend, MAMale 65-69the 40 second PlatinumsBlue30.2615.58 Platinum 
Jennifer SichelWatertown, MAFemale 30-34RESOLUTE RACINGYellow35.6239.09 Silver 
Julie SiroisStow, MAFemale 55-59Six PackYellow34.6835.42 Gold 
Paul SiroisStow, MAMale 55-59Beerly RacingBlue31.7121.12 Gold 
Shelby SiroisStow, MAFemale 21-29Beerly RacingBlue32.9825.97 Silver 
David SmithNorth Attleboro, MAMale 60-64Carpe SkiemBlue35.2834.76 Silver 
Rob SoluriLincoln, MAMale 55-59E Pluribus SkiemBlue28.8310.12 Platinum 
 Arden SonnenbergFemale 55-595 Guys and a BabeBlue39.4250.57 S* Gold 
Joel SouthalArlington, MAMale 35-39Core ShotsYellow37.3545.84 Bronze 
Todd StablewskiHolden, MAMale 40-447 Saws LagerBlue28.9510.58 Platinum 
Kathy StodulskiGrafton, MAFemale 40-44Pilsner Brew SkiBlue30.6617.11 Platinum 
Jeff SturgesMARLBOROUGH, MAMale 70-74RESOLUTE RACINGYellow32.9928.82 Gold 
Timothy SweetenMale 45-497 Saws PenstockBlue47.5781.70 S* - 
Bob TorosianAshland, MAMale 70-74EdgewiseBlue34.1530.44 Gold 
Joseph VaglioMillbury, MAMale 30-34Gate Minds Drink AlikeBlue31.6821.01 Silver 
 Geoff VinceletteSutton, MAMale 45-495 Guys and a BabeBlue30.9118.07 S* Platinum 
Dan WelchMarlborough, MAMale 55-59Golf and Gamble.comYellow29.6615.81 Platinum 
Kyle WescottHudson, MAMale 35-395 Guys and a BabeBlue31.1518.98 Silver 
Jay WesternDedham, MAMale 40-44Carpe SkiemYellow37.2445.41 Bronze 
Caroline WiklundDedham, MAFemale 21-29Ski You LaterBlue37.3842.78 Bronze 
Christopher WilkinsBurlington, VTMale 55-59Cirque du Sore LegsBlue38.3346.41 Bronze 
David WilsonHarwich, MAMale 60-64Carve and BurnBlue39.3250.19 Bronze 
Charlotte WinchellHarvard, MAFemale 55-59Guys and a ChicBlue32.1022.61 Platinum 
Stuart WingMilford, NHMale 60-64E Pluribus SkiemBlue28.057.14 Platinum 
Lucinda WrightBoxborough, MAMale 60-64AMADEUSBlue36.5839.72 Silver 
Andrew ZereskiHolden, MAMale 45-497 Saws PenstockBlue34.3331.13 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)