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Race Results
Squaw Valley

Apr 4th, 2019
NASTAR Nationals - Friends Team Race
not provided
Squaw Valley, California

Series: National Champs Friends Team Race
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4
Par Time

Results for Apr 4th, 2019 - NASTAR Nationals - Friends Team Race

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Hunter AlfanoPort Washington, NYMale 12-13TeamOkemoYellow36.3947.57 Silver 
 Michael AlfanoPort Washington, NYMale 60-64TeamOkemoBlue37.7054.38 Bronze 
 Jack AntonishekLinden, MIMale 12-13XLR8Yellow33.7036.66 Silver 
 Max antonishekLinden, MIMale 10-11XLR8YellowDNF-  
Jennifer ArkinAspen, COFemale 45-49Challange AspenYellow1:07.76174.78 - 
Sara BeekenDavidson, NCFemale 21-29GirafficornsYellow32.4831.71 Silver 
Tom BerkeleyClarkson Valley, MOMale 75-79Team Hidden ValleyYellow42.8973.93 - 
John Bishop IIIAspen, COMale 55-59Challange AspenBlue34.0339.35 Silver 
Scott BjornsonHampton, MNMale 45-49The Tray GangBlue31.8230.30 Silver 
Kilee BlakelyFemale 10-11Mad River MountainYellow33.8637.31 Gold 
Mark BlakelyGreensboro, NCMale 12-13Mad River MountainYellow29.1718.29 Platinum 
Bruce BowenBasalt, COMale 65-69TeamOkemoBlue35.1143.78 Silver 
Matthew BoylesSilt, COMale 30-34Challange AspenYellow1:17.84215.69 - 
Charlene BragaTruckee, CAFemale 65-69Ski More GatesBlue36.6049.88 Silver 
 Lance BravardWashington, DCMale 55-59ZardozYellow30.9725.59 Silver 
Kadence BuhlerCedar City, UTFemale 12-13Agent MikesBlue1:18.98223.42 - 
Matt BuhlerCedar City, UTMale 40-44Agent MikesBlue31.1927.72 Silver 
Madeline BullardKeller, TXFemale 10-11Groms RobinYellow29.9821.57 Platinum 
Archie CameronCalgary, ABMale 8-9TeamOkemoBlue35.4645.21 Gold 
Lauchie CameronCalgary, ABMale 6-7TeamOkemoBlue33.4737.06 Platinum 
 Ryan CameronMale 10-11TeamOkemoBlue31.0026.95 Platinum 
 ALexander CampianSt Louis, MOMale 8-9Team Hidden ValleyBlue35.7346.31 Gold 
Katherine CampianSt Louis, MOFemale 6-7Team Hidden ValleyYellow40.5364.36 Gold 
 Aubrie CarsonFemale 8-9Snow AngelsYellow35.1242.42 Gold 
 Elise CarsonFemale 10-11Snow AngelsYellow33.9137.51 Gold 
Abbey ClauwClarkston, MIFemale 12-13Pinnacle Alpine RacingBlue33.1435.71 Gold 
Ella ClauwCLARKSTON, MIFemale 8-9Pinnacle Alpine RacingBlue34.5841.61 Gold 
Schuyler ColettaBelvedere Tiburon, CAMale 10-114SquawColettaSYellow36.7248.91 Silver 
 Shara ColettaBelvedere Tiburon, CAFemale 40-444SquawColettaSBlue39.5662.00 Bronze 
Sutton ColettaBelvedere Tiburon, CAMale 8-94SquawColettaSYellow36.9649.88 Gold 
Emerson DecurtinsCharlotte, NCFemale 10-11Snow AngelsBlue36.6450.04 Silver 
Scarlett DecurtinsCharlotte, NCFemale 8-9Snow AngelsYellow37.4851.99 Gold 
 Rob DexterWest Hartford, CTMale 65-69TeamOkemoYellow32.5331.91 Gold 
 Andre FairbanksFenton, MIMale 45-49XLR8Yellow30.9025.30 Silver 
Averi FairbanksFenton, MIFemale 12-13XLR8Yellow32.5231.87 Gold 
 Ryland FairbanksFenton, MIMale 14-15XLR8Blue34.6641.93 Silver 
Jane Fall-lakatosBloomfield Hills, MIFemale 10-11Pine Knob MichiganBlue33.6937.96 Gold 
Shelley FindlayAspen, COFemale 45-49Challange AspenBlue39.7462.74 Bronze 
Brittany FreudenbergerHamilton, INFemale 6-7Cascade FriendsYellow39.0558.35 Gold 
Jhoni FreudenbergerFemale 1-5Cascade FriendsBlue55.88128.83 Bronze 
 Felicity FulcherFemale 14-15Squaw Valley USABlue34.3540.66 Silver 
Finn GibsonWorthington, OHMale 10-11Mad River MountainYellow33.6236.33 Gold 
Mark GlosterRedmond, WAMale 55-59Ski More GatesBlue36.0447.58 Bronze 
Luka GobecIncline Village, NVMale 21-29Thunder SmashersYellow24.880.89 Platinum 
Chris GuayGlenwood Springs, COMale 35-39Challange AspenBlue51.65111.51 - 
Claire GunningIndependence, KYFemale 6-7Perfect North SlopesYellow38.8757.62 Gold 
 Ella GunningIndependence, KYFemale 10-11Mad River MountainYellow32.3331.10 Gold 
Anchi HallHilliard, OHFemale 10-11Mad River MountainYellow40.6965.00 Bronze 
 Michael HortonFlagstaff, AZMale 55-59ZardozYellow38.5356.24 Bronze 
Julie HuSaratoga, CAFemale 6-7Happy Jilmore(J&J)Yellow54.03119.10 Bronze 
Justin HuSaratoga, CAMale 8-9Happy Jilmore(J&J)Blue37.2052.33 Silver 
Vincent HuSaratoga, CAMale 40-44Happy Jilmore(J&J)Yellow37.0250.12 - 
Tanner JadwinGlenwood Springs, COMale 21-29Challange AspenBlue39.1560.32 - 
Amanda JanesColumbus, OHFemale 16-17Mad River MountainBlue37.4353.28 Bronze 
Christine JenneHuntington, NYFemale 65-69TeamOkemoBlue41.5370.07 Bronze 
Alec JohnsonManistee, MIMale 6-7Thunder SmashersBlue38.2056.43 Gold 
 Jeremy JohnsonMounds View, MNMale 40-44The Tray GangYellow34.1438.44 Bronze 
 Madalyn JohnsonIncline Village, NVFemale 18-20Thunder SmashersBlue30.2123.71 Silver 
Justin JolleyGlenwood Springs, COMale 18-20Challange AspenBlue39.2960.89 - 
 AJ KittMale 50-54The Tray GangBlue26.408.11 Platinum 
 Aksel KittMale 12-13The Tray GangYellow29.7420.60 Platinum 
 Carol KolkWhite Lake, MIFemale 40-44XLR8Yellow46.5088.56 - 
 Jason KolkWhite Lake, MIMale 35-39XLR8Blue36.2448.40 - 
 Jerome LeisherMount Wolf, PAMale 45-49ZardozBlue36.2248.32 Bronze 
 Drake MastersGeorgetown, COMale 6-7Cascade FriendsBlue38.2156.47 Gold 
Dustin MastersGeorgetown, COMale 35-39Cascade FriendsYellow32.4731.67 Silver 
Barbara McCabeTruckee, CAFemale 70-74Ski More GatesBlue36.3248.73 Gold 
 Patrick McKinneyNew Market, MDMale 50-54ZardozBlue36.2048.24 Bronze 
 Steven MonroeWeston, FLMale 60-64Perfect North SlopesBlue35.8846.93 Bronze 
Mia MunnCINCINNATI, OHFemale 12-13Perfect North SlopesBlue39.4461.51 Bronze 
Jim NoahAvon, INMale 60-64Perfect North SlopesBlue30.9326.66 Gold 
 Brian OconnellEllicott City, MDMale 50-54ZardozYellow33.4135.48 Silver 
 Jed OwenWausau, WIMale 55-59Ski More GatesBlue35.8346.72 Bronze 
Lauren ParedesWest Hartford, CTFemale 12-13Mad River MountainBlue33.5037.18 Silver 
 Frederic PattonTrexlertown, PAMale 12-13The Tray GangBlue29.9622.69 Gold 
 Debi PhelpsTruckee, CAFemale 60-64Ski More GatesBlue41.9771.87 Bronze 
Andrea PizziniBirmingham, ALMale 21-29Perfect North SlopesYellow26.698.23 Platinum 
Hunter PostHowell, MIMale 12-13XLR8Yellow32.8633.25 Gold 
 Steven(ICE) RheaultLancaster, PAMale 65-69ZardozYellow30.5223.76 Gold 
Jack RobinENCINITAS, CAMale 6-7Groms RobinYellow38.2655.15 Gold 
Natalie RobinEncinitas, CAFemale 8-9Groms RobinYellow33.2734.91 Platinum 
Nina RobinEncinitas, CAFemale 8-9Groms RobinYellow32.4931.75 Platinum 
Lily RogersHickory, NCFemale 12-13GirafficornsYellowDNF-  
Evan SavoieClarkston, MIMale 12-13Pine Knob MichiganBlue36.6450.04 Silver 
 Lucy SavoieClarkston, MIFemale 10-11Pinnacle Alpine RacingBlue38.5657.90 Silver 
 Phoebe SavoieFemale 12-13Pinnacle Alpine RacingBlue30.1923.63 Platinum 
 Cory SchieldHastings, MNMale 45-49The Tray GangBlue32.2331.98 Silver 
Jacob SchieldMale 12-13The Tray GangYellow31.7928.91 Gold 
 Kelly ShawWorthington, OHMale 10-11Mad River MountainYellow33.3035.04 Gold 
Ming ShihPhoenix, AZMale 50-54Arizona Ski RacingBlue40.7166.71 - 
 Nancy Simpson OwenWausau, WIFemale 60-64Ski More GatesBlue37.7254.46 Silver 
 Scott SingerPhoenix, AZMale 50-54Arizona Ski RacingYellow29.8120.88 Gold 
 Abby SnookSun Prairie, WIFemale 12-13Cascade FriendsYellow34.9941.89 Silver 
 Bella SnookSun Prairie, WIFemale 14-15Cascade FriendsYellow44.7781.55 - 
Nicolae SoareChantilly, VAMale 40-44ZardozYellow29.8721.13 Silver 
Patricia StamperSnowmass Village, COFemale 55-59Challange AspenYellow39.6560.79 Bronze 
 Creighton StudtClarkston, MIMale 10-11Pine Knob MichiganYellow35.7344.89 Silver 
Dane StudtClarkston, MIMale 6-7Pine Knob MichiganBlue55.09125.59 - 
Maren StudtClarkston, MIFemale 10-11Pine Knob MichiganYellow35.8345.30 Silver 
Deborah SullivanSnowmass Village, COFemale 55-59Challange AspenYellow45.3283.78 - 
Ava TangemanSaint Louis, MOFemale 8-9Team Hidden ValleyYellow38.4155.76 Silver 
Cameron ThomasFemale 10-11Pinnacle Alpine RacingBlue34.5741.56 Gold 
Sydney ThomasFemale 12-13Pinnacle Alpine RacingBlue29.9522.65 Platinum 
Brian WatkinsLas Vegas, NVMale 55-59Agent MikesYellow39.2759.25 - 
 Stephen WhiteSt Louis, MOMale 45-49Team Hidden ValleyYellow32.8933.37 Silver 
Dash WilliamsMale 6-7Pine Knob MichiganBlue54.49123.14 - 
Jordan WilliamsBloomfield, MIFemale 8-9Pine Knob MichiganYellow38.2555.11 Silver 
Rylan WilliamsBloomfield Hills, MIMale 1-5Pine Knob MichiganYellow1:07.58174.05 Bronze 
 Roger WilsonManchester, NHMale 65-69Cascade FriendsBlue35.7746.48 Silver