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Park City Mountain Resort

Mar 23rd, 2019
cloudy and lightly snowing

Par Time

Results for Mar 23rd, 2019 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Nicholas AngellPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow28.5893.24 Bronze 
Richard AngellPark City, UTMale 45-49Blue26.4271.67 - 
Elliot ArmijoPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue23.9155.36 Gold 
Vivian BambergerFemale 8-9Blue25.5365.89 Silver 
Brad BarrettPark City, UTMale 45-49Yellow36.99150.10 F* - 
Drew BarronSanibel, FLMale 10-11Yellow23.6159.63 Bronze 
Bexley BrownPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow43.89196.75 - 
Jonas BrownPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue25.2664.13 Silver 
Nate BrownPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow20.5338.81 Gold 
Eric BrustDexter, MIMale 55-59Yellow19.5632.25 Silver 
Zane BrustDexter, MIMale 18-20Blue17.6114.42 Gold 
Finley campagnaHolladay, UTMale 6-7Yellow23.5959.50 Gold 
Henry campagnaHolladay, UTMale 8-9Yellow24.7667.41 Bronze 
Emma CampbellFemale 8-9Yellow24.3764.77 Silver 
Ella CarlsonPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow24.6766.80 Silver 
Laura CarlsonKamas, UTMale 45-49Yellow28.4992.63 - 
Tom CarlsonKamas, UTMale 50-54Blue20.6033.85 Silver 
Nico Carlson-smithPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow21.0442.26 Gold 
Asher CarltonJacksonville Beach, FLMale 6-7Yellow29.1997.36 Bronze 
Mason CoynePark City, UTMale 8-9Blue21.2337.95 Gold 
Elan DahanScottsdale, AZMale 55-59Blue18.3018.91 Gold 
Breda DarringtonFemale 16-17Yellow24.9568.70 - 
Charlie De CarvlhoPark City, UTMale 10-11Blue21.9442.56 Silver 
Lila DonnellonPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow23.0355.71 Gold 
David DuncanCarlsbad, CAMale 50-54Yellow23.4358.42 - 
Tyler DuncanCarlsbad, CAMale 14-15Blue22.2144.31 Bronze 
Bennett EggletonPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow23.5459.16 Silver 
Mark ErvinPacific Palisades, CAMale 45-49Blue17.6114.42 Gold 
Sarah ErvinPark City, UTFemale 35-39Blue21.7641.39 Silver 
Sydney ErvinPacific Palisades, CAFemale 6-7Blue22.8848.67 Platinum 
James EverittDraper, UTMale 30-34Blue19.2525.08 Silver 
Vaughn FeatherstonePark City, UTMale 12-13Blue24.1957.18 F* Gold 
Cole FieldsSanibel, FLMale 12-13Blue31.87107.08 S* - 
Lila FieldsSanibel, FLFemale 8-9Yellow29.87101.96 - 
Camden FinazzoGrosse Ile, MIMale 14-15Blue25.4565.37 - 
Pina FinazzoWyandotte, MIFemale 50-54Blue27.8580.96 - 
Michael FletcherMeredith, NHMale 18-20Blue23.7854.52 S* Bronze 
Magnus FlodenPark City, UTMale 55-59Blue16.638.06 Platinum 
Asha FornnarinoLittleton, COFemale 14-15Blue29.8593.96 - 
Taj FornnarinoLittleton, COMale 8-9Yellow35.44139.62 - 
Dylan GalenPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue23.7954.58 Silver 
Nicolas GellnerPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue21.8541.98 Gold 
Paiton GleesonHuntington Beach, CAFemale 18-20Blue26.2870.76 - 
Dalin GreenwellPark City, UTMale 14-15Blue33.95120.60 F* - 
 Aries GroggWoodland Hills, UTMale 50-54Yellow21.1342.87 S* Gold 
 Ashton GroggWoodland Hills, UTMale 18-20Yellow18.5725.56 S* Platinum 
Cj HaerterPark City, UTMale 14-15Blue29.9794.74 F* - 
Cooper HallDestin, FLMale 12-13Blue29.5792.14 S* - 
Annie HarmonPark City, UTFemale 21-29Yellow18.9628.19 Silver 
Cole HillPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow20.9141.38 Gold 
Rick HodgeWindham, NYMale 65-69Blue17.9516.63 Platinum 
Josh HoganPark City, UTMale 35-39Blue25.4465.30 - 
Siena HoganPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow21.8347.60 Gold 
Katherine HowarthBerkeley, CAFemale 8-9Blue22.3645.29 Gold 
Ava JenningsHeber City, UTFemale 16-17Blue58.78281.94 F* - 
Emery Kanda-gleesonHuntington Beach, CAFemale 10-11Blue28.9387.98 - 
Montgomery Kanda-gleesonHuntington Beach, CAMale 10-11Yellow31.15110.62 - 
Alexandra KarchPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue25.3364.59 Silver 
Jessica KimballFemale 16-17Blue26.5772.64 - 
Baruch KingSmithfield, UTMale 21-29Yellow19.7733.67 Bronze 
Connor KristensenPark City, UTMale 40-44Yellow25.0469.30 - 
Jill LandessLas Vegas, NVFemale 50-54Blue21.6640.74 Silver 
Skye LandessLas Vegas, NVFemale 14-15Yellow21.9748.55 Bronze 
Tristan LawrencePark City, UTMale 8-9Blue22.7347.69 Gold 
David LeeDestin, FLMale 40-44Yellow21.5045.37 Bronze 
Abbie LernerPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow24.5265.79 Silver 
Evelyn LernerPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow23.4358.42 Gold 
Thomas LernerPark City, UTMale 45-49Yellow28.0789.79 S* - 
Toryn LewisPark City, UTFemale 10-11Blue22.2944.83 Gold 
Bennett LukkenJefferson, SDMale 10-11Blue26.9374.98 Bronze 
Christian McCartneyPark City, UTMale 14-15Blue23.2951.33 Bronze 
John MinahanPark City, UTMale 40-44Yellow16.7613.32 Gold 
Johnny MinahanPark City, UTMale 1-5Blue30.6899.35 Silver 
Heber MorseSandy, UTMale 21-29Yellow33.88129.07 K* - 
John NicolPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow22.1449.70 Gold 
Kim NicolPark City, UTMale 35-39Blue23.3051.40 - 
Lillian NicolPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow22.1849.97 Gold 
Price NicolPark City, UTMale 40-44Blue22.3645.29 Bronze 
Lee PoliteChicago, ILMale 55-59Blue23.0449.71 Bronze 
Nicholas PoliteChicago, ILMale 21-29Yellow22.7753.96 - 
Jacob PopeSandy, UTMale 45-49Blue29.8193.70 - 
Megan PopeSandy, UTFemale 16-17Blue28.0081.94 - 
Cole PortManhattan Beach, CAMale 1-5Yellow49.10231.98 - 
Michael PortManhattan Beach, CAMale 50-54Blue20.7034.50 Silver 
Aiden PostulaPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue22.6547.17 Gold 
Henry PullinsEvanston, WYMale 6-7Yellow26.3077.82 Silver 
Aiden RichinsPark City, UTMale 10-11Blue29.0088.43 F* Silver 
Dylan RothwellPark City, UTMale 40-44Yellow17.6319.20 Silver 
Wylie RothwellPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue22.9849.32 Gold 
Hugo SattelmeierPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue23.2150.81 Gold 
Joey SchmidtPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow26.1076.47 Bronze 
Carter SearsPark City, UTMale 14-15Yellow18.6225.90 Gold 
Miles SearsPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow20.4838.47 Silver 
Taylor SimpsonPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow34.22131.37 - 
 Scott SingerPhoenix, AZMale 50-54Blue17.1311.31 Platinum 
Douglas SmithKamas, UTMale 8-9Blue20.3031.90 Platinum 
Axel SolanderMale 8-9Blue28.9588.11 - 
Emma SteffensenPeoa, UTFemale 12-13Yellow21.6546.38 Silver 
Iyla StonePark City, UTFemale 10-11Blue23.5553.02 Silver 
Colton SwearingenPark City, UTMale 21-29Yellow17.2716.77 Silver 
Helene TaylorSalt Lake City, UTFemale 55-59Yellow20.7039.96 Gold 
Teagan ThurgoodWest Valley City, UTFemale 16-17Yellow21.2343.54 Bronze 
Sebastian TurnerEnglewood, COMale 8-9Blue20.3532.23 Platinum 
Colin VaughnJefferson, SDMale 12-13Blue22.1343.79 Silver 
Owen VaughnJefferson, SDMale 10-11Yellow22.3451.05 Silver 
Luke VenablePark City, UTMale 1-5Blue1:00.71294.48 - 
Alia WarllPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow27.8087.96 Bronze 
Morgan WarnerPark City, UTMale 21-29Blue36.34136.13 F* - 
Grant WaslaskiInver Grove, MNMale 10-11Yellow21.9748.55 Silver 
Wayne WaslaskiInver Grove, MNMale 50-54Blue24.7961.08 - 
Andrew WentzPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow22.0048.75 Gold 
Chloe WhitneyFemale 6-7Blue21.0536.78 Platinum 
Finn WhitneyPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue21.1037.10 Gold 
Kenn WhitneyPark City, UTMale 45-49Blue22.0042.95 S* Silver 
Stacey WhitneyFemale 45-49Yellow21.0142.06 T* Gold 
Jordan WilliamsBloomfield, MIFemale 8-9Yellow20.2737.05 Platinum 

F = Adaptive Alpine: Cognitive Disability (-35)
S = Snowboard (-20)
K = Adaptive Snowboard: Cognitive Disability (-75)
T = Telemark (-13)