Race Results (2018 - 19 Season)

Crotched Mountain

Mar 7th, 2019
ARL Onset Cupr
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Series: Crotched Mountain ARL
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 5
Par Time

Dexter Cam (Suit)
Dexter Cam (Suit)
Results for Mar 7th, 2019 - ARL Onset Cupr

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Tim AllenPeterborough, NHMale 50-54NighthawksBlue37.9116.50 Gold 
Wendy AllenKeene, NHFemale 50-54NighthawksBlue38.7519.08 Platinum 
Ken ArsenaultMilford, NHMale 55-59Straight & LateBlue43.8834.85 Silver 
David BellemoreNew Boston, NHMale 50-54Abominable SlowmenYellow44.0736.82 Silver 
Francis BoudreauHudson, NHMale 55-59FREE HEEL HELIONSYellow47.2146.57 Bronze 
Jerry BoudreauHollis, NHMale 65-69Straight & LateBlue38.8219.30 Platinum 
Andrew BriggsMale 21-29Northest Mount SportsYellow40.4825.68 Silver 
Mark BriggsMale 55-59Northest Mount SportsBlue44.9438.11 Silver 
Tom CarrWeare, NHMale 55-59Abominable SlowmenYellow39.1321.48 Gold 
Randy CheyneGoffstown, NHMale 60-64Northest Mount SportsBlue46.2442.10 Silver 
Dena CilloNew Boston, NHFemale 35-39Crotched RocketsBlue44.6437.19 Silver 
Daniel CliffordMale 30-34Northest Mount SportsYellow39.1021.39 Silver 
Daniel CohenKeene, NHMale 55-59Dilligaf RacingBlue45.1538.75 Silver 
Tom CohenNew Boston, NHMale 60-64BruCruBlue52.5061.34 Bronze 
John CookeAyer, MAMale 55-59MAC AND COBlue40.9925.97 Silver 
Doug CoultersWeare, NHMale 30-34SnoMoreBlue47.4545.82 Bronze 
Jamie CurranHollis, NHFemale 35-39BrewskisBlue46.1841.92 Silver 
Travis DanilsMale 45-49WhiteoutBlue52.6561.80 - 
Matt DaynoBedford, NHMale 35-39Huge DumpsBlue38.3517.85 Gold 
David DayonManchester, NHMale 40-44BruCruYellow41.5829.09 Silver 
Derek DeangelisBedford, NHMale 40-44Huge DumpsYellow38.0818.22 Gold 
Russ DemarestAmherst, NHMale 60-64DMZBlue54.3366.96 - 
Benjamin DexterSwanzey, NHMale 21-29Dilligaf RacingYellow43.7735.89 Bronze 
Cam DexterHancock, NHMale 40-44Crotched RocketsYellow34.888.29 Platinum 
Cole DexterHancock, NHMale 10-11Crotched RocketsBlue47.3345.45 Silver 
Lee DexterKeene, NHMale 45-49Dilligaf RacingBlue44.8837.92 Bronze 
Sean dexterSullivan, NHMale 50-54Dilligaf RacingBlue45.2639.09 Bronze 
Ray DucharmeBedford, NHMale 60-64BrewskisBlue49.0850.83 Bronze 
Kevin EaganAmherst, NHMale 60-64DMZYellow58.2680.88 - 
Zachary EricsonNashua, NHMale 21-29Straight & LateBlue40.0623.11 Silver 
Erik FardyMale 45-49FREE HEEL HELIONSBlue48.3448.56 T* Bronze 
Theodore FarnsworthMale 21-29Crotched RocketsYellow39.5122.66 Silver 
Erik FeyNew Boston, NHMale 50-54FREE HEEL HELIONSBlue46.5142.93 T* Silver 
Colin FischerMale 30-34Snow ScrapersBlue47.9647.39 - 
Chris FlecchiaManchester, NHMale 55-59Crotched RocketsBlue42.1029.38 Silver 
Jt GarrityHollis, NHMale 35-39Huge DumpsYellow45.7642.07 Bronze 
Nick GreeneAmherst, NHMale 45-49Crotched RocketsBlue36.9413.52 Platinum 
Kennith HaagBrookline, NHMale 30-34Snow ScrapersYellow42.2431.14 Bronze 
Brian HandwerkAmherst, NHMale 45-49FREE HEEL HELIONSYellow48.8051.51 T* Bronze 
Chris HarrisonEpping, NHMale 35-39Northest Mount SportsBlue39.3320.87 Silver 
Karl HeafieldNew Boston, NHMale 45-49FREE HEEL HELIONSYellow54.1268.02 T* - 
Eric HortonHudson, NHMale 35-39Polar BAErsBlue49.5352.21 - 
Matt HoughtonBedford, NHMale 40-44Huge DumpsBlue40.8425.51 Silver 
Mike HughsonNew Ipswich, NHMale 55-59WhiteoutYellow40.8026.67 Silver 
John JohannesenKeene, NHMale 40-44Dilligaf RacingYellow54.5969.48 S* - 
Brad JohnsonNewbury, MAMale 60-64Northest Mount SportsBlue43.8134.63 Silver 
Andy JordanAmherst, NHMale 45-49WhiteoutBlue40.7825.32 Silver 
Jamie KennedyMale 40-44Huge DumpsBlue45.1438.72 Bronze 
Charlie KerwinHancock, NHMale 55-59FREE HEEL HELIONSYellow51.1458.77 T* Bronze 
Ben LambertMilford, NHMale 21-29Crotched RocketsBlue36.2211.31 Gold 
Gary LaneMale 21-29SnoMoreBlue41.2526.77 Silver 
Kevin LaneMilford, NHMale 50-54PlowYellow43.9636.48 Silver 
Robert LarocqueMerrimack, NHMale 35-39BrewskisBlue45.0638.48 Bronze 
Dave LefebvreMale 35-39NighthawksBlue35.9910.60 Platinum 
Jim MacHakasNew Boston, NHMale 50-54FREE HEEL HELIONSBlue47.1444.87 T* Silver 
Lauren MacNeilageMilford, NHFemale 30-34MAC AND COBlue56.3973.29 - 
Reed MacNeilageMilford, NHMale 60-64MAC AND COBlue41.6728.06 Gold 
Ruth MacNeilageMilford, NHFemale 55-59MAC AND COBlue46.5042.90 Silver 
Sarah MacNeilageEpping, NHFemale 30-34MAC AND COYellow39.5722.85 Gold 
Christopher ManganoNashua, NHMale 30-34Straight & LateBlue44.5636.94 Bronze 
Dave ManterGoffstown, NHMale 45-49BruCruYellow40.5825.99 Silver 
Steve McClallenMilford, NHMale 65-69Crotched RocketsBlue38.3517.85 Platinum 
Daniel McLaughlinGroton, MAMale 55-59A Nuts Without BallsYellow42.1130.74 Silver 
Raymond MossmanMale 30-34Northest Mount SportsYellow50.7157.44 - 
Scott NixonMerrimack, NHMale 50-54SnoMoreBlue1:02.9693.48 - 
Dan O'sullivanMont Vernon, NHMale 45-49Huge DumpsYellow46.5744.58 Bronze 
Carl PearlMerrimack, NHMale 30-34SnoMoreBlue43.3733.28 Bronze 
Ed PearsallManchester, NHMale 50-54FREE HEEL HELIONSYellow42.7032.57 Silver 
Paul RemillardManchester, NHMale 65-69FREE HEEL HELIONSBlue49.7452.86 T* Silver 
Adam RodgersBedford, NHMale 35-39Huge DumpsBlue45.3739.43 Bronze 
Christian SaidiaMale 35-39Northest Mount SportsYellow40.6426.17 Silver 
Jeffrey ScottAmherst, NHMale 60-64Straight & LateYellow43.5235.11 Silver 
Paul SlosbergBedford, NHMale 40-44Huge DumpsBlue43.2332.85 Silver 
Andrew SovernBedford, MAMale 21-29Dilligaf RacingBlue50.4755.10 - 
Jeff Space Bedford, NHMale 40-44Huge DumpsBlue41.7528.30 Silver 
Tom SullivanNew Boston, NHMale 60-64BruCruBlue43.2432.88 Silver 
Jeff TrebbeFrancestown, NHMale 55-59NighthawksBlue39.3921.05 Gold 
John UlamWest Chesterfield, NHMale 30-34Dilligaf RacingYellow39.6423.07 Silver 
Justin VeprauskasDerry, NHMale 30-34DMZYellow50.8957.99 - 
Katy VeprauskasDerry, NHFemale 35-39DMZYellow53.6566.56 Bronze 
Matt VittenglBedford, NHMale 40-44Huge DumpsYellow37.3716.02 Gold 
Tod Von MertensHancock, NHMale 45-49FREE HEEL HELIONSBlue46.4342.69 T* Silver 
Darrin WhiteHollis, NHMale 50-54Straight & LateBlue51.4558.11 - 
Mark WilenskyBedford, NHMale 45-49BruCruBlue52.0860.05 T* Bronze 
Bryan WoodsNorth Chelmsford, MAMale 35-39Northest Mount SportsBlue44.9638.17 Bronze 
Benjamin WrightKeene, NHMale 40-44Crotched RocketsBlue36.7112.81 Platinum 

T = Telemark (-13)
S = Snowboard (-20)