Race Results (2018 - 19 Season)

Boyne Mountain Resort

Mar 6th, 2019
Boyne Mountain Night League / Wk 9
Cloudy / Temp 12

Series: Boyne Mountain Night League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 6
Par Time

Results for Mar 6th, 2019 - Boyne Mountain Night League / Wk 9

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Steve AndersonEast Jordan, MIMale 55-59Pat O`Brien & AssociatesBlue31.9425.25 Silver 
Rick AshleyGaylord, MIMale 45-49Skee DawgsBlue34.5735.57 Bronze 
Barret BartelliCharlevoix, MIMale 45-49Skee Dawgs TooBlue31.0721.84 Silver 
Jodi BergmannCharlevoix, MIFemale 35-39Wildwood RushYellow32.3025.63 Gold 
Brett BinkleyMale 50-54Pat O`Brien & AssociatesBlue35.7340.12 Bronze 
Robert BobowskiBoyne City, MIMale 60-64Boyne Avenue GreenhouseBlue39.2053.73 Bronze 
Bobby BoetcherRoscommon, MIMale 30-34Boyne BombersBlue41.8964.27 - 
Jennifer BoopCharlevoix, MIFemale 45-49Late BloomersYellow45.5477.13 - 
Dave BurrGrayling, MIMale 50-54Skee Dawgs TooBlue31.6123.96 Silver 
Sean CannonGaylord, MIMale 35-39Kitchen FarmsBlue30.4519.41 Silver 
Evan ChappuiesLansing, MIMale 35-39Punctuality VendingBlue29.7916.82 Gold 
Sam ChappuiesCharlevoix, MIFemale 30-34Punctuality VendingYellow39.8154.84 Bronze 
Larry ChaseMale 60-64Pat O`Brien & AssociatesBlue38.7852.08 Bronze 
Hayes CollinsBoyne City, MIMale 45-49Punctuality VendingBlue30.7720.67 Silver 
Cody CookBoyne City, MIMale 30-34Pat O`Brien & AssociatesYellow31.6623.14 Silver 
Danielle DavisElmira, MIFemale 45-49KFB`sYellow42.4465.07 Bronze 
John DittmarCharlevoix, MIMale 50-54Skee DawgsBlue31.4223.22 Silver 
john DohertyMancelona, MIMale 60-64Punctuality VendingYellow33.8731.74 Silver 
Michael DoumanianHarbor Springs, MIMale 50-54Punctual VendettaBlue33.8432.71 Silver 
Neil DrzewieckiGaylord, MIMale 40-44Skee Dawgs TooBlue32.0125.53 Silver 
Rob DunneBoyne City, MIMale 60-64Rieth-Riley Construction CoYellow39.0751.96 Bronze 
Mike EllwangerBoyne City, MIMale 45-49Rieth-Riley Construction CoBlue31.0921.92 Silver 
Jay EstelleElmira, MIMale 35-39Kitchen FarmsBlue28.5211.84 Gold 
Dustin FieldMale 21-29Off ConstantlyYellow50.4096.03 S* - 
Adam FriedrichBoyne City, MIMale 30-34Pat O`Brien & AssociatesYellow34.4133.84 Bronze 
Jared FriedrichBoyne City, MIMale 21-29Pat O`Brien & AssociatesYellow30.0917.04 Silver 
Eric FrykbergBOYNE CITY, MIMale 35-39Greenhouse GasesBlue30.7920.75 Silver 
Jackie GilesOnsted, MIFemale 60-64Wild Wild Women Of BC LanesBlue34.6936.04 Gold 
Jennifer GlassCharlevoix, MIFemale 40-44Late BloomersBlue44.8175.73 S* Bronze 
Anne GoreTraverse City, MIFemale 40-44KFB`sYellow39.7454.57 Bronze 
T J GrahamSaginaw, MIMale 21-29Boyne BombersYellow28.179.57 Gold 
Kenneth GriffinWhite Lake, MIMale 55-59Hart FordBlue30.8621.02 Gold 
Chad GuerreroSan Antonio, TXMale 21-29Wildwood RushBlue39.9056.47 - 
Kevin HafBoyne City, MIMale 40-44Late BloomersBlue33.0929.76 Silver 
Nick HansmannGaylord, MIMale 21-29Rieth-Riley Construction CoYellow30.8319.91 Silver 
Sandy HerzogFemale 45-49Late BloomersYellow1:01.77140.26 - 
Tom HicksFenton, MIMale 50-54Off ConstantlyBlue28.3611.22 Platinum 
Catherine HunterBoyne City, MIFemale 65-69Wild Wild Women Of BC LanesYellow45.5477.13 Bronze 
 Mike JablonskiRiverview, MIMale 70-74Riverside TireBlue37.1745.76 Silver 
Ryan KasperBoyne City, MIMale 21-29Punctuality VendingYellow32.0824.78 Silver 
Charles KinzelRapid City, MIMale 50-54Wilmot Electric IncYellow39.9155.23 Bronze 
Donald KitchenElmira, MIMale 40-44Kitchen FarmsBlue29.9717.53 Gold 
Sara KitchenElmira, MIFemale 40-44KFB`sYellow38.5049.75 Silver 
Zachary KnottBoyne Falls, MIMale 21-29Off ConstantlyBlue38.5351.10 S* Bronze 
Gary KonszaBoyne City, MIMale 65-69Riverside TireBlue29.4015.29 Platinum 
Steve KoscBoyne Falls, MIMale 35-39Greenhouse GasesBlue33.3630.82 Silver 
Annette KowatchGaylord, MIFemale 45-49Skee DawgsBlue38.3150.24 Silver 
 Joe KowatchGaylord, MIMale 16-17Skee Dawgs TooBlue28.8313.06 Gold 
 Justin KowatchGaylord, MIMale 45-49Skee DawgsYellow29.6815.44 Gold 
Jeff KulichBoyne City, MIFemale 21-29Sunburst MarineYellow38.6750.41 Bronze 
Devin KurzhalsGaylord, MIMale 21-29Blue29.1514.31 Gold 
Morgan LafonteBoyne City, MIFemale 50-54KFB`sBlue33.7532.35 Gold 
Mike LangeGrayling, MIMale 60-64Lange VendingBlue39.9656.71 Bronze 
Richard LangeTraverse City, MIMale 55-59Lange VendingBlue35.1337.76 Silver 
sarah latchamPetoskey, MIFemale 21-29Wild Wild Women Of BC LanesBlue30.4419.37 Gold 
Tad LatuszekGaylord, MIMale 45-49Skee DawgsYellow32.2925.59 Silver 
Kevin LaVanwayEast Jordan, MIMale 21-29Wildwood RushBlue43.0668.86 S* - 
Greg LeeIndian River, MIMale 40-44Kitchen FarmsBlue30.7620.63 Silver 
Jethany LeeINDIAN RIVER, MIFemale 35-39KFB`sYellow42.6365.81 Bronze 
Ed LindquistPetoskey, MIMale 65-69Wilmot Electric IncYellow31.6222.99 Gold 
Dale LordEast Jordan, MIMale 60-64Punctuality VendingYellow37.6546.44 Bronze 
Dan MannMale 45-49Late BloomersBlue37.8548.43 T* Bronze 
Michael MatisonBoyne City, MIMale 50-54Punctuality VendingBlue31.5223.61 Silver 
William MeadeGaylord, MIMale 45-49Kitchen FarmsBlue27.859.22 Platinum 
Brandon MorrillBoyne City, MIMale 35-39Wilmot Electric IncYellow32.2325.36 Silver 
Kevin MurtaghBoyne Falls, MIMale 40-44Off ConstantlyBlue41.6263.22 S* Bronze 
Tom NeidhamerBoyne City, MIMale 60-64Greenhouse GasesBlue33.3230.67 Silver 
Bryan NewellGAYLORD, MIMale 55-59Late BloomersYellow35.8339.36 Silver 
 Paul NichollsBoyne City, MIMale 45-49Riverside TireBlue29.2114.55 Gold 
Mark O'brienMidland, MIMale 50-54Punctual VendettaYellow38.8751.19 Bronze 
Robert OlesEast Jordan, MIMale 65-69Rieth-Riley Construction CoYellow54.76112.99 S* - 
Ralph OppermannGrayling, MIMale 50-54Lange VendingBlue30.3719.10 Gold 
Bob ParkerMale 35-39Off ConstantlyBlue33.8232.63 Bronze 
Jessie PatokaFemale 21-29Punctual VendettaBlue32.7828.55 Silver 
Patrick PatokaMale 35-39Punctual VendettaBlue38.9552.75 - 
Dan PayneBoyne City, MIMale 45-49Punctual VendettaBlue31.5523.73 Silver 
John PerreaultBoyne City, MIMale 65-69Greenhouse GasesBlue37.5447.22 Silver 
Michael PrezzatoBoyne City, MIMale 50-54Sunburst MarineBlue32.3726.94 Silver 
Wendy PrezzatoBoyne City, MIMale 50-54Sunburst MarineYellow40.3757.02 - 
Adam RaphaelBoyne Falls, MIMale 30-34Off ConstantlyYellow29.9316.41 Gold 
Zack RitterBoyne City, MIMale 35-39Greenhouse GasesYellow36.5442.12 Bronze 
Arthur RobinsonBoyne City, MIMale 60-64Riverside TireBlue30.7120.43 Gold 
James RowleyVanderbilt,, MIMale 60-64Sunburst MarineBlue31.0221.65 Gold 
Katherine RowleyEast Jordan, MIFemale 21-29Wildwood RushBlue28.8913.29 Platinum 
Margaux RowleyBoyne City, MIFemale 30-34Wildwood RushBlue30.1318.16 Gold 
 Sally SandersBoyne City, MIFemale 55-59Wild Wild Women Of BC LanesBlue40.0056.86 Silver 
Carissa SchugarsTraverse City, MIFemale 40-44KFB`sBlue38.8552.35 Bronze 
Steven SellaGaylord, MIMale 50-54Skee DawgsBlue30.3218.90 Gold 
Karen ShielsTraverse City, MIFemale 45-49KFB`sBlue39.7555.88 Bronze 
Mark SloanGrayling, MIMale 55-59Lange VendingYellow34.1532.83 Silver 
Andrew SmithBoyne City, MIMale 21-29Hart FordBlue27.778.90 Platinum 
Mark SnyderCharlevoix, MIMale 50-54Pat O`Brien & AssociatesYellow30.1317.19 Gold 
Nicole SterrettCharlevoix, MIFemale 40-44Wild Wild Women Of BC LanesBlue35.0737.53 Silver 
Todd SterrettCharlevoix, MIMale 45-49Rieth-Riley Construction CoBlue36.1841.88 Bronze 
Jim StieberBoyne City, MIMale 65-69Pat O`Brien & AssociatesBlue42.0264.78 - 
Jon StigletzMale 50-54Off ConstantlyYellow33.2429.29 Silver 
Tony TibbettsGaylord, MIMale 45-49Skee DawgsYellow30.3518.05 Gold 
Tom TomaskiGaylord, MIMale 60-64Rieth-Riley Construction CoBlue35.5839.53 Silver 
Adam TylerBoyne City, MIMale 35-39Skee DawgsBlue33.0329.53 Silver 
Clare Van LaanBoyne City, MIFemale 60-64Boyne Avenue GreenhouseBlue47.2185.14 - 
Scott VanhuisHarbor Springs, MIMale 45-49Punctual VendettaYellow33.7731.35 Silver 
Jim VanOverbekeBoyne Falls, MIMale 55-59hart FordBlue36.1341.69 Silver 
Magdalena WasylewskiFemale 21-29Wild Wild Women Of BC LanesBlue36.4342.86 S* Silver 
Tyler WellmanSaginaw, MIMale 21-29Off ConstantlyBlue30.0918.00 Silver 
Brian WilmotMale 50-54Wilmot Electric IncYellow30.0616.92 Gold 
Roy WinnBoyne City, MIMale 70-74Rieth-Riley Construction CoYellow34.5934.54 Gold 
Michelle WithoeftCharlevoix, MIFemale 55-59Wild Wild Women Of BC LanesBlue36.7944.27 Silver 
Kara WittFemale 35-39Boyne BombersBlue37.3946.63 Silver 
Patrick WittRoscommon, MIMale 35-39Boyne BombersYellow32.0424.62 Silver 
Stephen WittRoscommon, MIMale 40-44Boyne BombersBlue34.6535.88 Bronze 
Allison WrightBoyne City, MIFemale 21-29Wildwood RushBlue30.5319.73 Gold 
Drue WrightBoyne City, MIMale 21-29Off ConstantlyYellow36.2841.11 S* Silver 
Russell YardleyBoyne City, MIMale 55-59Punctuality VendingBlue38.0149.06 Bronze 
John ZarembaElmira, MIMale 45-49Kitchen FarmsBlue33.3330.71 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)