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Mt. LaCrosse

Feb 19th, 2019
Tuesday Night League 5
Great Snow
Mt. LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Series: Mt La Crosse Adult League Racing
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 6
Par Time

Bert Suit
Bert Suit
Results for Feb 19th, 2019 - Tuesday Night League 5

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Dannel AdamsLa Crosse, WIMale 50-54The OptimistsBlue19.1041.90 Bronze 
Jessica AdamsLa Crosse, WIFemale 40-44The OptimistsBlue18.6938.86 Silver 
Loren AndersonLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64DarksideBlue18.0834.32 T* Gold 
Matt BaertleinWestby, WIMale 21-29GuinnessBlue16.2220.51 Silver 
Joshua BaumeisterLa Crosse, WIMale 21-29Northside RulesYellow16.2024.71 Silver 
Mike BendelStodddard, WIMale 45-49RanchBlue15.7116.72 Gold 
Thomas BriggsLa Crosse, WIMale 65-69River RocksBlue17.9433.28 Silver 
John BurelbachOnalaska, WIMale 50-54HansonsYellow27.71113.32 S* - 
Denise CarrWIFemale 50-54The OptimistsBlue25.4489.00 - 
Ben ClarkWoodbury, CTMale 21-29DarksideBlue16.0619.32 Silver 
Bryan CottrelLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49HansonsBlue18.1334.70 Silver 
Steph DicksonLa Crosse, WIFemale 40-44Northside RulesBlue18.0133.80 Gold 
Ward EvensonLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64River RocksBlue17.9933.66 Silver 
Scott FinchLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49WellsBadgerBlue15.1212.33 Platinum 
Preston FriseLa Crosse, WIMale 18-20DarksideBlue16.1620.06 Silver 
Eric GianniniLa Crosse, WIMale 35-39DarksideBlue18.2835.81 Bronze 
David GrothLa Crosse, WIMale 55-59DarksideBlue17.6731.28 Silver 
Nick HansenLa Crosse, WIMale 40-44Spotted Cow TippersBlue17.8232.39 Silver 
Craig HansonChesterfield, MOMale 55-59HansonsBlue23.2973.03 - 
Tom HansonRochester, MNMale 55-59River RocksBlue18.4437.00 Silver 
Brian HarrisLa Crosse, WIMale 50-54DarksideBlue17.5330.24 Silver 
Mark HeffernanWellesley, MAMale 60-64HansonsBlue22.0964.12 - 
Steve HendersonCoon Valley, WIMale 21-29Spotted Cow TippersBlue18.9740.94 S* Silver 
Dave HerlitzkeMale 40-44The OptimistsBlue18.8640.12 Bronze 
Gudmundsson HjaltiMale 40-44The OptimistsBlue19.0641.60 Bronze 
Roy JanzenOshkosh, WIMale 65-69DarksideBlue17.1427.34 Gold 
Charles JelenLa Crosse, WIMale 30-34ViltsowYellow21.3664.43 S* Bronze 
Dave JohnsonLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64WellsBadgerBlue15.4915.08 Platinum 
Robert JordanLa Crosse, WIMale 30-34ViltsowYellow14.9815.32 Gold 
Attila KovacsLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49WellsBadgerBlue14.809.96 Platinum 
Cristina KovacsLa Crosse, WIFemale 35-39WellsBadgerBlueDNF-  
Steve LeeWIMale 55-59River RocksYellow17.7236.41 Silver 
Deak LydenWest Salem, WIMale 40-44Northside RulesBlue17.2127.86 Silver 
Will MathyLa Crosse, WIMale 21-29River RocksBlue14.709.21 Gold 
Al McCoyLACROSSE, WIMale 55-59RanchBlue15.5715.68 Platinum 
Brady McCoyLa Crosse, WIMale 18-20RanchBlue15.2113.00 Gold 
Ellie McLooneSaint Charles, ILFemale 50-54GuinnessYellow18.8445.03 Silver 
Dave MoxnessMale 45-49DarksideBlue25.5389.67 S* - 
David NashOnalaska, WIMale 35-39Spotted Cow TippersBlue19.4844.73 Bronze 
James NeslerLa Crosse, WIMale 40-44The OptimistsBlue16.8625.26 Silver 
Edwin OverholtLa Crosse, WIMale 55-59RanchYellow15.6120.17 Gold 
Dan PaulusLa Crosse, WIMale 55-59RanchBlue15.0611.89 Platinum 
Jennifer PoelemaLa Crosse, WIFemale 45-49The OptimistsYellow21.0461.97 Bronze 
Randy PoelmaLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49ViltsowYellow15.2317.24 Gold 
Tarah RaaumOnalaska, WIFemale 35-39ViltsowBlue15.5515.53 Platinum 
Adam ReuterWIMale 21-29Spotted Cow TippersBlue21.7361.44 S* Bronze 
Conrad RivardHudson, WIMale 55-59HansonsBlue16.8925.48 Silver 
Andy SaterbakCoon Valley, WIMale 55-59RanchBlue15.2813.52 Platinum 
Tim SaterbakLa Crosse, WIMale 50-54RanchYellow15.8622.09 Gold 
August SchiniLa Crosse, WIMale 18-20RanchBlue15.1212.33 Gold 
Devin SchmidtLa Crosse, WIMale 21-29Northside RulesBlue17.9733.51 Bronze 
Kurt SchroederLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64WellsBadgerBlue15.9918.80 Gold 
Kurt SchuldesLaCrosse, WIMale 55-59WellsBadgerBlue16.0118.95 Gold 
Ryan SchultzLa Crosse, WIMale 30-34River RocksBlue15.7316.86 Gold 
Jeff SexauerLa Crosse, WIMale 40-44WellsBadgerBlue16.1319.84 Silver 
Douglas ShupeONALASKA, WIMale 55-59WellsBadgerBlue15.6015.90 Platinum 
Sharon SmiklaS. LaCrosse, WIFemale 55-59Northside RulesYellow22.1970.82 Bronze 
Dawn SummerfieldLa Crescent, MNFemale 60-64The OptimistsBlue19.5044.87 Silver 
Robin SwartzLa Crosse, WIMale 65-69WellsBadgerBlue16.8325.04 Gold 
Paul TeppOnalaska, WIMale 50-54Northside RulesBlue15.0011.44 Platinum 
Darin TopelLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49Northside RulesBlue20.8755.05 - 
Max TraneLa Crescent, WIMale 40-44The OptimistsBlue17.4129.35 Silver 
Bryce Van KleinBurnsville, MNMale 21-29Northside RulesBlue16.9726.08 Silver 
Casey WeissMale 30-34ViltsowBlue14.578.25 Platinum 
Brian WernerLa Crosse, WIMale 35-39Spotted Cow TippersBlue17.2127.86 Silver 
Brent WilkersonLa Crosse, WIMale 40-44HansonsBlue19.1442.20 S* Silver 
Travis WillsMale 45-49HansonsYellow30.48134.64 S* - 
Jenni WolkLa Crosse, WIFemale 35-39RanchBlue14.8310.18 Platinum 
Robert WolkLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49RanchYellow14.3110.16 Platinum 

T = Telemark (-13)
S = Snowboard (-20)