Race Results (2018 - 19 Season)

Pats Peak

Jan 8th, 2019
Pats Peak Corporate Race Tuesday Week 1
not provided
Pats Peak, New Hampshire

Series: Pats Peak Corporate Tuesday
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 5
Par Time

Jake Stratton
Jake Stratton
Results for Jan 8th, 2019 - Pats Peak Corporate Race Tuesday Week 1

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Cory AdamsSuncook, NHMale 30-34The Speeding DeansYellow44.19128.96 S* - 
Andrew AngioneGoffstown, NHMale 21-29SG BlackYellow24.6827.88 Silver 
Bobby ArnoldBow, NHMale 65-69Yukon JacksBlue28.0543.70 Silver 
Jim BarkerMale 60-64SG BlackYellow26.1735.60 Silver 
Christina BergeBedford, NHFemale 21-29SG RedYellow23.8823.73 Silver 
Lisa BergeBedford, NHFemale 50-54SG RedBlue26.8937.76 Gold 
Scott BillingsManchester, NHMale 55-59SG BlackBlue22.7816.70 Gold 
Bradley BodenManchester, NHMale 21-29Avalanche BreakdownBlue27.6841.80 Bronze 
Thomas BollenbachBedford, NHMale 45-49The Speeding DeansYellow27.8344.20 Bronze 
Kathleen BoltonBedford, NHFemale 21-29The Speeding DeansYellow26.2636.06 Silver 
Peter BonneauKeene, NHMale 70-74SG BlackYellow27.6843.42 Silver 
Paul BusbyAtkinson, NHMale 45-49Yukon JacksBlue24.6526.28 Silver 
Emily CarriggWeare, NHFemale 21-29The Speeding DeansYellow1:00.84215.23 S* - 
Jayme ChalogiasNottingham, NHMale 45-49Deans Of SpeedYellow36.7690.47 S* - 
Kelly CiardelliFemale 35-39Hanging OnBlue32.8968.49 - 
Ian ClarkGoffstown, NHMale 30-34Yukon JacksBlue23.7321.57 Silver 
Mark ClarkGoffstown, NHMale 60-64Yukon JacksBlue27.2139.40 Silver 
Mark CormierManchester, NHMale 55-59Bamboo CrashersYellow22.2915.49 Platinum 
Perry CraverGilford, NHMale 21-29Deans Of SpeedBlue22.1313.37 Gold 
Tom DemaraisAmherst, NHMale 60-64Tuckin TylersYellow30.4157.56 Bronze 
Ryan DesmaraisAmherst, NHMale 30-34Tuckin TylersBlue24.1723.82 Silver 
Dale DewispelaereNew London, NHMale 60-64Bamboo CrashersYellow24.0124.40 Gold 
Rob DienerWeare, NHMale 50-54Allegbro MicroboardersBlue39.56102.66 S* - 
Kiley DonohueDerry, NHFemale 21-29Gate JammersBlue39.57102.72 - 
Alfred EisenbergFrancestown, NHMale 60-64SG BlackYellow25.3631.40 Silver 
Eric FalkenhamHopkinton, NHMale 55-59Legal LimitYellow29.6553.63 Bronze 
Matthew FentrossManchester, NHMale 30-34Tuckin TylersBlue30.0854.10 - 
Ian FergusonKeene, NHMale 60-64SG RedYellow31.5463.42 - 
Thomas FilipKeene, NHMale 40-44SG RedYellow25.3931.55 Silver 
Jason FillionAmherst, NHMale 40-44Avalanche BreakdownBlue28.6046.52 Bronze 
Austen FurnessHenniker, NHMale 35-39Bamboo CrashersYellow23.7923.26 Silver 
Sean GaffneyAmherst, NHMale 50-54Legal LimitYellow26.3436.48 Silver 
Shawn GiltzMale 45-49SG BlueYellow24.4326.58 Silver 
Jay GoodellMale 35-39Bamboo CrashersYellow22.0114.04 Gold 
Greg GormanManchester, NHMale 35-39Yukon JacksYellow22.2615.34 Gold 
Jamie GranthamSalem, NHMale 35-39FSGYellow24.3626.22 Silver 
James GrussingManchester, NHMale 50-54SG BlueBlue25.6531.40 Silver 
Billy HalberstadtSomersworth, NHMale 35-39FSGYellow21.8713.32 Gold 
Keith HanatowKeene, NHMale 35-39SG RedBlue24.7927.00 Silver 
Parker HanselKeene, NHMale 70-74SG BlackYellow27.1940.88 Silver 
Michael HaynesManchester, NHMale 21-29Deans Of SpeedYellow25.8734.04 Bronze 
Drew HefflefingerNashua, NHMale 30-34Tuckin TylersBlue24.9928.02 Silver 
Bob HillMarlborough, NHMale 60-64FSGBlue22.3514.50 Platinum 
Joseph HollinsSalem, NHMale 30-34Allegbro MicroboardersBlue34.8078.28 S* - 
Marc HopkinsManchester, NHMale 35-39The Speeding DeansBlue28.9548.31 T* Bronze 
Tim HorganManchester, NHMale 30-34Tuckin TylersBlue29.0248.67 - 
Tomoya IdeManchester, NHMale 30-34Allegbro MicroboardersYellow37.1692.54 S* - 
Jason InnerfieldMale 21-29Avalanche BreakdownYellow22.8118.19 Silver 
Jerry InnerfieldWeare, NHMale 50-54Avalanche BreakdownBlue26.0833.61 Silver 
Dennis KeonHenniker, NHMale 50-54Nocturnal Ski MissionsYellow23.1820.10 Gold 
David LacosteKeene, NHMale 60-64SG BlueYellow28.7548.96 Bronze 
Steve LarmonKeene, NHMale 65-69SG BlueYellow25.2630.88 Gold 
Greg LernerAmherst, MAMale 21-29The Speeding DeansBlue22.6616.09 Silver 
Michael LorenzoNew Boston, NHMale 21-29SG BlackYellow26.2035.75 Bronze 
Kit LymanDover, NHFemale 21-29Nocturnal Ski MissionsBlue34.1675.00 S* Bronze 
Parker MalachowskyManchester, NHMale 21-29The Speeding DeansYellow53.31176.22 - 
Justin MannWarner, NHMale 40-44Nocturnal Ski MissionsYellow22.8118.19 Gold 
Callan MaynardDover, NHFemale 30-34Hanging OnYellow31.8765.13 - 
Kyle McDonaldSudbury, MAMale 21-29YUPBlue23.4119.93 Silver 
Leah McGinleyBedford, NHFemale 21-29Legal LimitYellow23.7322.95 Silver 
Kurt MeyerroseAlstead, NHMale 60-64FSGBlue22.2413.93 Platinum 
 Dan MillsNashua, NHMale 65-69Gate JammersYellow27.3641.76 Silver 
Meggie MoriartyHoneoye Falls, NYFemale 30-34Nocturnal Ski MissionsYellow29.6053.37 Bronze 
Anne MurrockPeterborough, NHFemale 55-59SG BlueBlue29.7952.61 Silver 
Mike NorrisManchester, NHMale 55-59Deans Of SpeedYellow26.1035.23 Silver 
Mark NovoConcord, NHMale 55-59Yukon JacksBlue33.1769.93 - 
Janet OgdenFemale 55-59SG RedBlue31.6462.09 Bronze 
Edward PearsallManchester, NHMale 50-54Deans Of SpeedYellow25.2630.88 Silver 
Kate PotenzaFemale 35-39Hanging OnBlue26.1433.91 Silver 
David RandChester, NHMale 55-59YUPYellow28.3847.05 Bronze 
Madhu RangaswamyNashua, NHMale 21-29Avalanche BreakdownYellow41.92117.20 S* - 
Jacqueline RheaultBow, NHFemale 45-49Nocturnal Ski MissionsYellow28.8049.22 Silver 
Wes RobichaudSandown, NHMale 55-59YUPBlue26.2734.58 Silver 
Larry RodmanBedford, NHMale 50-54Nocturnal Ski MissionsBlue23.5420.59 Gold 
Joshua SapersNatick, MAMale 21-29Deans Of SpeedBlue22.9417.52 Silver 
Ryan SerellFranconia, NHMale 21-29Deans Of SpeedYellow20.938.45 Platinum 
Pike SeveranceBedford, NHMale 35-39YUPYellow26.7238.45 Bronze 
Stephen SeversonHanover, NHMale 65-69FSGYellow23.3621.04 Gold 
Ashley SheehanConcord, NHFemale 35-39Hanging OnBlue30.5956.71 Bronze 
Greg SheehanConcord, NHMale 35-39Hanging OnBlue30.5456.45 - 
Evan ShormanManchester, NHMale 21-29Allegbro MicroboardersBlue37.8794.01 S* - 
Timoth SitorusManchester, NHMale 35-39Allegbro MicroboardersBlue43.06120.59 S* - 
Gordon SmithBedford, NHMale 60-64Tuckin TylersYellow25.5032.12 Silver 
Jeremy SmithConcord, NHMale 60-64Tuckin TylersBlue27.6441.60 Silver 
Mark SousaAmherst, NHMale 55-59Gate JammersBlue29.6451.84 Bronze 
Chip SouthgateKeene, NHMale 65-69SG BlueYellow24.7528.24 Gold 
John SpoonerWeirs Beach, NHMale 50-54Yukon JacksYellow22.1714.87 Platinum 
Michael St JeanGoffstown, NHMale 30-34FSGYellow23.1620.00 Silver 
Jordan St. PierreWilton, NHMale 30-34Gate JammersYellow36.7390.31 S* - 
Jake StrattonHenniker, NHFemale 30-34FSGBlue22.3014.24 Platinum 
Timothy SullivanDover, NHMale 35-39Hanging OnBlue29.4150.67 - 
Brad TannerConcord, NHMale 60-64Bamboo CrashersBlue23.5420.59 Gold 
James WhitakerAuburn, NHMale 65-69Bamboo CrashersYellow25.2931.04 Gold 
William WilkinsonManchester, NHMale 30-34Allegbro MicroboardersYellow35.7385.13 S* - 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)