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Mount Southington

Jan 21st, 2019
Monday night racing week 3
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The blue course Par Time has been updated due to racers earning negative handicaps.

Par Time

Results for Jan 21st, 2019 - Monday night racing week 3

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Esther AronsonAvon, CTFemale 50-54Yellow30.3834.78 Gold 
Stephen AronsonAvon, CTMale 55-59Blue30.0030.10 Silver 
Dane BaclaskiKensington, CTMale 55-59Blue24.928.07 Platinum 
Laura BlerschSouthbury, CTFemale 30-34Yellow34.2151.77 Bronze 
 Marti BruecknerWest Simsbury, CTFemale 55-59Yellow29.1429.28 Gold 
Beth CaldwellWoodbury, CTFemale 60-64Yellow33.5048.62 Silver 
Jacque CassellaMiddletown, CTMale 50-54Blue26.6515.57 Gold 
Thomas ChalkerClinton, CTMale 55-59Blue24.646.85 Platinum 
Damien ChicarilliGuilford, CTMale 40-44Blue26.3114.09 Gold 
Norbert ChurchMale 65-69Yellow35.4057.05 Bronze 
Kevin ClarkNew London, CTMale 65-69Yellow29.2529.77 Gold 
Richard Collins JrHamden, CTMale 45-49Blue25.9112.36 Platinum 
Michael ColonneseEaston, CTMale 65-69Yellow28.9328.35 Gold 
Jim CombsMarlborough, CTMale 50-54Blue25.058.63 Platinum 
John CombsScotland, CTMale 40-44Blue28.5523.81 Silver 
Colin CorboRoxbury, CTMale 40-44Blue24.445.98 Platinum 
Mary Beth CosgroveWest Hartford, CTFemale 60-64Yellow31.3739.17 Gold 
Elliot CyrHarwinton, CTMale 60-64Blue24.435.94 Platinum 
Larry DavidsonMadison, CTMale 60-64Blue1:03.83176.80 - 
Charles DenicoloMilford, CTMale 55-59Blue31.0534.65 Silver 
ZACH DEUTSCHERHamden, CTMale 30-34Blue30.9934.39 Bronze 
 Rob DexterWest Hartford, CTMale 65-69Yellow26.1115.84 Platinum 
 Flo DickieNewington, CTFemale 65-69Yellow34.5753.37 Silver 
Paul DickieNewington, CTMale 65-69Yellow27.6822.80 Gold 
 Kristian DililloClinton, CTMale 21-29Yellow23.373.68 Platinum 
Jude DimarcoFemale 60-64Yellow35.7258.47 Silver 
Charles DochertyWethersfield, MAMale 55-59Blue28.7324.59 Gold 
Kellie DochertySpringfield, MAFemale 21-29Yellow36.2360.74 - 
Joy DutraMeriden, CTFemale 50-54Yellow31.5539.97 Gold 
Tina DutraMeriden, CTFemale 21-29Yellow29.9032.65 Silver 
Arthur Dutra IIIMeriden, CTMale 55-59Yellow31.4939.71 S* Gold 
Jon FaassEast Hampton, CTMale 30-34Blue29.9229.75 Silver 
Scott FarrarEast Hartford, CTMale 55-59Yellow1:04.68186.96 S* - 
Neal FisherNewington, CTMale 60-64Blue31.6537.25 Silver 
Tim GarciaWethersfield, CTMale 55-59Yellow58.40159.09 - 
Peter GorczynskiOxford, CTMale 55-59Blue31.2335.43 Silver 
Susan GrantCTFemale 60-64Yellow33.0746.72 Silver 
 Karen GrossmanFemale 65-69Yellow35.5557.72 Silver 
Jessica HallStratford, CTFemale 30-34Yellow31.2838.78 Silver 
John HunterCromwell, CTMale 55-59Blue26.1413.36 Platinum 
Mike IskoWest Hartford, CTMale 55-59Blue32.3740.37 Silver 
Justin JetmarNorth Haven, CTMale 21-29Blue24.787.46 Platinum 
Glenn JohnsonBerlin, CTMale 55-59Blue24.948.15 Platinum 
Stuart JonesVernon, CTMale 60-64Blue23.803.21 Platinum 
Ben Kah338CTMale 55-59Blue36.3157.46 Bronze 
Ivan KapraszewskiSouthington, CTMale 35-39Blue34.1548.09 - 
Ron KapraszewskiSouthington, CTMale 70-74Yellow26.6618.28 Platinum 
Chris KellyMale 50-54Blue24.214.99 Platinum 
Robert KlingDerby, CTMale 45-49Blue33.3044.41 Bronze 
Ginny KlingaCTFemale 65-69Yellow31.8041.08 Gold 
Thomas KlingaWilton, CTMale 50-54Blue27.3018.39 Gold 
 Peter KnausKensington, CTMale 60-64Blue24.034.21 Platinum 
Rosemarie KochBristol, CTFemale 70-74Yellow42.0086.34 Bronze 
George LapeCanton, CTMale 60-64Blue31.1735.17 Silver 
Bruce LarocheBerlin, CTMale 65-69Yellow31.2238.51 Silver 
Bob LewisMale 65-69Yellow34.0150.89 Bronze 
KRIS MarshakGuilford, CTMale 50-54Blue26.2914.01 Platinum 
Ken MartinWallingford, CTMale 60-64Blue25.3810.06 Platinum 
Rich McLaughlinRedding, CTMale 60-64Blue26.7215.87 Platinum 
James Meador, JrMiddletown, CTMale 55-59Blue30.5632.52 Silver 
Richard MeinzerGlastonbury, CTMale 80-84Yellow31.9541.75 Gold 
Patricia MeyerNew Haven, CTFemale 70-74Yellow36.9663.98 Silver 
Karen MieleProspect, CTFemale 60-64Yellow35.8158.87 Silver 
Michael MisencikTrumbull, CTMale 35-39Blue23.632.47 Platinum 
Jane MollerWethersfield, CTFemale 55-59Yellow32.1842.77 Silver 
Joanne MurphyShelton, CTFemale 65-69Yellow32.6444.81 Gold 
Brenda MurrayGlastonbury, CTFemale 55-59Yellow36.8663.53 Bronze 
Heather PattersonFemale 30-34Yellow26.0815.71 Platinum 
John PaturelPlantsville, CTMale 75-79Yellow36.3361.18 Bronze 
Ted RogalaSouthington, CTMale 75-79Yellow32.2142.90 Silver 
Roger RyanMeriden, CTMale 80-84Yellow33.7149.56 Gold 
Gary ShusterPlantsville, CTMale 55-59Blue29.2026.63 Silver 
Andrew SilhavyVernon, CTMale 21-29Blue26.4814.83 Gold 
Philip SimplicioWest Hartford, CTMale 50-54Blue24.646.85 Platinum 
Daniel SlywkaSouthbury, CTMale 35-39Blue25.5410.75 Platinum 
Cindy SnowBurlington, CTFemale 55-59Yellow33.9750.71 Silver 
Ray SolaNorth Haven, CTMale 55-59Blue31.6837.38 Silver 
Carl SteinmannCroton On Hudson, NYMale 40-44Blue23.793.17 Platinum 
Dennis SutoHamden, CTMale 70-74Yellow31.6240.28 Silver 
Timothy TomaskoStratford, CTMale 55-59Blue42.4384.00 - 
Souki TsialasGuilford, CTFemale 75-79Yellow37.7667.52 Silver 
Jon Van DoreNewington, CTMale 55-59Blue23.983.99 Platinum 
Helena VitaglianoFemale 60-64Yellow34.5253.15 Silver 
Felicia WatsonEast Hampton, CTFemale 60-64Yellow32.5244.28 Silver 
 Ralph WescottRoxbury, CTMale 60-64Blue28.5023.59 Gold 
Maryann WolfeSandy Hook, CTFemale 55-59Yellow33.8250.04 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)