Race Results (2018 - 19 Season)

Wachusett Mountain

Jan 9th, 2019
Wednesday Night League - Week 2
Clear and cool - soft snow on top

Series: Wachusett Night League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Results for Jan 9th, 2019 - Wednesday Night League - Week 2

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Tony AguiarN Grafton, MAMale 30-34The George FactorBlue29.5914.56 Gold 
David AndersonWestminster, MAMale 60-64AvalancheYellow30.9217.93 Platinum 
Julie BaileyN Reading , MAFemale 40-44Jager BombersYellow40.3053.70 Bronze 
Orson BearPrinceton, MAMale 21-29Blue38.5249.13 - 
Scott BellefeuilleSpencer, MAMale 45-49Shortline SlalomBlue34.2432.56 Silver 
Michael BenoitPaxton, MAMale 55-59Paxton FireYellow44.7370.59 - 
Sven BerglundNorthboro, MAMale 55-59Zap-A-TakYellow37.7844.09 Bronze 
Deborah BibeauMarlborough, MAFemale 55-59AvalancheYellow43.5265.98 Bronze 
Lisa BohneLyndeborough, NHFemale 50-54Scary when fastBlue37.5045.18 Silver 
Brandon BoyleWestborough, MAMale 50-54Border BombersBlue40.7557.76 - 
Liam BradyUpton, MAMale 21-29ViaSat 2Yellow42.7162.89 - 
Mason BrowneAndover, MAMale 65-69Sturbridge SchussersBlue35.1135.93 Silver 
Mathew BussActon, MAMale 45-49Snow PigsYellow46.8678.72 - 
John CalladineCambridge, MAMale 55-59Yard Sale 1Blue30.0916.49 Gold 
Rob CharbonnierNatick, MAMale 35-39Shortline SlalomBlue36.4841.23 Bronze 
Rob ChesebroughHollis, NHMale 50-54Jager BombersBlue27.727.32 Platinum 
Scott ClarkMillis, MAMale 55-59The Grateful ShreddersYellow41.1056.75 Bronze 
Bill CocciSterling, MAMale 60-64AvalancheYellow36.6139.63 Silver 
Sunday ComeauRutland, MAFemale 45-49The George FactorYellow46.2776.47 - 
George ConlonMarlborough, MAMale 60-64The George FactorBlue30.0916.49 Platinum 
Kelly ConnorsLeominster, MAFemale 21-29Blue0999.99  
Jay ContePaxton, MAMale 60-64Paxton FireBlue36.9543.05 Silver 
Julia ConteFemale 55-59Paxton FireBlue35.8138.64 Gold 
Michelle CottonLeominster, MAFemale 50-54Cornerstone BankYellow36.9540.92 Silver 
Derek CribbReading, MAMale 50-54Fenn FlyersBlue33.9831.55 Silver 
John CrottyLeominster, MAMale 65-69AvalancheYellow30.7617.32 Platinum 
Julie DaltonWoburn, MAFemale 50-54Snow PigsYellow35.2434.40 Gold 
Pier DaprileMale 50-54The Grateful ShreddersBlue32.1524.47 Silver 
John DayMedfield, MAMale 40-44ShotskisBlue29.0312.39 Platinum 
Machelle DeflumeriBillerica, MAFemale 50-54Shortline SlalomBlue37.1843.94 Silver 
Laura DemastrieN Brookfield, MAFemale 30-34Sturbridge SchussersYellow36.4839.13 Silver 
Michael DibuduoMarlborough, MAMale 21-29ViaSat 2Blue41.7161.48 - 
Jay DimareHopkinton, MAMale 55-59Yard Sale 2Blue35.1436.04 Silver 
Michelle DonohuePaxton, MAFemale 60-64Cornerstone BankYellow44.4169.37 Bronze 
Greg DoucetteMaynard, MAMale 55-59Border BombersYellow34.1130.09 Silver 
 Jeff DriesGroton, MAMale 55-59Scary when fastYellow30.8117.51 Gold 
David DuaneMaynard, MAMale 50-54Fenn FlyersYellow39.1749.39 T* Silver 
Heather EganSturbridge, MAFemale 45-49Sturbridge SchussersYellow33.1226.32 Gold 
John EstesMale 21-29Yard Sale 2Blue35.7138.25 Bronze 
Dave EyermanWayland, MAMale 40-44ShotskisYellow29.9814.34 Gold 
Tim FatcheriePrinceton, MAMale 50-5430 Seconds to BarYellowDNF-  
Michael FlemingWorcester, MAMale 35-39The YahoosBlue29.9315.87 Gold 
Richard ForsterMarlborough, MAMale 55-59Gate CrashersBlue32.2024.66 Gold 
Jeremy FunkhouserHudson, MAMale 30-34Gate CrashersYellow32.8025.10 Silver 
Mick GarsideGroton, MAMale 50-54Scary when fastYellow35.4135.05 Silver 
Steve GayAshby, MAMale 60-64Border BombersBlue36.4741.19 Silver 
Susan GlaeserLondonderry, NHFemale 35-39Border BombersBlue36.6741.97 Silver 
Jack GriffinBolton, MAMale 45-49Jager BombersBlue32.1224.35 Silver 
Doria HabibWatertown, MAFemale 35-39ShotskisBlue31.9423.65 Gold 
Jim HamiltonArlington, MAMale 55-59Snow PigsYellow30.3715.83 Platinum 
John HannaChelsmford, MAMale 50-54Snow PigsBlue40.7957.92 - 
Margaret HarrisWaltham, MAFemale 21-29Yard Sale 2Blue40.9258.42 - 
Michael HaufMarlborough, MAMale 21-29ViaSat 2Yellow46.6377.84 - 
Mona HayesPaxton, MAFemale 60-64Paxton FireYellow46.5777.61 Bronze 
Adam HolubAyer, MAMale 21-29Zap-A-TakBlue31.0220.09 Silver 
Bruce HolzrichterBelmont, MAMale 45-49Snow PigsBlue38.9650.83 - 
Julia HorganPepperell, MAFemale 55-59Team ExtremeBlue31.5722.22 Platinum 
Chris HoteBelmont, MAMale 50-54Team ExtremeBlue28.8111.54 Platinum 
Jill HuggettN Grafton, MAFemale 50-54Fenn FlyersYellow57.12117.85 - 
Lukas HunkerWestford, MAMale 21-29ViaSat 1Yellow44.0568.00 - 
John KennedyWorcester, MAMale 55-59Gate CrashersYellow35.4335.13 Silver 
Marjorie KilgusClinton, MAFemale 65-69Jager BombersBlue42.1863.30 Silver 
Robert KilgusVail, COMale 35-39Jager BombersBlue29.4013.82 Gold 
Earl KishidaRockport, MAMale 70-74Sturbridge SchussersBlue36.1539.95 Silver 
Gary LabellPrinceton, MAMale 65-69AvalancheYellow36.5939.55 Silver 
Denise LapierreActon, MAFemale 40-44Snow PigsBlue42.9666.32 Bronze 
Colby LaroqueMillbury, MAMale 35-39The YahoosYellow31.5020.14 Silver 
Keith LeblancThompson, CTMale 30-34Gate CrashersYellow48.3584.40 S* - 
Cameron LewisMAMale 21-29The George FactorYellow41.5258.35 - 
Michael LucasWalpole, MAMale 50-54Yard Sale 1Blue28.8311.61 Platinum 
Jeff LussierLancaster, MAMale 35-39The YahoosYellow31.8621.51 Silver 
Steve MacKowiakGardner, MAMale 50-54Zap-A-TakBlue32.0324.00 Silver 
Mike MaddenSterling, MAMale 21-29The George FactorBlue34.7334.46 Bronze 
Evelyn MannChelsford, MAFemale 50-54Team WilderBlue55.76115.87 - 
Rick MayoN. Chelmsford, MAMale 60-64Team ExtremeYellow30.5216.40 Platinum 
THOMAS MCCOLELEOMINSTER, MAMale 60-64The YahoosBlue36.0039.37 Silver 
Greg McConnellUpton, MAMale 21-29ViaSat 1Blue40.7057.57 - 
Bill McGowanNorthbridge, MAMale 55-5930 Seconds to BarYellow35.4535.20 Silver 
John McNaboeLeicester, MAMale 60-64Cornerstone BankBlue32.8827.29 Gold 
Sinead McNaboeLeicester, MAFemale 21-29Cornerstone BankBlue31.8223.19 Silver 
Dave MichaelNewton, MAMale 55-59Team ExtremeBlue29.9315.87 Platinum 
John MullenActon, MAMale 65-6930 Seconds to BarBlue34.3633.02 Silver 
George MumfordDover, MAMale 55-59Team WilderYellow39.4050.27 Bronze 
Christine MurnerShrewsbury, MAFemale 55-59Team WilderBlue49.0089.70 - 
Claudio PawlowiczWorcester, MAMale 50-54Zap-A-TakYellow45.7474.45 S* Bronze 
Laurie PayneMillis, MAFemale 50-54The Grateful ShreddersYellow41.6959.00 Bronze 
Melissa PlakydaMarlborough, MAFemale 21-29ViaSat 2Blue1:06.69158.19 - 
Nadine PriceFitchburg, MAFemale 60-64Yard Sale 1Yellow30.9217.93 Platinum 
Michael QuinkLeicester, MAMale 55-59Cornerstone BankBlue32.6126.25 Silver 
Kevin QuinnPaxton, MAMale 60-64Paxton FireYellow33.8629.14 Silver 
Bill RobitailleNatick, MAMale 55-59Shortline SlalomBlue40.8057.96 Bronze 
Keri RousseauTempleton, MAFemale 35-39ViaSat 1Yellow42.6362.59 Bronze 
Terri SchneiderWestminster, MAFemale 50-54AvalancheBlue41.4960.63 Bronze 
Tracie ScottWoodstock, CTFemale 50-54Gate CrashersYellow41.4157.93 Bronze 
Sean SerellBolton, MAMale 30-34ShotskisBlue26.673.25 Platinum 
 Kyle SheffieldCambridge, MAMale 40-44ShotskisBlue27.365.92 Platinum 
Steve SoucyBoylston, MAMale 45-4930 Seconds to BarYellow35.0633.71 Silver 
Rob StandleyActon, MAMale 45-49Yard Sale 1Blue28.7211.19 Platinum 
Michael TiltonNATICK, MAMale 60-64Shortline SlalomBlue30.0016.14 Platinum 
Jay TruchonMillis, MAMale 50-54The Grateful ShreddersYellow33.3627.23 Silver 
Bob VickowskiGardner, MAMale 55-59Finish LineBlue29.6214.67 Platinum 
Tobias WaltherNeedham, MAMale 45-49Team WilderBlue29.7315.10 Gold 
Alicia WeaverLeominster, MAFemale 50-54Finish LineBlue37.7746.23 Silver 
Ken WeaverLeominster, MAMale 50-54Finish LineYellow33.1026.24 Silver 
Keegan WilletteMansfield, MAFemale 30-34ShotskisYellow30.4416.09 Gold 
Carrie WilsonLancaster, MAFemale 35-39The YahoosBlue44.4972.24 - 
Jon WineMillis, MAMale 50-54The Grateful ShreddersYellow31.6920.86 Gold 
Robert WoodsideRINDGE, NHMale 65-69Scary when fastBlue32.1124.31 Gold 
Monica YementesGardner, MAFemale 55-59Finish LineYellow42.1460.72 Bronze 
Bob YoungFITCHBURG, MAMale 70-74Sturbridge SchussersBlue45.0274.29 - 
Betty YuQuincy, MAFemale 35-39The YahoosYellow59.00125.02 - 
Leanne ZeccoOakham, MAFemale 30-34ViaSat 1Yellow38.6047.22 Bronze 
Don ZereskiShrewsbury, MAMale 50-54Yard Sale 1Blue29.5314.32 Platinum 

T = Telemark (-13)
S = Snowboard (-20)