Race Results (2018 - 19 Season)

Jan 6th, 2019
NASTAR Open 1-6-19
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Par Time

Results for Jan 6th, 2019 - NASTAR Open 1-6-19

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Dano AlexanderThe White OutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow43.4120.18 Gold 
Armond AndersonPortland, ORRattitudesNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow49.1936.18 Silver 
Violet AndersonLake Oswego, ORAvalanche ExpressNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue43.8123.83 Platinum 
Christian BennettRagnar`s Rangers TwoNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue40.1313.43 Gold 
Gunther BergnerThe Dalles, ORMixed NutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow37.935.01 Platinum 
Aliza BigbeeMilwaukie, ORBlue3:37.43514.56 - 
Kyle BigbeeMilwaukie, ORAvalanche ExpressNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue46.0830.24 Silver 
Brian BogatinBeaverton, ORRuttin` RatsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow39.709.91 Platinum 
Payton BogatinNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow42.5917.91 Platinum 
Addie ButlerYellow43.4320.24 Gold 
Travis ButlerPortland, ORRagnar`s Rangers ThreeNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow43.1419.44 Gold 
Tim CaytonSilverton, ORSchnee RattenNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow44.3622.81 Platinum 
Steve ClaussenRagnar`s Rangers OneBlue44.2224.99 Gold 
Althea CollinsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow55.3653.27 Bronze 
Evan CollinsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow1:50.66206.37 - 
Jane CollinsTakoma Park, MDNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue1:16.18115.32 - 
Scott CollinsPortland, ORNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow39.499.33 Platinum 
Vivian CollinsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow58.1460.96 Silver 
Mark ConanLake Oswego, ORRagnar`s Rangers OneNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow43.7921.23 Gold 
Greg CoulterTroutdale, ORVertigo MadnessNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow42.6518.08 Gold 
Mark CrawfordNWXventureNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow48.4334.08 Silver 
Michael DemshkiPortland, OregRagnar`s Rangers ThreeNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue48.9238.27 Silver 
Peter DoddPortland, ORRuttin` RatsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellowDNF-  
Ella DonahueNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue59.0666.93 Bronze 
Mia DonahueNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue1:00.6671.45 Bronze 
Dennis DriesOR, ORThe Beer DennersNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow41.6115.20 Gold 
Greg EstellVancouver, WARagnar`s Rangers TwoNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue46.8532.42 Silver 
Kristi FlemingPORTLAND, ORMixed NutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue1:00.3770.63 - 
Samy FoutsPortland, ORMixed NutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue54.2853.42 Silver 
Robert GalassoSchnee RattenNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow40.5912.38 Platinum 
Farzin GhezelPortland, ORRattitudesNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow43.3119.91 Platinum 
Jeff GrieseMilwaukie, ORRagnar`s Rangers ThreeNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow49.0735.85 Silver 
Jamie HarwoodLake OSwego, ORThe White OutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow53.6848.62 Silver 
Mark HaskinsVancouver, WARattitudesNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow47.3531.09 Silver 
Andrew HobartPortland, ORMixed NutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow44.8124.06 Silver 
Chuck HowardMt. HoodlumsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue46.5931.68 Gold 
Damolly IzerNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow43.9121.57 Gold 
Alice JackletPortland, ORRacy BratsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue50.2642.06 Platinum 
Ward JagelsLyle, WAAwesome tAlesNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow39.238.61 Platinum 
Neal JapportRuttin` RatsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue1:03.6779.96 - 
Christopher JonesPortland, ORRagnar`s Rangers OneNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue48.3636.69 Silver 
Chris KafkaLake Oswego, ORNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow37.012.46 Platinum 
Melinda KaiSandy, ORVertigo MadnessNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue47.6134.57 Gold 
Debbie KitchinPortland, ORRacy BratsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow54.6951.41 Silver 
Bob LawrenceTualatin, ORRuttin` RatsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow43.6920.96 Gold 
Mike LongSilverton, ORRagnar`s Rangers TwoNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow46.0727.55 Silver 
Sam LoosThe Beer DennersNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow42.5617.83 Silver 
Ken LuckettNWXventureNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue47.5934.51 Silver 
Paul LyshaugPortland, ORMoose On The LooseNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow39.8810.41 Platinum 
Dan MancusoGovernment Camp, ORNWXventureNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow48.2433.55 Silver 
David MaynardBoring, ORThe Beer DennersNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue55.8157.74 S* Bronze 
Bob McCallSan Diego, CARagnar`s Rangers OneNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellowDNF-  
 Dave MillsVancouver, WAMoose On The LooseNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow48.3133.75 Silver 
Breanne MortonSandy, ORThe Beer DennersNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow40.2911.54 Platinum 
Marina NimmoCorvallis, ORRagnar`s Rangers OneNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow44.1022.09 Silver 
John OreficeVancouver, WARuttin` RatsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue49.2139.09 Silver 
Allan ParaskevaHillsboro, ORAwesome tAlesNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow51.2041.75 Silver 
Beth ParaskevaHillsboro, ORRattitudesNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow48.7234.88 Gold 
Bruce ParshallPortland, ORRuttin` RatsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow41.9216.06 Gold 
Dale ParshallFairview, ORSchnee RattenNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue39.8312.58 Platinum 
Jason PeckSchnee RattenNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow41.3114.37 Gold 
Kaitlyn PeckNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow58.6762.43 Silver 
Mike PeckSchnee RattenNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue38.097.66 Platinum 
Steve PedersonRattitudesNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow51.9743.88 Silver 
Barb PressentinPortland, ORThe White OutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow45.0124.61 Platinum 
Izabel RaabNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue45.3728.24 Silver 
Jonathan Rogers Ragnar`s Rangers TwoNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow44.7823.98 Silver 
Ryan RooperRagnar`s Rangers OneNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow41.3614.51 Platinum 
Steve SarichPortland, ORRagnar`s Rangers TwoNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow37.754.51 Platinum 
Duane SmelserNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow39.338.89 Platinum 
Mark StanfordPortland, ORAvalanche ExpressNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow42.0816.50 Gold 
Tod StathisLake Oswego, ORNWXventureNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow1:13.59103.74 - 
Paige StoyerNWXventureNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow1:12.81101.61 S* - 
Geddy TarbellRagnar`s Rangers ThreeNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow41.2914.31 Gold 
Kieffer TarbellGresham, ORRagnar`s Rangers ThreeNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow40.0910.99 Platinum 
 Brad TollefsonDallas, ORAwesome tAlesNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue43.0621.71 Gold 
Dave TrulsenRhododendron, ORMixed NutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow51.8443.52 Silver 
Jill TrulsenWelches, ORMixed NutsNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue51.9946.95 Gold 
Kayla VandecoeveringPortland, ORNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue43.6723.43 Gold 
Sandra VolkPortland, ORAvalanche ExpressNorthwest Ski Club CounselYellow54.0849.72 Silver 
Michael ZevelyNWXventureNorthwest Ski Club CounselBlue48.9738.41 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)