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Feb 2nd, 2018
FSA Mens Challenge Alpine
Sunny and Clear
Mens on course 3-5

Par Time

Results for Feb 2nd, 2018 - FSA Mens Challenge Alpine

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Age & Gender
 Richard WhiteINDEPENDENCE, MO6-KCSBlue23.7314.86 Platinum best
      Yellow23.7914.87 Platinum 
Tom StarrLincoln, NE2-CRNBlue27.2631.95 Silver best
Rich WellsAspen, CO3-OKCYellow27.4432.50 Silver best
Tom StarrLincoln, NE2-CRNYellow28.0135.25 Silver 
Russell ParkerOklahoma City, OK3-OKCYellow28.8839.45 Silver best
Rich WellsAspen, CO3-OKCBlue28.9840.27 Silver 
Gary JonesOklahoma City, OK3-OKCYellow29.5742.78 Silver best
Russell ParkerOklahoma City, OK3-OKCBlue29.5042.79 Silver 
Philip BintzNeola, IA7-OMHBlue29.6043.27 Bronze best
      Yellow29.7243.51 Bronze 
Gary JonesOklahoma City, OK3-OKCBlue29.6643.56 Bronze 
Brad WellsSeattle, WA3-OKCBlue32.4056.82 Bronze best
Brian HendryEdmond, OK3-OKCYellow33.0059.34 - best
Henry RohlaMilligan, NE2-CRNYellow33.5562.00 - best
Brad WellsSeattle, WA3-OKCYellow33.9063.69 - 
Brian HendryEdmond, OK3-OKCBlue34.2765.88 - 
John RybczykDallas, TX3-OKCYellow34.9768.86 - best
Henry RohlaMilligan, NE2-CRNBlue35.2170.43 - 
Larry AckerDuncan, OK3-OKCYellow35.6372.04 - best
      Blue36.7177.69 - 
John RybczykDallas, TX3-OKCBlue36.7777.98 - 
Dave SchoneweisTulsa, OK5-TLSBlue39.8392.79 - best
Mark RybczykBellingham, WA3-OKCBlue40.5296.13 - best
      Yellow42.28104.15 - 
Joseph BauerRock Hill, MO1-STLYellow45.22118.35 - best
      Blue46.63125.70 - 
Dave SchoneweisTulsa, OK5-TLSYellow47.30128.39 - 
Gary GarlandEdmond, OK3-OKCYellow25.2722.02 Gold best
Robert RussoEast Troy, WI5-TLSYellow25.5023.13 Gold best
      Blue25.8725.22 Gold 
Gary GarlandEdmond, OK3-OKCBlue26.3627.59 Gold 
Michael WilliamsLincoln, NE2-CRNBlue26.9630.49 Silver best
      Yellow27.1230.95 Silver 
Henry LewisBlanchard, OK3-OKCYellow27.9234.81 Silver best
Richard RussoAda, MI5-TLSYellow28.4437.32 Silver best
Chris Gavin5-TLSYellow28.4737.47 S* Silver best
James CarpenterTulsa, OK5-TLSBlue28.7138.96 Silver best
Chris Gavin5-TLSBlue28.9039.88 S* Silver 
Henry LewisBlanchard, OK3-OKCBlue28.9740.22 Silver 
Richard RussoAda, MI5-TLSBlue29.6743.61 Silver 
Tim DealOklahoma City, OK3-OKCYellow30.0645.15 Silver best
Jack KeltzWichita, KS4-WCHYellow30.2746.16 Bronze best
James CarpenterTulsa, OK5-TLSYellow30.8048.72 Bronze 
Tim DealOklahoma City, OK3-OKCBlue31.2551.26 Bronze 
Jack KeltzWichita, KS4-WCHBlue31.5052.47 Bronze 
Ruben SalinasDenton, TX3-OKCYellow31.8953.98 Bronze best
Donnie TrivittOklahoma City, OK3-OKCYellow32.1055.00 Bronze best
John SundbergStromsburg , NE2-CRNYellow32.5757.27 Bronze best
Mark SchulerColumbia, IL1-STLYellow32.6357.56 Bronze best
Ruben SalinasDenton, TX3-OKCBlue32.8759.10 Bronze 
Donnie TrivittOklahoma City, OK3-OKCBlue33.1260.31 Bronze 
John SundbergStromsburg , NE2-CRNBlue33.2861.08 Bronze 
Mark SchulerColumbia, IL1-STLBlue33.6062.63 - 
Richard ParrishShawnee, KS6-KCSYellow33.9363.83 - best
Bruce SnyderLincoln, NE2-CRNYellow34.0964.61 - best
Richard ParrishShawnee, KS6-KCSBlue34.2065.54 - 
Richard WattsGlenpool, OK5-TLSYellow34.3565.86 - best
Lance GockelShawnee, KS6-KCSYellow34.8068.03 - best
      Blue34.7868.34 - 
Mark GrantHaskell, OK5-TLSYellow34.9168.57 - best
Len SzmurloDillion, CO7-OMHYellow35.4271.03 - best
      Blue35.7372.94 - 
Ron AckerFarmington, MO1-STLBlue35.8773.62 - best
Bruce SnyderLincoln, NE2-CRNBlue35.8773.62 - 
Ron AckerFarmington, MO1-STLYellow36.2775.13 - 
Richard WattsGlenpool, OK5-TLSBlue36.5576.91 - 
Mark GrantHaskell, OK5-TLSBlue36.9878.99 - 
J. Glenn WalkerOklahoma City, OK3-OKCBlue37.2680.35 - best
      Yellow37.4580.83 - 
Mike HensleyEdmond, OK5-TLSBlue40.1294.19 - best
Rick MillerKearney, MO6-KCSBlue42.45105.47 - best
Roger RufenachtWichita, KS4-WCHBlue42.70106.68 - best
      Yellow44.09112.89 - 
Rick MillerKearney, MO6-KCSYellow44.12113.04 - 
Mike HensleyEdmond, OK5-TLSYellow44.25113.66 - 
Al GonzalesBelton, MO6-KCSBlue25.1821.88 Gold best
      Yellow26.6228.54 Gold 
 Charles BockhornSalina, KS6-KCSBlue27.0030.69 Gold best
      Yellow27.2231.43 Gold 
Scott BranumWichita, KS6-KCSBlue28.7138.96 Silver best
      Yellow28.9939.98 Silver 
Lynn DavidSt. Louis, MO1-STLYellow30.0244.95 Silver best
      Blue29.9645.01 Silver 
John SedlakLincoln, NE2-CRNYellow31.1150.22 Bronze best
Steve MeyerLincoln, NE2-CRNYellow32.5657.22 Bronze best
Simon LewisFrisco, CO7-OMHYellow32.8158.43 Bronze best
John SedlakLincoln, NE2-CRNBlue32.9359.39 Bronze 
Rocky BondegardYork, NE2-CRNYellow33.3961.23 Bronze best
Steve MeyerLincoln, NE2-CRNBlue33.5062.15 Bronze 
Vance PetersonOmaha, NE7-OMHYellow33.7963.16 Bronze best
Rocky BondegardYork, NE2-CRNBlue33.7763.46 Bronze 
Elias WaltersOklahoma City, OK3-OKCYellow33.9563.93 Bronze best
Ed FarmerMansfield, TX3-OKCYellow34.1865.04 - best
Simon LewisFrisco, CO7-OMHBlue34.1865.44 - 
Craig LofgreenLees Summit, MO6-KCSBlue34.2365.68 - best
Vance PetersonOmaha, NE7-OMHBlue34.2665.83 - 
Ed FarmerMansfield, TX3-OKCBlue34.4166.55 - 
Elias WaltersOklahoma City, OK3-OKCBlue35.2470.57 - 
Gary AndersonTulsa, OK5-TLSBlue35.6172.36 - best
      Yellow36.0774.17 - 
Jim LollisOlathe, KS6-KCSBlue36.1274.83 - best
      Yellow37.2479.82 - 
Larry MichenheimerHannibal, MO1-STLBlue37.5581.75 - best
Phillip WiltfongTulsa, OK5-TLSYellow37.8782.86 - best
      Blue38.8187.85 - 
John SielerTulsa, OK5-TLSYellow39.5791.07 - best
David BurdenGlenwood, IA7-OMHBlue41.34100.10 - best
John SielerTulsa, OK5-TLSBlue43.43110.21 - 
David BurdenGlenwood, IA7-OMHYellow49.63139.64 - 
Larry MichenheimerHannibal, MO1-STLYellowDNF-  
Joe BlakelyLincoln, NE2-CRNBlueDSQ-  best
Craig LofgreenLees Summit, MO6-KCSYellowDSQ-  
Richard WilsonSaint Louis, MO6-KCSYellow28.1736.02 Silver best
Bill NeesLenexa, KS6-KCSYellow28.2836.55 Silver best
Richard WilsonSaint Louis, MO6-KCSBlue28.5738.29 Silver 
Bill NeesLenexa, KS6-KCSBlue28.7239.01 Silver 
Harold BertOverland Park, KS6-KCSBlue29.7443.95 Silver best
      Yellow29.9744.71 Silver 
Hollis AndersonLincoln, NE2-CRNYellow32.6857.80 Bronze best
      Blue33.2761.04 Bronze 
Bernd FrazierWichita, Ks4-WCHYellow34.0264.27 Bronze best
      Blue34.6367.62 - 
Roy SensintaffarOwasso, OK5-TLSYellow35.1169.53 - best
Steve AdlerOklahoma City, OK3-OKCYellow35.4771.27 - best
Jim CrookLincoln, NE2-CRNYellow36.9778.51 - best
Steve AdlerOklahoma City, OK3-OKCBlue37.9683.74 - 
Kenneth HowellLincoln, NE2-CRNYellow38.2284.55 - best
Vic PinedaBallwin, MO1-STLYellow38.2284.55 - best
Jim CrookLincoln, NE2-CRNBlue38.1484.61 - 
Roy SensintaffarOwasso, OK5-TLSBlue38.3185.43 - 
Kenneth HowellLincoln, NE2-CRNBlue39.1489.45 - 
Vic PinedaBallwin, MO1-STLBlue39.9293.22 - 
 Thom Norbury6-KCSYellow29.9544.62 Silver best
      Blue30.0045.21 Silver 
Herbert SchnoetzingerWichita, KS4-WCHYellow30.3246.40 Silver best
Charles WoodWashington, OK3-OKCBlue30.3246.76 Silver best
Herbert SchnoetzingerWichita, KS4-WCHBlue31.6253.05 Silver 
Charles WoodWashington, OK3-OKCYellow31.7153.11 Silver 
John HeimanSt Louis, MO1-STLBlue33.0860.12 Bronze best
      Yellow33.3260.89 Bronze 
Lee BenestTulsa, OK5-TLSBlue36.0574.49 - best
      Yellow36.6677.02 - 
Larry Caldwell2-CRNBlue37.5781.85 - best
Ross GreathouseLincoln, NE2-CRNBlue39.5691.48 - best
Elvin SiebertOmaha, NE7-OMHYellow41.0998.41 - best
Ross GreathouseLincoln, NE2-CRNYellow41.46100.19 - 
Larry Caldwell2-CRNYellow42.89107.10 - 
Elvin SiebertOmaha, NE7-OMHBlue45.04118.01 - 
Wayne SimpsonLincoln, NE2-CRNYellow29.9944.81 Gold best
      Blue30.4947.58 Gold 
David CamperLincoln, NE2-CRNBlue37.5681.80 Bronze best
      Yellow38.1784.31 - 
Frank SommerTulsa, OK5-TLSBlue38.7887.71 - best

S = Snowboard (-20)