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Mar 11th, 2020
Ski League Race

Results for Mar 11th, 2020 - Ski League Race

CompetitorHometownQualifying GroupHandicap      ResultAdj. Time
Heather LouzonIronwood, MI35 to 39 Bronze49.780    
Mary LaHaieTomahawk, WI70 to 74 Gold52.130    
Annette BurchellIronwood, MI55 to 59 Gold33.030    
Erin EnglishAshland, WI55 to 59 Silver41.120    
Karen MullineuxWakefield, MI60 to 64 Gold39.730    
Pam FitzgeraldIronwood, MI65 to 69 Gold42.360    
Susan BarretteWakefield, MI60 to 64 Platinum28.100    
Mollie JacobsWashburn, WI40 to 44 Platinum18.480    
Angela HeifortBayfield, WI40 to 44 Gold31.640    
CompetitorHometownQualifying GroupHandicap      ResultAdj. Time
Chip MullineuxKennan, WI60 to 64 Silver31.930    
Klaus BuschallaMontreal, WI65 to 69 Gold20.630    
Paul CarlsonPresque Isle, WI70 to 74 Silver43.850    
Greer FitzgeraldIronwood, MI60 to 64 Silver33.600    
Mike BegalleIronwood, MI50 to 54 Silver26.180    
Eric FittingIronwood, MI35 to 39 Silver22.500    
John MacLeodBessemer, MI45 to 49 Bronze35.040    
Jerry LuedtkeMiddleton, WI70 to 74 Bronze55.190    
Barry JacobsWashburn, WI55 to 59 Platinum11.350    
Bradley KuszIronwood, MI45 to 49 Silver24.460    
Matthew AnichAshland, WI65 to 69 Bronze56.730    
Bill Leaky65 to 69 Gold29.680    
Tom BerquistBessemer, MI55 to 59 Platinum11.540    
David AhoHurley, WI55 to 59 Platinum12.780    
Cody MukavitzIronwood, MI21 to 29 Gold9.530    
Tony MukavitzIronwood, MI55 to 59 Silver27.290    
Robert SharpWashburn, WI75 to 79 Gold27.670    
Bill PetersonBayfield, WI65 to 69 Silver38.920    
Enrico Braucher55 to 59 Platinum10.290    
Robert BurchellIronwood, MI55 to 59 Platinum10.530    
Keith TippettIronwood, MI40 to 44 Gold16.800