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Team Results
Resort Team - WISP Resort
(65 competitors in team)
2014 - 15 Season
Team Ranking = 47 out of 47 teams / Team Score = 0.221 / Total Team Points = 4.420
2013 - 14 Season
Team Ranking = 70 out of 129 teams / Team Score = 8.658 / Total Team Points = 217.290
2012 - 13 Season
Team Ranking = 82 out of 189 teams / Team Score = 7.735 / Total Team Points = 150.840
2011 - 12 Season
Team Ranking = 90 out of 205 teams / Team Score = 7.563 / Total Team Points = 165.150
2010 - 11 Season
Team Ranking = 83 out of 211 teams / Team Score = 8.733 / Total Team Points = 275.460
2009 - 10 Season
Team Ranking = 86 out of 149 teams / Team Score = 7.466 / Total Team Points = 168.700
2008 - 09 Season
Team Ranking = 124 out of 137 teams / Team Score = 1.145 / Total Team Points = 17.180

Currently Sorted by Team Points
[Sort by Name]
Registration #        Competitor days raced   Hometown/State    Team Points
LAN692  Mike (Geronimo) Lanier  1 Accokeek, MD4.42 
AND1817  Eric Anderson   Swanton, MD 
BAG178  Seth Evan E Bagley   Frostburg, MD 
BEL1399  Henry Belusa   Chatham, NJ 
BER770  Derek J Berger   McHenry, MD 
BRO5515  J.L. Brown   Morgantown, WV 
BRU720  Thomas L Bruno   Timonium, MD 
CIM70  Matt Ciminelli   Lothian, MD 
SIM2045  Nicole Ciminelli   Lothian, MD 
CIM64  Paulette Ciminelli   Lothian, MD 
CIM65  Sean Ciminelli   Lothian, MD 
CON2637  Kate R Conlan   Bethesda, MD 
CON2642  Noah Conlan   Bethesda, MD 
CRU143  ian "flyin" cruz   Gaithersburg, MD 
EVE373  Drew Evensen   Towson, MD 
FAL592  Michael Falter   Cumberland, MD 
FOL467  Abe J Folmsbee   Accident, MD 
GET180  Jesse J Getson   Cumberland, MD 
GRE1779  Steve G Green   McHenry, MD 
GRE3733  Jackie Greene   Washington, DC 
HAN2492  Elizabeth Hancock   Ashburn, VA 
HAR1421  Alex Hardwick   Towson, MD 
HAR5295  Paul Hart   Albright, WV 
HEN2006  Andy Henry   Deep Creek Lake, MD 
HER1768  Joe Herbert   Timonium, MD 
JAC2018  Carol Jacobs   McHenry, MD 
JAC2141  Jaclyn Jacobs   McHenry, MD 
JAC2019  Lauren Jacobs   McHenry, MD 
JAC2156  Parker S Jacobs   McHenry, MD 
JOH4130  Brandon Johnson   Mc Henry, MD 
KEL2886  Jacquelyn D Kelley   Woodbridge, VA 
KIN1784  Caroline Kinnard   Brinklow, MD 
KIN1772  Elizabeth A Kinnard   Brinklow, MD 
KIN1771  Matthew J Kinnard   Brinklow, MD 
KIN1770  Richard D Kinnard   Brinklow, MD 
LOW617  Jack Lowe   Hunt Vally, MD 
LYN523  Colin P Lynch   Swanton, MD 
MAS1235  Noelle Mason    
MOR4253  Gregory Morris   Dayton, MD 
ODO300  Colleen ODonnell   Rockville, MD 
ODO317  Nikki ODonnell   Rockville, MD 
ODO299  Ted ODonnell   Rockville, MD 
ORE151  Alexandra Orenstein   Washington, DC 
ORE149  Jacob Orenstein   Washington, DC 
ORE150  Josh Orenstein   Washington, DC 
QUI902  Jay Quinn   Oakland, MD 
REC135  Eric J Recker   McHenry, MD 
REC230  Vava Recker   Oakland, MD 
REH83  Madison L Rehak   Fallston, MD 
ROU262  Greg D Rouse   Mchenry, MD 
SAV428  Elyzabeth R Savage   Swanton, MD 
SPR550  Chris Sprecher   Reston, VA 
STR2129  Adam C Strayton   Mount Airy, MD 
WAG424  John Wagner   OAKLAND, MD 
WES384  Marylyn V Westervelt   Silver Spring, MD 
WIL5503  Ashley Wilhelm   Woodstock, MD 
WIL5501  Gary Wilhelm   Woodstock, MD 
WIL6022  Lindsay Wilhelm   Woodstock, MD 
WIL6021  Vicki Wilhelm   Woodstock, MD 
WOO1301  Jillian N Wood   McHenry, MD 
WOO1256  Jim Wood   McHenry, MD 
WOR452  Emma Workman   Phoenix, MD 
WOR403  Todd Workman   Phoenix, MD 

Teams are scored based on a team point average. Team members score points for their team based on the best handicap they earn during the season. Only the top point gainers from each team will be used to score points for their team (6 for Family/Friends Teams, 15 for Club Teams, 20 for Resort Teams). The number of team points earned by these top point gainers are added together and divided by the number of top point gainers (6, 15 or 20) to get the Team Score. In the event of a tie, the team with the most total team points earned during the season will win.

The NASTAR Handicap Chart shows the handicap needed in each age & gender category to earn a particular number of team points. Click here to view the NASTAR Handicap Chart. The number of team points indicated on the chart is a range. Since team points are interpolated, the exact number of team points you earn will be within this range. If you are one of the top point gainers for your team, the exact number of team points you score for your team is indicated on your Team Race Record.