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Team Results
Resort Team - Ski Sundown
(391 competitors in team)
2013 - 14 Season
Team Ranking = 43 out of 129 teams / Team Score = 9.679 / Total Team Points = 1141.360
2012 - 13 Season
Team Ranking = 20 out of 189 teams / Team Score = 9.791 / Total Team Points = 700.820
2011 - 12 Season
Team Ranking = 31 out of 205 teams / Team Score = 9.430 / Total Team Points = 679.780
2010 - 11 Season
Team Ranking = 53 out of 211 teams / Team Score = 9.314 / Total Team Points = 741.950
2009 - 10 Season
Team Ranking = 46 out of 149 teams / Team Score = 9.321 / Total Team Points = 632.130
2008 - 09 Season
Team Ranking = 41 out of 137 teams / Team Score = 9.406 / Total Team Points = 612.060
2007 - 08 Season
Team Ranking = 42 out of 118 teams / Team Score = 9.324 / Total Team Points = 928.890

Currently Sorted by Team Points
[Sort by Name]
Registration #        Competitor days raced   Hometown/State    Team Points
SPR445  Spencer Sprecker  23 Guilford, CT10.00 
GEN510  Olivia M Genovese  3 Southington, CT9.95 
JON1916  Stuart Jones  8 Vernon, CT9.91 
MOO285  James I Moore  26 East Granby, CT9.84 
CHI693  Deirdre Childs  4 Eastford, CT9.81 
QUI759  Thomas Quinlan  10 Canton, CT9.81 
APP294  Bruce Appell  5 Avon, CT9.73 
MOS787  Ashley J Mossa  4 West Hartford, CT9.70 
SAU485  Trista A Saunders  12 Simsbury, CT9.66 
CUR29  Bill Curtis  1 Avon, CT9.63 
MON1320  Monti Montana  8 West Hartford, CT9.53 
KNO485  Noreen Knortz  8 East Granby, CT9.49 
LIN1524  Jeremy Lindeman  4 Somerville, MA9.41 
BUR2773  Sean M Burns  12 New Hartford, CT9.37 
CHR1111  Michael Christopher  9 West Hartford, CT9.35 
DEM857  Douglas DeMay  4 South Windsor, CT9.35 
APP293  Tad P Appell  5 Avon, CT9.33 
MON329  Neil Montlick  7 Windsor, CT9.32 
ALI90  John Aligata  5 Plantsville, CT9.27 
KNO486  Taylor E Knortz  5 East Granby, CT9.26 
MAS1053  Ivon J Masse  5 Meriden, CT9.26 
SCH13065  Blaine C Schweizer  14 East Granby, CT9.22 
SAU385  David C Saunders  9 Simsbury, CT9.21 
DAV2424  Mark H Davis  8 Granby, CT9.18 
STE4238  Shannon J Stewart  1 New Hartford, CT9.14 
LAR1158  Nathan R Larkin  6 9.09 
MCC3967  Kyle McClain  8 West Hartford, CT9.08 
FLO625  Luke J Florian  7 Southington, CT9.07 
SEB103  Peter J Sebben  6 Winchester Center, CT9.01 
WAS376  Don T Wass  9 Winsted, CT9.01 
MAR5884  Joshua Marshak  4 Guilford, CT8.96 
CAR3117  Mike Cardin  6 Berlin, CT8.90 
SAU152  June Saunders  7 Simsbury, CT8.90 
BUR2853  Lacey E Burns  2 New Hartford, CT8.89 
BIR405  Susan Birk Nelson  6 Harwinton, CT8.86 
STR1823  Mark F Strollo  5 Waterford, CT8.86 
DIL535  Bob Dillon  7 East Hampton, MA8.80 
DEH141  Jeannette Dehmer  5 Middletown, CT8.76 
HUG672  Christopher G Hugill  7 West Hartford, CT8.71 
DAV2439  Jonathan David  8 Avon, CT8.66 
DIL489  Kristine L Dillon  5 Easthampton, MA8.65 
HIN532  Dana T Hinman  6 Avon, CT8.64 
WIS344  Wes A Wisse  2 Simsbury, CT8.64 
SAU398  Trevor Saunders  5 Simsbury, CT8.57 
LOR632  Janice C Lord  7 Avon, CT8.56 
NOR846  Bob Norton  7 Somers, CT8.53 
JOS206  Gary Joseph  6 Vernon, CT8.50 
RUB459  Joe Rubera  9 Canton, CT8.48 
BRU1169  Martha Brueckner  9 Wes T Simsbury, CT8.43 
PRO680  Mike C Proto III  1 Orange, CT8.42 
SOJ27  Rick H Sojkowski  15 Simsbury, CT8.42 
HAR6533  Carlie M Harvey  10 8.30 
KEO92  Mark B Keough  7 East Granby, CT8.27 
BRI1959  JoAnne M Brissette  7 West Hartford, CT8.12 
BIL407  Jennifer Bilodeau  9 Granby, CT8.11 
TRO467  James Troy  8 West Simsbury, CT8.11 
PET1573  Chris Petrillo  4 Granby, CT8.08 
FUC118  Tom Fucini  7 Bristol, CT8.01 
BYR343  Todd J Byron  7 Hebron, CT7.99 
NEA239  Tim Nealon  9 Suffield, CT7.93 
ZOR71  Madelyn T Zordan  6 New Hartford, CT7.92 
CAR2899  Evan G Carrara  1 Monson, MA7.85 
CAR2430  Danny Carlson  8 Simsbury, CT7.79 
BER3043  Richard H Berneike  9 New Hartford, CT7.73 
COS601  Carolyn J Costa  10 Farmington, CT7.71 
WOL1066  Susan M Wolfe  6 Unionville, CT7.57 
BAC696  Dane R Baclaski  8 Kensington, CT7.54 
KNO240  Dave Knortz  8 East Granby, CT7.54 
PER2457  Sofia Perez  1 Avon, CT7.46 
CLA1993  Kevin Clark  10 Granby, CT7.32 
BRI1958  Lewis L Brissette  7 West Hartford, CT7.31 
MOO173  Jessica C Moore  10 East Granby, CT7.30 
APP239  Gail P Appell  1 Avon, CT7.26 
INE4  John Ineson  6 West Hartford, CT7.26 
MOR4264  Megan R Morton  1 Suffiled, CT7.26 
WIL4195  James Wilcox  6 West Suffield, CT7.26 
DEC467  Daniel Dechamps  7 Avon, CT7.18 
BLA2900  Ethan Blair  6 Dubuque, IA7.10 
EGN34  Alyse M Egner  8 West Hartford, CT7.04 
APP282  Josh Appell  2 Avon, CT7.03 
MON1448  Justin Montana  4 Southington, CT7.02 
GIL2026  Jennifer J Gillen  12 Canton, CT6.96 
HIG260  Thomas S Higgins  10 Avon, CT6.94 
MOO1388  Madeline Moore  4 East Granby, CT6.90 
ROD590  Sandra B Rodriguez  7 Unionville, CT6.82 
PER1619  Craig R Perreault  5 Simsbury, CT6.81 
MAY1141  Tim May  6 New Fairfield, CT6.80 
RHO343  Paul F Rhoads  4 New Hartford, CT6.71 
ZOR75  Mikayla Zordan  5 NEW HARTFORD, CT6.67 
CZE77  Louis J Czerwinski  5 Wallingford, CT6.65 
COO1450  Karen K Cook  7 Barkhamsted, CT6.63 
CHA1655  Betsy R Chase  8 Bloomfield, CT6.55 
MOO1878  Jackson J Moore  8 East Granby, CT6.49 
LEN508  Debra Lenihan  6 Granby, CT6.47 
KAR1287  Ulli Karner  11 6.37 
ROC486  Michael D Roche  4 Old Lyme, CT6.36 
EDW631  Gary Edwards  5 Avon, CT6.35 
HOO446  Peter W Hoops  1 Stonington, CT6.34 
ALF148  Chad S Alfeld  4 Simsbury, CT6.31 
JOH3988  Kurt R Johnson  5 Torrington, CT6.26 
HIN533  Tom Hinman  1 New Hartofrd, CT6.19 
HAI214  Hutch Haines  3 Avon, CT6.15 
KEV40  Gary R Kevorkian  6 Simsbury, CT6.07 
JEN852  Kim D Jennings  7 Weatogue, CT6.05 
ING489  Anthony Ingenito  1 New Britain, CT6.03 
TON166  Jay Toner  7 New Hartford, CT5.96 
NEW1063  Larry W Newquist  1 Glastonbury, CT5.95 
VEE26  Ralph Veenema  8 Rocky Hill, CT5.88 
BEI212  Heinz H Beier  14 New Hartford, CT5.82 
WES1383  Matthew G Westhaver  6 Bloomfield, CT5.79 
BAX116  Bart Baxter  6 New Hartford, CT5.76 
HOW1191  Sarah M Howard  7 Avon, CT5.76 
MCD1087  Stephen R McDonnell  1 Simsbury, CT5.72 
POD136  Jody Poduje  8 West Hartford, CT5.69 
LAW741  Sean C Lawless  6 West Hartford, CT5.65 
BIE326  Brent Biernat  8 Avon, CT5.64 
KEL2027  Nicole J Kelleher  2 Danielson, CT5.60 
PHE159  Dan Phelan  7 Collinsville, CT5.51 
ZIE249  Cassy Ziemba  4 Springfield, MA5.46 
DUC182  Denis Duclos  4 Enfield, CT5.37 
BAD256  Patrick Badzioch  3 Bristol, CT5.36 
LAS341  Susan Lasota  6 Granby, CT5.31 
HAN2083  Gary W Hanson  7 Wethersfield, CT5.25 
RAI346  David J Raines  7 Southington, CT5.13 
RIC2660  James Q Rice  3 Granby, CT5.08 
HAG759  Joshua G Hagstrom  1 East Hartford, CT5.06 
DOW620  Tracy T Dowd  4 Lakeville, CT4.90 
WIL7666  RORY WILSON  8 Burlington, CT4.78 
MAI364  David Maidment  5 Bolton, CT4.75 
JAL80  Olivia M Jalbert  4 N. Granby, CT4.63 
LIN1742  Matt Linden  10 Windsor Locks, CT4.60 
VER666  Carl R Verner  8 Windsor, CT4.56 
WEE250  Callum J Weedon  2 Cos Cob, CT4.56 
BOU1176  John R Bourget  5 Avon, CT4.49 
RUP76  Jack Rup  6 Willington, CT4.44 
FRA1729  Dennis T Franta  10 Torrington, CT4.38 
BRI1415  Kristen Brighenti  5 Avon, CT4.34 
PER2055  Joe P Pereira  4 New Hartford, CT4.32 
STR1985  Angela Strodel  4 Wethersfield, CT4.31 
RED556  Julia M Redfield  3 East Granby, CT4.28 
SZE53  Richard Szewczak  7 Enfield, CT4.06 
HOL306  Paul Holden  4 Colchester, CT3.99 
NEA237  Raydin Neary  4 Lakeville, CT3.96 
BUT962  Alice M Butterfield  4 Canton, CT3.95 
WHI3127  Kelsey E Whittemore  9 New Hartford, CT3.89 
RUB624  Robert Ruby  6 Farmington, CT3.82 
SES62  Dave Sessions  4 New Hartford, CT3.80 
ROS2356  Peter A Rose  2 Avon, CT3.76 
MEN665  Gerhart Menzel  6 Simsbury, CT3.74 
BUR2796  Gerry J Burke  5 Simsbury, CT3.60 
WAS125  John Washko  8 Canton, CT3.57 
BAD251  Sebastian Badzioch  16 Bristol, CT3.46 
WOL1568  Eric L Wold  6 Glastonbury, CT3.33 
RIL339  Mike Riley  6 Canton, CT3.24 
HAR6558  Mary O Hartman  5 Marlborough, CT3.15 
KEI378  Kathryn Keily  3 3.09 
SAV547  Charlene Savino  6 Avon, CT2.97 
PES174  David B Peschel  7 New Hartford, CT2.89 
KAT809  Mitchell S Katz  6 West Hartford, CT2.88 
DAL1143  Patrick A Daly  1 West Hartford, CT2.75 
BAX167  Jeanine L Baxter  2 New Hartford, CT2.63 
BIE327  Avery Biernat  1 Avon, CT2.60 
ALP146  Marguerite M Alpert  6 Wethersfield, CT2.57 
BYR187  Joseph E Byron  7 Meriden, CT2.34 
STE6363  Joanne Stepien  6 East Granby, CT2.34 
TAF92  Steven A Taffet  5 South Windsor, CT2.26 
DAL1144  Thomas J Daly  1 West Hartford, CT2.11 
REN566  Gregor Rensch  3 West Hartford, CT1.97 
THA274  Charles K Thayer  3 Torrington, CT1.95 
COH1142  Peter B Cohen  6 West Simsbury, CT1.89 
ALT412  Michelle Althen  8 Granby, CT1.71 
ZIZ10  Frank M Zizzamia  1 East Hartford, CT1.62 
BRE1977  David J Brewer  1 Glastonbury, CT1.00 
DAL1142  Bridget E Daly  1 West Hartford, CO1.00 
DIF103  Jennifer Difranco  5 Enfield, CT1.00 
FOR2024  Lukas Forouhar-graff  2 West Hartford, CT1.00 
FRE2362  Brandon Frechette  1 Middletown, CT1.00 
HOR1465  Dean J Horacek  1 Southwick, MA1.00 
MAI554  Jonathan L Maidment  5 Bolton, CT1.00 
MAN2479  Rob Manchester  4 Torrington, CT1.00 
MOH138  Shawn M Mohovich  5 North Haven, CT1.00 
PAS612  Robert PASKIEWICZ  3 Southington, CT1.00 
PER2458  Kristina Perez  1 Avon, CT1.00 
POR811  Steven D Porter  4 Wethersfield, CT1.00 
REG270  Kevin R Regan  5 East Longmeadow, MA1.00 
REI2427  Beckie Reiner  5 Avon, CT1.00 
THO3936  Craig A Thomas  5 Manchester, CT1.00 
WU44  Gloria Wu  4 Middletown, CT1.00 
ACE31  Allison T Ace    
ALD218  Simon Aldridge    
AND3034  Rebecca C Anderson   Ellington, CT 
APP303  Ashley E Appell   Avon, CT 
APP298  Evan Appell   Avon, CT 
ATW84  Margery R Atwater    
BAB272  Jay Babcock    
BAB271  Jay Babcock   South Glastonbury, CT 
BAB278  Jay Babcock    
BAB277  Jay Babcock    
BAR4023  Tom Barnes    
BAR3995  Tom Barnes    
BAR4025  Tom Barnes    
BAR3996  Tom Barnes, Jr   Bristol, CT 
BAX122  Bill Baxter    
BEL1268  Holly M Bell   East Longmeadow, MA 
BER3058  Richard R Bergeron   Bristol, CT 
BET325  Mark Bettera   Canton, CT 
BET328  Jarre Betts   Bristol, CT 
BIN264  Gordon K Binkhorst   West Hartford, CT 
BIR380  Matthew Biron   Thomaston, CT 
BLA2007  Nick Blades    
BOD200  Julie A Bodell   Simsbury, CT 
BOG241  Shaun Bogan    
BOU814  Eric T Boucher   Westfield, MA 
BOU670  John Boucher   Farmington, CT 
BOY783  Stephen Boyd   Simsbury, CT 
BRA2767  Tom S Brackett   Avon, CT 
BRI1406  Steven C Bristol   Canton Center, CT 
BRO4026  Andrew R Broneill   Manchester, CT 
BUD3  Thomas M Budd   Wilton, CT 
BUD174  Chris Budnick   Canton, CT 
BUL230  Timothy A Bulat   West Hartford, CT 
BUL336  Winnie Bulat   Burlington, CT 
BUR2835  Fred Burditt    
BUR3818  Lukas Burger   New York, NY 
BYR188  Todd S Byron   Meriden, CT 
CAR3116  Trisha Cardin   Berlin, CT 
CAS1480  Bruce Casey   Broad Brook, CT 
CEL75  Louis Celiberti   Glastonbury, CT 
CID5  Jose Cid   Springfield, MA 
CIF16  Nick A Cifaldi   Avon, CT 
CLO44  Samantha Cloud   Winsted, CT 
COB182  Fikret Coban   Bloomfield, CT 
ARM518  Cynthia F Comer   Enfield, CT 
COX355  Thomas R Cox   West Hartford, CT 
COX362  Thomas Cox    
COX363  Thomas Cox    
COX356  Thomas Cox    
CUR340  Ann F Curtis   Avon, CT 
CUR758  Dana Curtis   Sandisfield, MA 
CYR67  John Cyr    
CYR68  John Cyr    
CYR66  John Cyr    
DAL521  Kevin Dale    
DAV2440  Gary Davey    
DAV2441  Jonathan David    
DAV2474  Jonathan David    
DAV2470  Jonathan David    
DAV2472  Mark Davis    
DAV2466  Mark Davis    
DAV2442  Mark Davis    
DAV2538  Mark Davis    
DAV2537  Mark Davis    
DAV2536  Mark Davis    
DAV2535  Mark Davis    
DAV2471  Mark Davis    
DEL1333  Blake Delabianca    
DES628  Jim Desmarais   New Hartford, CT 
DIE439  Jennifer Diederich   Avon, CT 
DIN396  Brian T Dineen   Monroe, CT 
DON1136  Richard E Donais   West Suffield, CT 
EAL7  Dan Eales   Simsbury, CT 
EME215  F Emery   South Windsor, CT 
FAR994  Matt Farides    
FAR993  Matthew Farides   Windsor, CT 
FIS1441  Ann M Fisher   Avon, CT 
FOR1372  Ryan Ford   Marblehead, MA 
FOR1429  Ryan Ford   West Hartford, CT 
FOR1428  Natalie R Foreman   Hartford, CT 
FRU92  Sergio Frutuoso   Avon, CT 
FUL479  Maureen Fulton   Newington, CT 
FUN198  Jason Funkhouser   Bristol, CT 
GAG210  Nathan R Gagne   Stafford Springs, CT 
GAG258  Dillion F Gagnon   Westport, CT 
GEI258  Bill Geils   Monroe, CT 
GOR1005  Peter Gorczynski    
GRA2808  Carlo B Graziano   Simsbury, CT 
HAI266  Quinn Haines   Avon, CT 
HAI271  Wyatt Haines   Avon, CT 
HAR4479  Mark Harker    
HAY1115  Maggie Hayes   Avon, CT 
HAY1239  Stuart J Hayes   Canton, CT 
HIL1444  Robert R Hiltbrand   Bristol, CT 
HIN535  Jena Hinman   New Hartford, CT 
HOB218  Matthew J Hoberman   West Hartford, CT 
HOL320  Rachel Holden   Colchester, CT 
HUS272  Jeff Hussey   Longmeadow, MA 
HYD77  Robert F Hyde   Canton, CT 
IMB36  Kevin Imbt   West Hartford, CT 
ING326  Laura Inglis    
VAC79  Lana C Ives   Darien, CT 
JAC1465  Kevin W Jackson   Canton, CT 
JEN853  Debbie K Jeney   Plainville, CT 
JOH3989  Kurt Johnson   Torrington, CT 
JOH4474  Pinky Johnson   Torrington, CT 
JUL162  Newquist Julian   Glastonbury, CT 
KEL1928  Paul Kelley    
KEL1909  Paul Kelley   Bristol, CT 
KEL1910  Paul Kelley    
KEL1929  Paul Kelley    
KIE320  Robert Kiely    
KIE318  Robert Kiely    
KOO79  Rayelene Koontz   Torrington, CT 
KOR452  Michael H Korman   Portland, CT 
KOR456  Stefan Korn   Simsbury, CT 
KOS124  Ed Kostak   New Hartford, CT 
KOW217  Trenton Kowalec   Burlington, CT 
KUL237  Gary Kulick    
KUL238  Gary Kulick    
KUL239  Gary Kulick    
KUL240  Gary Kulick    
LAV343  Debbie Laverio    
LEA603  Matthew R Leathers   Simsbury, CT 
LEN510  Tim Lenihan   Granby, CT 
LEV804  Peter Levine   Avon, CT 
LIU36  Hannah W Liu   Hartford, CT 
LOT96  Matt Lototski   Granby, CT 
LUG38  Eric Lugli   New Hartford, CT 
MAN1751  Kevin M Manoni   North Haven, CT 
MAR5202  Kelly Martin    
MAR5270  Kelly Martin    
MAR5228  Kelly Martin    
MAR5224  Kelly Martin    
MAS1048  Nathan L Masopust   Andover, CT 
MAY794  Ed May   West Hartford, CT 
MCC4098  Charles A McCleary   Ellington, CT 
MCG1303  Kathleen E McGrath   Brookfield, CT 
MCG1742  Mark McGuire    
MCG1752  Mark McGuire    
MCG1753  Mark McGuire    
MCM366  Gerry McMahon    
MEA361  Jason Meade   Rocky Hill, CT 
MED260  Elise Medevitt    
MED316  Cory A Medlar   New Hartford, CT 
MEN605  Cheryl Mendrala   West Springfield, MA 
MEN612  Karl Mentz    
MEN617  Karl Mentz    
MEN613  Karl Mentz    
MEN614  Karl Mentz    
MIL2133  Elizabeth Mills   Coventry, CT 
MON1876  Lacie B Montana   Milldale, CT 
MON1300  Rob Montesi   Simsbury, CT 
MOO1775  Bruce Moore    
NOR759  Jeff D Nordmark   Ellington, CT 
PAP319  Scott M Pape   Simsbury, CT 
PEL526  NICK PELLETIER   Middlebury, CT 
PHA97  Kathryn M Phair    
PHA98  Liam T Phair   Granville, MA 
PHI906  Michael Phillips    
PHI888  Michael Phillips    
PHI886  Michael Phillips    
PHI885  Michael Phillips    
PHI887  Michael Phillips    
PHI876  Michael Phillips    
PHI889  Michael Phillips    
POW573  Jonathan D Powell   South Windsor, CT 
PRO679  Michael C Proto   Orange, CT 
QUI761  Hugh J Quinn   West Hartford, CT 
RAD414  Edward Radding    
REA155  Tom Reardon   Liberty, MO 
REA361  Tom Reardon    
REA360  Tom Reardon    
REA358  Tom Reardon    
REI1694  Susan Reitano    
REI1681  Susan Reitano    
REI1692  Susan Reitano    
REI1693  Susan Reitano    
ROA134  Lisa Roarke   New Hartford, CT 
ROB2309  Mike Robb    
ROB2294  Eddie R Roberge   Bristol, CT 
ROC554  Chris Rochon   Feeding Hills, MA 
RUT325  Matej Rutar    
SAN1595  Nina J Santini   South Windsor, CT 
SAV393  Steve Savino    
SOM242  Sabrina L Somma   Windsor, CT 
SOM205  Gretchen A Sonju   Canton, CT 
TAR210  Steven Tarascio   South Windsor, CT 
TAR361  Don Tarinelli   Collinsville, CT 
TIM328  Dineen J Timothy   Monroe, CT 
TUR897  John Turchi   Granby, CT 
TUR899  Richard J Turner   Stonington, CT 
TUT81  Richard S Tuthill   Bolton, CT 
UNG40  Susan L Unger   Trumbull, CT 
VAG35  Justin C Vagliano   Norfolk, CT 
VAL597  Steve Valigorsky    
WAS375  Don Wass   CT 
WEI1900  Audra Weisel   Avon, CT 
WIL5315  Carol Williams    
WIL5314  Carol Williams    
WOR207  Jeff Worley   Canton, CT 
YOU569  Joan C Youngs  4 Tolland, CT 
ZAM102  Jacob Zamani   Shelton, CT 

Teams are scored based on a team point average. Team members score points for their team based on the best handicap they earn during the season. Only the top point gainers from each team will be used to score points for their team (6 for Family/Friends Teams, 15 for Resort Teams, 15 for Club Teams). The number of team points earned by these top point gainers are added together and divided by the number of top point gainers (6 or 15) to get the Team Score. In the event of a tie, the team with the most total team points earned during the season will win.

The NASTAR Handicap Chart shows the handicap needed in each age & gender category to earn a particular number of team points. Click here to view the NASTAR Handicap Chart. The number of team points indicated on the chart is a range. Since team points are interpolated, the exact number of team points you earn will be within this range. If you are one of the top point gainers for your team, the exact number of team points you score for your team is indicated on your Team Race Record.