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Windham Mountain

Feb 10th, 2019
Overcast and Cold - 10 degrees
Good Snow out here @ WM

Par Time

Results for Feb 10th, 2019 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Eden BarlevNew York, NYFemale 6-7Yellow51.5997.21 Bronze 
Michael BradleyJamaica, NYMale 65-69Yellow41.3858.18 Bronze 
Tyler BraniganRandolph, NJMale 6-7Yellow56.86117.35 - 
Daniel BregmanNew York, NYMale 10-11Yellow45.7674.92 Bronze 
Dylan CampbellNew York, NYMale 21-29Yellow41.2957.84 - 
Marley Caron-RichmanBrooklyn, NYMale 8-9Yellow43.9067.81 Bronze 
Patrick CarrollBreezy Point, NYMale 30-34Yellow37.1742.09 F* Platinum 
Matthew ColellaNorthport, NYMale 21-29Yellow1:25.28225.99 D* - 
Erin ConneelyDix Hills, NYFemale 10-11Yellow37.1942.16 Gold 
Christopher CoquilletteBronxville, NYMale 12-13Yellow35.4835.63 Silver 
Lydia DarrowNew York, NYFemale 16-17Yellow43.8667.66 D* Silver 
Adelaide DavenportWindham, NYFemale 1-5Yellow1:05.36149.85 Bronze 
Shane DavidoffNew York, NYMale 10-11Yellow38.5847.48 Silver 
Matteo Del PoetaMount Sinai, NYMale 10-11Yellow42.2061.31 Bronze 
Milly DonigerFemale 6-7Yellow45.2673.01 Silver 
Wyatt EarlyMale 1-5Yellow1:08.02160.02 Bronze 
Steven FilipelliEast Meadow, NYMale 60-64Yellow45.2673.01 - 
Alexander FormanNew York, NYMale 10-11Yellow40.8055.96 Silver 
Jacob FormanMale 10-11Yellow37.8344.61 Silver 
Olivia ForresterBayside, NYFemale 10-11Yellow41.0456.88 Silver 
Gabriel FoxSuffern, NYMale 45-49Yellow32.9425.92 Silver 
Micah FoxSuffern, NYMale 10-11Yellow34.4831.80 Gold 
Mikey FrankovichIsland Heights, NJMale 12-13Yellow34.9433.56 Gold 
Conner GredickIrvington, NYMale 6-7Yellow42.6563.04 Silver 
Emily GriffithRandolph, NJFemale 10-11Yellow1:19.28203.06 - 
Bria HainesWindham, NYFemale 6-7Yellow46.0776.11 Silver 
Luke HaleChatham, NJMale 16-17Yellow34.2530.93 Silver 
Tim HaleChatham, NJMale 50-54Yellow31.4420.18 Gold 
Weits HelleNew York, NYFemale 45-49Yellow41.2257.57 Bronze 
Trent HickmanNew York, NYMale 45-49Yellow32.9225.84 Silver 
Charlie HodgsonMale 6-7Yellow45.3473.32 Silver 
Winfield HodgsonMale 8-9Yellow40.1953.63 Silver 
Mark HuangLittle Neck, NYMale 18-20Yellow50.7694.04 F* - 
Heather HuberRockaway Park, NYFemale 21-29Yellow44.5670.34 F* Silver 
Francisco InfantinoNew York, NYMale 8-9Yellow44.3469.50 Bronze 
Marcos InfantinoNew York, NYMale 10-11Yellow35.8336.96 Gold 
Tomas InfantinoNew York, NYMale 14-15Yellow35.4335.44 Silver 
Cynthia JobsonCatskill, NYFemale 8-9Yellow50.3992.62 Bronze 
Lewis JobsonCatskill, NYMale 35-39Yellow56.75116.93 - 
Peter JobsonCatskill, NYMale 10-11Yellow38.1545.83 Silver 
Susan JobsonCatskill, NYFemale 1-5Yellow54.79109.44 Silver 
Asher KleinNew York, NYMale 10-11Yellow51.3696.33 - 
Jordan KleinNew York, NYMale 12-13Yellow36.1038.00 Silver 
David LarsenRamsey, NJMale 12-13Yellow32.9025.76 Gold 
Kevin LarsenRamsey, NJMale 8-9Yellow43.0364.49 Silver 
Chiara LubertoMount Sinai, NYFemale 45-49Yellow37.3942.93 Silver 
Thomas MoranHopewell Junction, NYMale 30-34Yellow38.0345.37 Bronze 
Charles NevinLocust Valley, NYMale 10-11Yellow38.4446.94 Silver 
Sebastian ObermuellerMontclair, NJMale 10-11Yellow40.2553.86 Silver 
Ryan OldfieldNew York, NYMale 6-7Yellow46.9779.55 Silver 
Stewart OldfieldNew York, NYMale 40-44Yellow36.4339.26 Bronze 
Quinten OosterhuisNew York, NYMale 10-11Yellow41.7459.56 Bronze 
Kelly OsullivanLittle Neck, NYFemale 12-13Yellow47.3480.96 E* Gold 
Kimberly PembrokeSaddle River, NJFemale 40-44Yellow42.7163.26 Bronze 
Thomas PembrokeSaddle River, NJMale 8-9Yellow49.0987.65 - 
Seth RobinsNew York, NYMale 70-74Yellow35.9737.50 Silver 
Emma RockoffNew York, NYFemale 12-13Yellow36.7440.44 Silver 
Mia RockoffNew York, NYFemale 10-11Yellow36.7640.52 Gold 
Eden RothsteinNew City, NYFemale 10-11Yellow42.6162.88 Silver 
Kenji ShimojimaRye, NYMale 45-49Yellow30.1915.41 Gold 
Ella SiegelArmonk, NYFemale 10-11Yellow40.5955.16 Silver 
Anders SiewertNew York, NYMale 10-11Yellow37.8844.80 Silver 
Briggs SiewertNew York, NYMale 6-7Yellow49.1087.69 Bronze 
Wells SiewertNew York, NYFemale 1-5Yellow1:00.3130.50 Bronze 
Thor SimonNew York, NYMale 40-44Yellow31.5720.68 Silver 
Carter SneydLarchmont, NYMale 10-11Yellow37.9545.07 Silver 
Gavin SneydLarchmont, NYMale 12-13Yellow39.6551.57 Bronze 
Andrew SneydeLarchmont, NYMale 45-49Yellow38.7448.09 Bronze 
Miles SolerNew York, NYMale 8-9Yellow36.3939.11 Gold 
Ryan SolerNew York, NYMale 10-11Yellow37.5143.39 Silver 
Brett SouthworthNew York, NYMale 40-44Yellow43.5866.59 - 
Luke SouthworthNew York, NYMale 6-7Yellow42.3862.00 Silver 
Arielle SpinakCross River, NYFemale 10-11Yellow51.5296.94 - 
Jack SpinakCross River, NYMale 12-13Yellow48.9587.12 - 
Ania StrzezekPrattsville, NYFemale 50-54Yellow32.4824.16 Platinum 
Grant StubbsRidgewood, NJMale 40-44Yellow43.2165.18 D* Bronze 
Davor ValdichRidgewood, NJMale 12-13Yellow41.8960.13 Bronze 
Luis ValdichRidgewood, NJMale 50-54Yellow44.3669.57 - 
Benjamin WalkerNew York, NYMale 12-13Yellow34.7432.80 Gold 
Carson WeidlerWestfield, NJFemale 6-7Yellow53.25103.56 Bronze 
Cole WeidlerWestfield, NJMale 10-11Yellow36.8340.79 Gold 
Ron WhiteBloomville, NYMale 65-69Yellow38.9648.93 Bronze 
Charles WordhamLarchmont, NYMale 10-11Yellow39.1249.54 Silver 
Jeff WordhamLarchmont, NYMale 45-49Yellow35.4835.63 Bronze 

F = Adaptive Alpine: Cognitive Disability (-35)
D = Adaptive Alpine: Standing (-30)
E = Adaptive Alpine: Visual Impairment (-45)