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Crystal Mountain Resort

Feb 10th, 2019
NASTAR Regional Championships-Friends Race
not provided

Series: Midwest Regional-Friends Team Race
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4
Par Time

Results for Feb 10th, 2019 - NASTAR Regional Championships-Friends Race

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Dana AllenTraverse City, MIFemale 55-59DisorderlyBlue32.1134.41 Gold 
Jack AndersonChesterton, INMale 75-79Duneland2Yellow40.4568.96 Bronze 
Kermit AndersonHolland, MIMale 55-59Team Crystal MtYellow25.958.40 Platinum 
 Jack AntonishekLinden, MIMale 12-13Ski BuddiesYellow27.4114.49 Platinum 
 Max antonishekLinden, MIMale 10-11Ski BuddiesYellow29.3222.47 Platinum 
 Edie AylsworthCedar, MIFemale 45-49Team Crystal MtYellow27.1013.20 Platinum 
Elizabeth BegleDublin, OHFemale 30-34Need For SpeedYellow30.9529.28 Silver 
Mark BondyTraverse City, MIMale 60-64InstigatersBlue29.0721.68 Gold 
Henry BottandoValparaiso, INMale 65-69Duneland2Yellow40.6369.72 - 
Abigail CheckleyMiddlebury, INFemale 14-15Pink Fluffy UnicornsYellow27.1513.41 Platinum 
Gloria CheckleyMiddlebury, INFemale 10-11Pink Fluffy UnicornsYellow30.3726.86 Platinum 
Julie ChesneyCadillac, MIFemale 60-64Caberfae SpeedstersYellow31.4931.54 Gold 
Brad CookBlanchard, MIMale 65-69Caberfae SpeedstersYellow33.7540.98 Silver 
 Dan CulpTraverse City, MIMale 50-54InstigatersBlue25.597.12 Platinum 
Evan CulpTraverse City, MIMale 18-20InstigatersYellow24.321.59 Platinum 
 Finley DeCubberDavisburg, MIFemale 10-11MeroderYellow34.4243.78 Gold 
Sam DubuissonSouth Haven, MIMale 16-17Team Crystal MtYellow25.667.18 Platinum 
Henry DuncanMale 6-7XLR8 2Yellow37.5756.93 Gold 
 Andre FairbanksFenton, MIMale 45-49XLR8 Sugar DaddysBlue26.119.29 Platinum 
Averi FairbanksFenton, MIFemale 12-13Ski BuddiesBlue29.2022.23 Platinum 
 Ryland FairbanksFenton, MIMale 14-15Ski BuddiesBlue26.9212.68 Platinum 
 Chris FisherMaple City, MIMale 45-49Team Crystal MtBlue26.049.00 Platinum 
Emma FlackFenton, MIFemale 6-7Candy CrushersBlue40.1067.85 Silver 
Madyson FlackFenton, MIFemale 8-9Candy CrushersBlue35.8249.94 Gold 
 Brooks FunkeFenton, MIMale 12-13Need For SpeedYellow26.4410.44 Platinum 
Holly GedertLevering, MIFemale 65-69DisorderedBlue36.4952.74 Silver 
 Richard GedertLevering, MIMale 75-79DisorderedBlue33.0238.22 Gold 
 Page GravesTraverse City, MIMale 50-54DisorderlyYellow26.3810.19 Platinum 
Joseph HamiltonMale 60-64XLR8 Sugar DaddysBlue36.0851.03 Bronze 
John HarbottleLeland, MIMale 50-54R & S ExpressYellow27.0312.91 Platinum 
Don HoffmannSouth Lyon, MIMale 45-49XLR8 Sugar DaddysYellow35.9049.96 Bronze 
Helena HoffmannSouth Lyon, MIFemale 12-13XLR8 2Yellow29.0121.18 Platinum 
Brianna HoldenTraverse City, MIFemale 21-29DisorderlyYellow27.3914.41 Platinum 
Sharon HubbardHarbor Springs, MIFemale 60-64All Stars PreschoolYellow33.3939.47 Gold 
David HubingerCrown Point, INMale 80-84Duneland1Yellow35.5148.33 Gold 
Mike IngmireDelaware, OHMale 60-64Caberfae SpeedstersYellow31.3230.83 Silver 
Amanda JanesColumbus, OHFemale 16-17Need For SpeedYellow25.797.73 Platinum 
Cassidy KellyCommerce Township, MIFemale 10-11Candy CrushersYellow35.6448.87 Silver 
 Jason KolkWhite Lake, MIMale 35-39All Stars PreschoolBlue28.2418.21 Silver 
 Stella KolkWhite Lake, MIFemale 6-7All Stars PreschoolBlue41.4773.59 Silver 
Zander KoppGrosse Pointe, MIMale 6-7XLR8 2Yellow39.1163.37 Silver 
Blake LancasterAnn Arbor, MIMale 40-44XLR8 Sugar DaddysYellow26.088.94 Platinum 
Blake Jr LancasterAnn Arbor, MIMale 8-9XLR8 2Blue34.9146.13 Gold 
June LancasterAnn Arbor, MIFemale 6-7XLR8 2Blue36.8154.08 Gold 
Mark LatchanaDavison, MIMale 45-49Speed SquadBlue31.1830.51 Silver 
 William LatchanaDavison, MIMale 8-9Speed SquadYellow30.0925.69 Platinum 
 William LeavittValparaiso, INMale 75-79Duneland2Blue38.4160.78 Bronze 
Breeann LefebvreInterlochen, MIFemale 30-34DisorderlyBlue30.5727.96 Silver 
Jason LeffelBrighton, MIMale 45-49Candy CrushersBlue31.0830.10 Silver 
 Lauren LeffelBrighton, MIFemale 8-9Candy CrushersBlue31.0229.85 Platinum 
 Lia LeffelBrighton, MIFemale 10-11Candy CrushersYellow31.4631.41 Gold 
Ed LindquistPetoskey, MIMale 65-69DisorderedYellow28.5519.26 Platinum 
 Brian LovejoyWhite Lake, MIMale 55-59XLR8 Sugar DaddysBlue26.229.75 Platinum 
Mike LummBeulah, MIMale 60-64DisorderedYellow29.7724.35 Gold 
Philip MayPortage, INMale 60-64Duneland1Yellow33.1838.60 Silver 
Brady McArdleDavison, MIMale 14-15Speed SquadBlue28.4819.21 Gold 
Greg McArdleDavison, MIMale 45-49Speed SquadBlue27.9316.91 Gold 
Dave MccainHilliard, OHMale 65-69Caberfae SpeedstersYellow30.7728.53 Gold 
Shea MercerBrighton, MIFemale 12-13XLR8 1Yellow30.6327.94 Gold 
 Allison MerrillGrand Blanc, MIFemale 12-13MeroderYellow28.1817.71 Platinum 
 Max MerrillGrand Blanc, MIMale 12-13MeroderYellow29.8424.64 Gold 
 Stacy MerrillGrand Blanc, MIMale 40-44XLR8 Sugar DaddysBlue26.139.38 Platinum 
Bradferd MillerTraverse City, MIMale 55-59Team Crystal MtYellow29.0421.30 T* Platinum 
Bobby MuganDublin, OHMale 45-49Need For SpeedYellow25.014.47 Platinum 
Mia MunnCINCINNATI, OHFemale 12-134 OhioiansBlue36.2851.86 Silver 
Jakob MurrayMilford, MIMale 6-7XLR8 1Yellow31.9533.46 Platinum 
Zeeshan NakadarBloomfield Hills, MIMale 8-9XLR8 1Yellow33.7340.89 Gold 
 Tom NorthwayBeulah, MIMale 50-54InstigatersBlue25.908.41 Platinum 
 Arthur PapineauBrunswick, OHMale 45-49XLR8 Sugar DaddysYellow28.2518.00 Gold 
Jayden PapineauBrunswick, OHFemale 6-7XLR8 1Yellow34.3743.57 Platinum 
 Lily PapineauBrunswick, OHFemale 10-11XLR8 1Blue27.9416.95 Platinum 
Abby PasanskiFemale 18-20Team Crystal MtBlue26.7011.76 Platinum 
 Scot PerryTraverse City, MIMale 55-59InstigatersBlue27.0313.14 Platinum 
Scott PerryTraverse City, MIMale 21-29InstigatersBlue25.958.62 Platinum 
Hunter PostHowell, MIMale 12-13XLR8 2Blue27.0113.06 Platinum 
Robin PotthoffAnn Arbor, MIFemale 70-74Caberfae SpeedstersYellow33.8241.27 Gold 
Pete ResetarChesterton, INMale 50-54Duneland1Blue33.0138.17 Bronze 
Mitch RiegelMansfield, OHMale 12-13Need For SpeedYellow27.6915.66 Platinum 
Holly Riley-lampinenThompsonville, MIFemale 10-11R & S ExpressBlue38.1259.56 Silver 
Jamie riley-lampinenThompsonville, MIMale 12-13R & S ExpressBlue31.3131.06 Gold 
Jim Riley-lampinenThompsonville, MIMale 45-49R & S ExpressBlue31.4531.65 Silver 
 Glen RuczynskiWilliamsburg, MIMale 40-44DisorderlyBlue26.089.17 Platinum 
John SadrackCanton, MIMale 10-11XLR8 2Yellow33.6440.52 Gold 
Georgette SakeCADILLAC, MIFemale 12-13Need For SpeedYellow27.3914.41 Platinum 
Robert SakeCadillac, MIMale 50-54Need For SpeedBlue26.8412.35 Platinum 
Rhiana SavoieCanton, MIFemale 8-9XLR8 1Blue29.9825.49 Platinum 
Micheal SchaubThompsonville, MIMale 18-20R & S ExpressYellow28.2718.09 Silver 
Steve SchaubMale 45-49R & S ExpressYellow30.4227.07 Silver 
Braden SchulzBrighton, MIMale 6-7InstigatersYellow38.9162.53 Silver 
Heather SegerTinley Park, ILFemale 45-49Duneland1Blue35.9350.40 Silver 
Eric ShinglesCanton, MIMale 45-49XLR8 Sugar DaddysBlue31.2030.60 Silver 
Jacob shinglesCanton, MIMale 8-9XLR8 1Blue30.9629.59 Platinum 
Sophia ShinglesFemale 12-13XLR8 1Blue29.2922.60 Platinum 
Austin SkibowskiTraverse City, MIMale 21-29Team Crystal MtBlue24.673.26 Platinum 
 Alex SteinhilberLiberty Township, OHMale 45-494 OhioiansBlue29.8524.95 Silver 
Camden SteinhilberLiberty Township, OHMale 10-114 OhioiansBlue35.2447.51 Silver 
 Kiera SteinhilberFemale 12-134 OhioiansBlue32.2835.12 Gold 
Michael StimacLake Orion, MIMale 55-59XLR8 Sugar DaddysBlue31.1530.39 Silver 
 Ryan StimacLake Orion, MIMale 14-15XLR8 2Blue27.6315.66 Platinum 
Steve StockKingsley, MIMale 35-39DisorderlyYellow26.7511.74 Gold 
 Bella ToddGrand Blanc, MIFemale 12-13MeroderBlue34.9346.21 Silver 
Abigail UlbrichRichland, MIFemale 10-11Pink Fluffy UnicornsYellow29.1321.68 Platinum 
Grace UlbrichRichland, MIFemale 8-9Pink Fluffy UnicornsYellow1:06.84179.20 - 
Din VanFaroweEaton Rapids, MIMale 12-13XLR8 2Yellow30.1625.98 Gold 
Larry WaltersCadilllac, MIMale 75-79Caberfae SpeedstersBlue35.2547.55 Silver 
 Payton WedekemperBrighton, MIFemale 8-9Candy CrushersYellow32.7436.76 Platinum 
Marty WilliamsCadillac, MIMale 30-34Need For SpeedYellow24.160.92 Platinum 
Jonah YaksichBloomfield Hills, MIMale 10-11Speed SquadBlue31.1030.18 Gold 

T = Telemark (-13)