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Gunstock Mountain Resort

Jan 6th, 2019
Overcast with Breaks of Sun
partly sunny warm and beautiful

Par Time

Collin Wilkinson
Results for Jan 6th, 2019 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Sara AndersonStratham, NHFemale 14-15Yellow38.3075.45 - 
Lilly ArendsDedham, MAFemale 14-15Yellow28.6731.33 Silver 
Joshua ArsenaultFreemont, NHMale 16-17Yellow43.98101.47 - 
ANDREA AVIGNIMeredith, NHMale 45-49Yellow30.0437.61 Bronze 
Emma AvigniMeredith, NHFemale 8-9Yellow39.2579.80 Bronze 
Jade AvigniMeredith, NHMale 1-5Yellow50.79132.66 Bronze 
Brett BartlettNew Durham, NHMale 30-34Yellow35.3862.07 - 
Clementine BartlettSpringvale, MEFemale 1-5Yellow1:08.51213.83 - 
Jaxon BartlettSpringvale, MEMale 1-5Yellow47.55117.82 Silver 
Ashleigh BergeBedford, NHFemale 12-13Yellow36.0565.14 Bronze 
Ryan BergeBedford, NHMale 12-13Yellow34.4657.86 Bronze 
Anya BixbyEssex, MAFemale 12-13Yellow37.3471.05 - 
Stephen BixbyEssex, MAMale 40-44Yellow29.1833.67 S* Gold 
Connor BloomstromDover, NHMale 16-17Yellow31.6945.17 Bronze 
Christopher BurlockGilford, NHMale 45-49Yellow31.3043.38 Bronze 
Emilia BurlockGilford, NHFemale 10-11Yellow35.5362.76 Silver 
Madeline BurlockGilford, NHFemale 12-13Yellow35.0060.33 Bronze 
Mia CampbellHampton, NHFemale 14-15Yellow42.3493.95 - 
Audrey CarrilloBoston, MAFemale 6-7Yellow41.5990.52 Bronze 
Maggie CarrilloWolfeboro, NHFemale 1-5Yellow59.59172.97 Bronze 
Jodi ChamberlainGilmanton, NHFemale 12-13Yellow40.6786.30 - 
Mike ChamberlainGilmanton, NHMale 45-49Yellow39.9983.19 - 
Alicia ChapmanCampton, NHFemale 35-39Yellow56.73159.87 F* - 
Emma CondonSouth Berwick, MEFemale 18-20Yellow39.3380.16 - 
Liam CouttsWest Roxbury, MAMale 6-7Yellow40.4085.07 Bronze 
Randy CyrGilford, NHMale 60-64Yellow33.3152.59 Bronze 
Ella DavisWeston, MAFemale 16-17Yellow31.8045.67 Bronze 
Elisabeth DeGranoNewburyport, MAFemale 10-11Yellow35.1460.97 Silver 
Louisa DeGranoNewburyport, MAFemale 6-7Yellow56.51158.86 - 
Joe DeLucaWindham, NHMale 50-54Yellow31.1842.83 Bronze 
Christopher DeOrioBeverly, MAMale 40-44Yellow29.9437.15 Bronze 
Lorenzo DeOrioBeverly, MAMale 6-7Yellow47.94119.61 - 
Tamara DeOrioBeverly, MAFemale 40-44Yellow38.9678.47 - 
Gavin DowneyAndover, MAMale 6-7Yellow47.95119.65 - 
Jake DoyleSouth Berwick, MEMale 16-17Yellow28.5430.74 Silver 
Greg EllisGilford, NHMale 30-34Yellow26.4120.98 Silver 
Henry EllisNorth Andover, MAMale 6-7Yellow49.82128.22 - 
Jack EllisNorth Andover, MAMale 10-11Yellow48.64122.81 - 
Meghann EllisNorth Andover, MAFemale 40-44Yellow37.4471.51 - 
Randy EllisNorth Andover, MAMale 40-44Yellow42.0492.58 - 
 Dylan EngelhardtWayland, MAMale 10-11Yellow29.2333.90 Gold 
Grant Engelhardt Chelmsford, MAMale 12-13Yellow32.0046.59 Silver 
Hayden EngelhardtChelmsford, MAMale 8-9Yellow39.1679.39 Bronze 
Joanna EngelhardtFemale 45-49Yellow39.2379.71 - 
Lee EngelhardtGilford, NHMale 80-84Yellow40.0183.28 - 
Michael EngelhardtWayland, MAMale 50-54Yellow26.4721.26 Gold 
Sophia EngelhardtFemale 12-13Yellow31.6945.17 Silver 
Ian EvansStratham, NHMale 45-49Yellow31.1642.74 Bronze 
Alex FlynnELIZABETH, ILMale 14-15Yellow30.9741.87 Silver 
Kate FlynnWilmington, MAFemale 10-11Yellow43.5299.36 - 
Gretchen GandiniGilford, NHFemale 40-44Yellow30.5439.90 Silver 
Kyle GandiniGilford, NHMale 10-11Yellow34.6658.77 Bronze 
Patrick GandiniGilford, NHMale 12-13Yellow35.7963.95 Bronze 
Serena GeromeGreenland, NHFemale 14-15Yellow42.7295.69 - 
Joni GilbertCanterbury, NHFemale 60-64Yellow33.3352.68 Silver 
Joshua GodfroySeabrook, NHMale 16-17Yellow37.7272.79 - 
Eric GosselinGilford, NHMale 21-29Yellow33.7454.56 - 
Gregory GuckenburgNewburyport, MAMale 10-11Yellow41.7491.20 - 
Sarah GuckenburgNewburyport, MAFemale 40-44Yellow36.7468.30 - 
Becca HarmonFemale 14-15Yellow45.05106.37 - 
Jane HeeterDover, NHMale 14-15Yellow39.3480.21 - 
Lucelia HimmerEliot, MEFemale 14-15Yellow41.3689.46 - 
Owen HimmerEliot, MEMale 16-17Yellow30.6840.54 Bronze 
Charlotte Hyland Rye Beach, NHFemale 6-7Yellow44.20102.47 Bronze 
Scotty JustasonNashua, NHMale 35-39Yellow46.70113.93 F* - 
Haukur KarlssonGilford, NHMale 12-13Yellow32.7449.98 Silver 
Oskar KarlssonGilford, NHMale 8-9Yellow42.3594.00 - 
John KenificWestford, MAMale 45-49Yellow38.0174.12 - 
Owen KenificWestford, MAMale 10-11Yellow43.5899.63 - 
Olivia KimballNorth Hampton, NHFemale 16-17Yellow32.1347.18 Bronze 
Janice KneppNew Durham, NHFemale 21-29Yellow39.5881.31 F* Bronze 
Robert KneppNew Durham, NHMale 65-69Yellow39.5381.08 - 
Ethan KunkelDover, NHMale 1-5Yellow1:00.61177.65 Bronze 
Morgan KurdBrookline, MAFemale 6-7Yellow55.40153.78 - 
Don LarsonHawthorn Woods, ILMale 55-59Yellow39.3980.44 - 
Matt LarsonMerrimack, NHMale 21-29Yellow43.4999.22 F* - 
 Sarah LindsayRye, NHFemale 14-15Yellow35.5262.71 Bronze 
Karlo LoherMarathon, NYMale 12-13Yellow28.9832.75 Gold 
Peter LoherWhitney Point, NYMale 55-59Yellow36.5267.29 - 
Abi LymanFemale 6-7Yellow51.21134.59 - 
Alicia LymanGilford, NHFemale 8-9Yellow1:04.76196.66 - 
Kevin Jr MagillGrafton, MAMale 10-11Yellow38.0374.21 Bronze 
Christopher ManganoNashua, NHMale 30-34Yellow31.4343.98 Bronze 
Stacey MartelFemale 30-34Yellow1:27.29299.86 F* - 
Jack MayuskiPortsmouth, NHMale 8-9Yellow1:01.97183.88 - 
Max MayuskiPortsmouth, NHMale 6-7Yellow1:16.31249.56 - 
Morgan McCarthyGilford, NHMale 14-15Yellow27.0924.10 Gold 
Bob MorrisLaconia, NHMale 65-69Yellow30.7340.77 Silver 
Ray MyattEliot, MEMale 65-69Yellow39.5881.31 - 
Sophie NadeauHampton, NHFemale 14-15Yellow46.67113.79 - 
Sam NorkMale 55-59Yellow28.7131.52 Silver 
Sean PayzantBraintree, MAMale 10-11Yellow48.18120.71 S* - 
Todd PayzantBraintree, MAMale 40-44Yellow37.7172.74 - 
Joseph PerfilioNorth Hampton, NHMale 16-17Yellow34.1056.21 - 
John PurnellBedford, NHMale 10-11Yellow31.8045.67 Silver 
Colin RageHampton, NHMale 14-15Yellow40.3784.93 - 
Zoe RobertsonGreenland, NHFemale 14-15Yellow40.6986.39 - 
Jennifer RobinsonGilford, NHFemale 21-29Yellow42.8296.15 - 
Calvin ShieldsReading, MAMale 6-7Yellow54.93151.63 - 
Andrew SkeirikMelrose, MAMale 8-9Yellow35.2261.34 Silver 
Caroline SkeirikGilford, NHFemale 1-5Yellow47.03115.44 Silver 
Lydia SpeckerSouth Berwick, MEFemale 14-15Yellow44.43103.53 - 
David StevensBelmont, NHMale 1-5Yellow51.23134.68 Bronze 
Ella StevensBelmont, NHFemale 8-9Yellow35.5562.85 Silver 
Wesley StockenHanover, NHMale 14-15Yellow27.3625.33 Gold 
William SutherlandNorth Hampton, NHMale 6-7Yellow53.36144.43 - 
Natalia VillarrealSomerville, MAFemale 6-7Yellow46.04110.90 Bronze 
Brody WaldronNew Durham, NHMale 8-9Yellow57.44163.12 - 
Joel WernigGilford, NHMale 8-9Yellow46.26111.91 - 
John WertzDover, NHMale 18-20Yellow38.8878.10 - 
Harper WhalleyGilford, NHFemale 1-5Yellow45.35107.74 Silver 
John WhalleyGilford, NHMale 35-39Yellow45.02106.23 - 
Ben WolpinGilford, NHMale 10-11Yellow35.0860.70 Bronze 
Emily WolpinGilford, NHFemale 40-44Yellow35.1761.11 Bronze 
Eric WolpinGilford, NHMale 40-44Yellow40.7786.76 S* - 
Owen WolpinGilford, NHMale 8-9Yellow38.4075.90 Bronze 
 Matthew WoodGilford, NHMale 35-39Yellow37.8473.34 - 

S = Snowboard (-20)
F = Adaptive Alpine: Cognitive Disability (-35)