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Cranmore Mountain Resort

Jan 5th, 2019
master crt rattlesnake mwv 2019 start list
first saturday nastar of 2019fafa

Par Time

Results for Jan 5th, 2019 - master crt rattlesnake mwv 2019 start list

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
KEVIN ARNOLDNORTH CONWAY, NHMale 55-59Blue32.5640.95 Silver 
Lena AsaliScarborough, MEFemale 6-7Blue33.0042.86 Platinum 
Cayla BaroudDanvers, MAFemale 12-13Blue43.7189.22 - 
Sherie Bellis-bennettNorth Conway, NHFemale 10-11Yellow36.9560.72 Silver 
Sammy BiddleRye, NHMale 10-11Yellow39.8273.21 Bronze 
Bridget BoothBeverly, MAFemale 12-13Blue41.2678.61 - 
Jerry BoudreauHollis, NHMale 65-69Yellow29.0226.23 Gold 
Ava Canter-MikolaycikN. Conway, NHFemale 10-11Blue38.5566.88 Bronze 
Melissa ChurchNorth Conway, NHFemale 35-39Yellow51.10122.27 - 
Cosmo ClementeWest Newbury, MAMale 8-9Yellow52.08126.53 - 
Kai ClementeWest Newbury, MAMale 6-7Yellow41.6981.34 Silver 
Sophia ClementeWest Newbury, MAFemale 10-11Yellow42.3884.34 - 
Mason CoffeyConway, NHMale 8-9Yellow41.8582.04 Bronze 
Donna CormierGlen, NHFemale 60-64Yellow48.63111.53 - 
Art CunninghamStandish, MEMale 70-74Blue30.9133.81 Gold 
Oliver DegliangeliConway, NHMale 8-9Blue39.6271.52 Bronze 
Maggie DelaneySherborn, MAFemale 12-13Blue36.7659.13 Bronze 
Molly DelaneySherborn, MAFemale 8-9Blue39.2669.96 Silver 
Nancy DevineSilver Lake, NHFemale 65-69Blue50.55118.83 - 
Romey DoyleN. Conway, NHFemale 10-11Blue47.70106.49 - 
ALEX DRUMMONDCenter Conway, NHMale 45-49Blue29.6328.27 Silver 
Herbie DuaneNahant, MAMale 1-5Yellow45.5097.91 Silver 
Markus FaustMarblehead, MAMale 6-7Blue43.7089.18 Bronze 
Cooper FerragamoPortsmouth, NHMale 10-11Yellow40.9077.90 - 
Brittany FurnessJackson, NHFemale 21-29Blue47.19104.29 - 
Tad FurtadoConway, NHMale 45-49Yellow38.2166.20 - 
Jocelyn GagnonAlbany , NHFemale 8-9Yellow47.11104.92 - 
Hunter GibsonIntervale, NHFemale 12-13Blue42.4683.81 - 
Ella GilmoreFemale 10-11Blue37.7863.55 Bronze 
Evelyn GilmoreIntervale, NHFemale 8-9Blue43.9090.04 Bronze 
Ray GilmoreIntervale, NHMale 6-7Blue41.4479.39 Silver 
Embry GladstoneDover, NHFemale 6-7Yellow48.11109.26 Bronze 
Maven GladstoneDover, NHFemale 1-5Yellow1:21.87256.11 - 
Silver GordonWESTON, MAMale 8-9Blue46.85102.81 - 
Jimson HallidayStow, MAMale 55-59Yellow35.6755.15 Bronze 
Sabian HallinPortsmouth, NHFemale 10-11Blue37.9964.46 Bronze 
Sadie HammondGreenland, NHFemale 8-9Blue45.3096.10 - 
Ryan HillNorth Conway, NHFemale 30-34Yellow46.39101.78 - 
Mary HillsgroveNorthSandwich, NHFemale 65-69Blue41.8881.30 - 
Charlotte HolbrookRochester , MAFemale 6-7Yellow44.5693.82 Bronze 
Estella HolbrookRochester , MAFemale 8-9Yellow46.38101.74 - 
Sara HoltbyCenter Conway, NHFemale 35-39Yellow43.8790.82 - 
Hannah HowlandConway, NHFemale 6-7Blue1:29.05285.50 - 
Thomas IrvingEaton Center, NHMale 55-59Blue29.4727.58 Silver 
Jahn JanetosHales Location, NHMale 70-74Yellow49.71116.22 - 
Marshall JohannsenBrookline, MAMale 6-7Yellow50.16118.18 - 
Oscar JohannsenBrookline, MAMale 8-9Yellow53.68133.49 - 
FRED JONESCENTER CONWAY, NHMale 60-64Blue29.8229.09 Silver 
Reed KarnoppIntervale, NHMale 14-15Blue30.0730.17 Silver 
Stefan KarnoppIntervale, NHMale 50-54Blue30.6432.64 Silver 
Megan KellyHampton Falls, NHFemale 8-9Blue41.9881.73 Bronze 
Sophie KellyNewbury, MAFemale 10-11Blue40.6075.76 Bronze 
Lilly KillourieIntervale, NHFemale 10-11Yellow39.1970.47 Bronze 
Ryan KramerMattituck , NYMale 10-11Blue41.2878.70 - 
Chloe LaineConway, NHFemale 6-7Blue46.1199.61 Bronze 
Summer LaineCONWAY, NHFemale 8-9Blue40.6575.97 Bronze 
Logan LewisNewburyport, MAMale 6-7Blue43.8789.91 Bronze 
MERLE LOWECENTER CONWAY, NHMale 65-69Yellow43.8490.69 - 
Ashlyn LynchN Conway, NHFemale 8-9Yellow52.04126.36 - 
Jasper MacDougallChatham, NHMale 6-7Blue46.0699.39 Bronze 
Frank MasciulliNorth Conway, NHMale 60-64Yellow43.5989.60 - 
Tyler MatthesPortsmouth, NHMale 10-11Yellow45.6498.52 - 
Suzie McCarthyNorth Conway, NHFemale 60-64Yellow38.4667.29 Bronze 
Tyler McCluskeyN Conway, NHMale 12-13Blue35.1952.34 Bronze 
Isaac McIndoeConway, NHMale 8-9Yellow39.9873.90 Bronze 
Maggie McIndoeConway, NHFemale 10-11Blue39.0969.22 Bronze 
Veronica McIndoeConway, NHFemale 10-11Yellow39.3571.16 Bronze 
Avery McNissNorwell, MAFemale 16-17Yellow30.2531.58 Silver 
Joe MillerNorth Conway, NHMale 35-39Yellow30.6333.23 Bronze 
Samantha MorrisNewburyport, MAFemale 10-11Yellow41.8882.17 - 
Colin MorseRye, NHMale 8-9Blue41.8681.21 Bronze 
Liesl MuellerDedham, MAFemale 1-5Yellow1:03.14174.64 Bronze 
Melody NesterNorth Conway, NHFemale 55-59Yellow36.0756.89 Silver 
Ed NestorNorth Conway, NHMale 55-59Yellow32.3340.63 Silver 
Lyla O'malleyRockport, MAFemale 1-5Yellow1:36.14318.18 - 
Paige O'malleyGeorgetown, MAFemale 8-9Blue49.76115.41 - 
David A. OlsonFryeburg, MEMale 50-54Blue36.3857.49 - 
David E. OlsonFryeburg, MEMale 21-29Blue32.7841.90 Bronze 
Jordan PalestrantNewton, MAFemale 8-9Blue41.9681.65 Bronze 
DONNA PERRYFemale 60-64Blue39.3770.43 Bronze 
Bryce PhillipsMelrose, MAMale 6-7Blue41.7480.69 Silver 
Camille PlaucheMarblehead, MAFemale 1-5Yellow1:20.27249.15 - 
Chantal PlaucheMarblehead, MAFemale 8-9Blue37.5762.64 Silver 
Jet RandoMarblehead, MAMale 1-5Yellow1:53.24392.56 - 
Nelson RayMale 1-5Yellow1:39.97334.84 - 
Maggie RiceNew Castle, NHFemale 8-9Blue44.9994.76 Bronze 
Mason RiceIntervale, NHMale 6-7Blue43.4988.27 Bronze 
Norman RiceNew Castle, NHMale 12-13Blue39.4570.78 - 
Paul RobertIntervale, NHMale 50-54Yellow35.4454.15 T* Bronze 
Emma RosnerBristol , RIFemale 12-13Blue37.2061.04 Bronze 
Carter SalemNewton, MAFemale 6-7Blue47.19104.29 Bronze 
Maxwell ShawFranklin, MAMale 6-7Yellow44.1091.82 Bronze 
Misty StephanConway, NHFemale 12-13Blue35.8555.19 Bronze 
Drew SwansonRockport, MAMale 6-7Yellow40.9378.03 Silver 
Reese SwansonRockport, MAFemale 8-9Yellow42.4784.73 Bronze 
Jim TafutoGlen, NHMale 60-64Blue38.7667.79 - 
Simone TempelWestwood, MAFemale 10-11Yellow43.4188.82 - 
Peter TracyMale 65-69Blue35.7454.72 Bronze 
Willow WaddingtonMarblehead, MAFemale 8-9Yellow29.3327.58 Platinum 
Annabelle WainmanKennebunkport, MEFemale 10-11Yellow39.0169.68 Bronze 
Brian wazlawPortsmouth, NHMale 70-74Blue42.3683.38 - 
Carolyn WebbGlen, NHFemale 55-59Blue43.6388.87 - 
Simon WebbGlen, NHMale 55-59Blue35.1151.99 Bronze 
Steve WehrliConway, NHMale 65-69Yellow38.1766.03 - 
Ashlee WeyandtConway, NHFemale 30-34Blue44.9794.68 - 
Finley WhitlockSherborn, MAFemale 12-13Blue35.9055.41 Bronze 
Tommy WhitlockSherborn, MAMale 14-15Yellow34.8751.67 Bronze 
SANDRA WOLNERFemale 70-74Yellow45.7699.04 - 
Stephen WolnerNorth Conway, NHMale 70-74Yellow35.1953.07 Bronze 
Anita WrightNorth Conway, NHFemale 65-69Yellow45.7298.87 - 
Hazel WroblewskiFemale 6-7Blue53.99133.72 - 

T = Telemark (-13)