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Squaw Valley

Mar 22nd, 2018
National Friends Team Race
not provided
Squaw Valley, California

Series: National Championships Friends Team
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4
Par Time

Bill Hudson
Results for Mar 22nd, 2018 - National Friends Team Race

(sorted by team results - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Team : The Tray Gang     Team Score : 9.135     Rank: 1 out of 17
 AJ KittMale 45-49The Tray GangYellow12.937.66 9.63Y 
Scott BjornsonHampton, MNMale 45-49The Tray GangYellow13.4612.07 9.20Y 
 Aksel KittMale 12-13The Tray GangYellow14.4920.65 9.04Y 
Jacob SchieldMale 12-13The Tray GangYellow14.8123.31 8.67Y 
 Cory SchieldHastings, MNMale 45-49The Tray GangBlue14.2719.12 7.29N 
 Frederic PattonTrexlertown, PAMale 10-11The Tray GangYellow16.8840.55 7.20N 
Team : Need for Speed     Team Score : 9.055     Rank: 2 out of 17
Bobby MuganDublin, OHMale 45-49Need for SpeedYellow12.967.91 9.61Y 
Kermit AndersonHolland, MIMale 55-59Need for SpeedYellow13.219.99 9.60Y 
Marty WilliamsCadillac, MIMale 30-34Need for SpeedBlue12.585.01 9.55Y 
Jim NoahAvon, INMale 60-64Need for SpeedBlue15.1526.46 7.46Y 
 Rob QuatkemeyerWest Chester, OHMale 35-39Need for SpeedYellow14.8723.81 5.75N 
 Liam BradyCincinnati, OHMale 8-9Need for SpeedYellow19.6663.70 4.62N 
 Lachlan BradyCincinnati, OHMale 10-11Need for SpeedYellow19.4762.11 3.31N 
Grant HollowayCincinnati, OHMale 18-20Need for SpeedBlue19.8165.36 S* 1.31N 
Team : Hidden Valley     Team Score : 8.590     Rank: 3 out of 17
 ALexander CampianSt Louis, MOMale 6-7Hidden ValleyBlue16.6138.65 9.41Y 
 Andre JohnsonMale 6-7Hidden ValleyBlue18.0150.33 8.79Y 
Anthony JohnsonWildwood, MOMale 35-39Hidden ValleyYellow13.5212.57 8.55Y 
 Harriet SloaneSt Louis, MOFemale 10-11Hidden ValleyBlue16.8640.73 7.61Y 
Noah KleinlehrerChesterfield, MOMale 12-13Hidden ValleyYellow15.9632.89 7.30N 
Tyler ChaneySt Louis, MOMale 10-11Hidden ValleyYellow19.1059.03 3.82N 
Adelina JohnsonWildwood, MOFemale 6-7Hidden ValleyYellow24.10100.67 3.07N 
Tom BerkeleyClarkson Valley, MOMale 75-79Hidden ValleyBlue20.0667.45 1.67N 
Team : Thunderbolt Michigan     Team Score : 8.443     Rank: 4 out of 17
 Phoebe SavoieFemale 12-13Thunderbolt MichiganYellow14.3319.32 9.39Y 
Jane Fall-lakatosBloomfield Hills, MIFemale 10-11Thunderbolt MichiganYellow15.6330.14 9.06Y 
Evan SavoieClarkston, MIMale 10-11Thunderbolt MichiganYellow16.1134.14 8.05Y 
Averi FairbanksFenton, MIFemale 10-11Thunderbolt MichiganYellow17.1943.13 7.27Y 
David LakatosBloomfield Hills, MIMale 45-49Thunderbolt MichiganYellow14.4019.90 7.03N 
 Lucy SavoieClarkston, MIFemale 8-9Thunderbolt MichiganBlue19.6363.86 5.36N 
Team : Midwest Marauders     Team Score : 7.293     Rank: 5 out of 17
Jenna MuchowGalena, ILFemale 16-17Midwest MaraudersBlue14.0417.20 8.70Y 
 Drake MastersGeorgetown, COMale 1-5Midwest MaraudersYellow21.6880.52 7.25Y 
Will NackGalena, ILMale 14-15Midwest MaraudersYellow15.1926.48 7.10Y 
 Roger WilsonWheeling, ILMale 60-64Midwest MaraudersYellow16.0933.97 6.12Y 
Team : Roundtop Mountain     Team Score : 6.905     Rank: 6 out of 17
 Daron RahlvesSugar Bowl, CAMale 40-44Roundtop MountainBlue12.948.01 9.50Y 
Nicolae SoareChantilly, VAMale 35-39Roundtop MountainBlue13.9516.44 7.45Y 
 Lance BravardWashington, DCMale 55-59Roundtop MountainBlue15.1326.29 6.78Y 
 Brian OconnellEllicott City, MDMale 50-54Roundtop MountainBlue16.6138.65 3.89Y 
 Patrick McKinneyNew Market, MDMale 50-54Roundtop MountainBlue16.8840.90 3.51N 
Team : Team Okemo     Team Score : 6.888     Rank: 7 out of 17
 Rob DexterWest Hartford, CTMale 65-69Team OkemoYellow14.4620.40 8.93Y 
Ken MartinWallingford, CTMale 60-64Team OkemoYellow15.1826.39 7.48Y 
Bruce BowenBasalt, COMale 65-69Team OkemoYellow16.6838.88 5.71Y 
 Stephen Ludwig SrEast Haven, CTMale 65-69Team OkemoYellow16.8640.38 5.43Y 
KRIS MarshakGuilford, CTMale 50-54Team OkemoBlue16.6839.23 3.79N 
Rebecca RubinGranby, CTFemale 40-44Team OkemoYellow19.5062.36 1.94N 
Christine JenneHuntington, NYFemale 65-69Team OkemoBlue21.9483.14 1.00N 
Team : Detroit Ski Team     Team Score : 6.840     Rank: 8 out of 17
 Heather KanakryWhite Lake, MIFemale 35-39Detroit Ski TeamYellow14.8723.81 8.26Y 
 Jason KanakryWhite Lake, MIMale 35-39Detroit Ski TeamYellow14.3119.15 6.75Y 
 Andre FairbanksFenton, MIMale 40-44Detroit Ski TeamBlue14.5821.70 6.46Y 
Scott HerkesLake Orion, MIMale 40-44Detroit Ski TeamBlue14.9224.54 5.89Y 
 Jason GaineyLake Orion, MIMale 40-44Detroit Ski TeamYellow15.0925.65 5.67N 
Team : Squaw     Team Score : 6.322     Rank: 9 out of 17
Sutton ColettaBelvedere Tiburon, CAMale 6-7SquawBlue18.9157.85 7.64Y 
Sloan ColettaBelvedere Tiburon, CAMale 1-5SquawYellow22.2985.60 6.85Y 
 Shara ColettaBelvedere Tiburon, CAFemale 35-39SquawYellow16.2935.64 6.35Y 
Schuyler ColettaBelvedere Tiburon, CAMale 8-9SquawYellow19.7764.61 4.45Y 
Team : FloridaSki     Team Score : 4.803     Rank: 10 out of 17
Bobby RolandAsheville, NCMale 55-59FloridaSkiBlue14.6522.29 7.60Y 
 Steven MonroeWeston, FLMale 60-64FloridaSkiBlue15.8332.14 6.44Y 
Cary PopourLeland, NCMale 55-59FloridaSkiYellow17.0541.97 4.17Y 
Janice NorrisFemale 55-59FloridaSkiYellow23.6897.17 1.00Y 
Team : Ski More Gates     Team Score : 3.643     Rank: 11 out of 17
 Dean GlosterBerkeley, CAMale 55-59Ski More GatesYellow16.2635.39 5.27Y 
 Jed OwenWausau, WIMale 55-59Ski More GatesBlue16.8540.65 4.39Y 
 Nancy Simpson OwenWausau, WIFemale 60-64Ski More GatesBlue19.2360.52 3.91Y 
Mark GlosterRedmond, WAMale 55-59Ski More GatesYellow19.2360.12 1.00N 
Mary NelsonAustin, MNFemale 60-64Ski More GatesYellow21.5479.35 1.00Y 
Team : Snow Leopards     Team Score : 3.595     Rank: 12 out of 17
Haley HickmanNew York, NYFemale 8-9Snow LeopardsBlue18.3152.84 7.17Y 
Karlo LoherMarathon, NYMale 10-11Snow LeopardsYellow17.5646.21 6.21Y 
Pearce LembitzFemale 8-9Snow LeopardsYellow27.53129.23 1.00Y 
Team : Perfect North     Team Score : 3.340     Rank: 13 out of 17
 John ChuprinkoCenterburg, OHMale 60-64Perfect NorthBlue15.6930.97 6.65Y 
 Tom BrogeCincinnati, OHMale 60-64Perfect NorthYellow17.1342.63 4.60Y 
Mia MunnCINCINNATI, OHFemale 12-13Perfect NorthBlue19.6964.36 2.11Y 
Team : Slippery When Wet     Team Score : 3.110     Rank: 14 out of 17
 Greg IovanBoulder, COMale 55-59Slippery When WetYellow16.2235.05 5.32Y 
Joe SantallaAvon, COMale 55-59Slippery When WetBlue17.5746.66 3.31Y 
 Chris DunlapDallas, TXMale 60-64Slippery When WetBlue18.2552.34 2.81Y 
Greg BroerenChicago, ILMale 30-34Slippery When WetYellow20.0767.11 S* 1.00Y 
Peter GustafsonGreenville, SCMale 30-34Slippery When WetYellow20.7772.94 S* 1.00N 
Team : Copperheads     Team Score : 1.897     Rank: 15 out of 17
 Michael HortonFlagstaff, AZMale 55-59CopperheadsYellow17.5946.46 3.35Y 
 Jerome LeisherMount Wolf, PAMale 45-49CopperheadsYellow16.6738.80 3.24Y 
 Lou HorwitzAustin, TXMale 55-59CopperheadsBlue20.8974.37 1.00Y 
Team : International Skiing History Association     Team Score : 1.643     Rank: 16 out of 17
Skip BeitzelArmonk, NYMale 60-64International Skiing History AssociationBlue17.7648.25 3.57Y 
Rick MoltonMale 65-69International Skiing History AssociationYellow23.4495.17 1.00Y 
BRYAN DRIESMale 35-39International Skiing History AssociationBlue23.7598.25 S* 1.00Y 
Seth MasiaPaonia CO 8142, COMale 65-69International Skiing History AssociationBlue20.7172.87 1.00N 
 Danielle JonesFemale 30-34International Skiing History AssociationYellow24.75106.08 S* 1.00Y 
Team : Team Green - Challenge Aspen     Team Score : 1.502     Rank: 17 out of 17
Peter GreenCarbondale, COMale 70-74Team Green - Challenge AspenYellow18.7756.29 3.01Y 
Drew BoglioliSteamboat Springs, COMale 21-29Team Green - Challenge AspenBlue23.0592.40 1.00Y 
Justin JolleyGlenwood Springs, COMale 18-20Team Green - Challenge AspenYellow23.1993.09 1.00Y 
Tanner JadwinGlenwood Springs, COMale 21-29Team Green - Challenge AspenBlue19.0959.35 1.00Y 
Chris GuayGlenwood Springs, COMale 35-39Team Green - Challenge AspenBlue29.67147.66 1.00N 

S = Snowboard (-20)