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Windham Mountain

Mar 11th, 2018
Overcast - 21 degrees
Flat Light on the Hill Today !!!

Par Time

Results for Mar 11th, 2018 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Daniella AradDouglaston, NYFemale 6-7Yellow52.33120.24 Bronze 
Michael AradNew York, NYMale 45-49Yellow30.4127.99 Silver 
Fekete BalintbalintineMale 30-34Yellow31.2131.36 Bronze 
Luca BarghashWatchung, NJMale 6-7Yellow43.2081.82 Silver 
Eden BarlevNew York, NYFemale 6-7Yellow48.15102.65 Bronze 
Parker BellaffRiver Vale, NJMale 10-11Yellow43.8284.43 - 
Gregory BischoffMedusa, NYMale 70-74Yellow37.2656.82 Bronze 
Michael BonnerHoboken, NJMale 50-54Yellow34.3244.44 Bronze 
Mia BoydLarchmont, NYFemale 10-11Yellow39.2965.36 Bronze 
Tristan BoydLarchmont, NYMale 8-9Yellow36.5053.62 Silver 
Michael BradleyJamaica, NYMale 65-69Yellow37.0856.06 Bronze 
Lance BravardWashington, DCMale 55-59Yellow27.5215.82 Platinum 
Daniel BregmanNew York, NYMale 10-11Yellow30.4027.95 Gold 
Robert BristolEast Rockaway, NYMale 30-34Yellow27.7016.58 Gold 
Harrison BroadFairfield, CTMale 14-15Yellow33.8642.51 Bronze 
Manuel BroadFairfield, CTMale 45-49Yellow32.9238.55 Bronze 
Miranda BroadFairfield, CTFemale 12-13Yellow37.3157.03 Bronze 
Glenn BrooksJackson, NJMale 55-59Yellow29.2623.15 Gold 
Linda BrooksJackson, NJFemale 55-59Yellow36.8555.09 Silver 
Sophie ChristonNew York, NYFemale 6-7Yellow44.5287.37 Silver 
Ben CramerOceanside, NYMale 30-34Yellow32.0234.76 Bronze 
Reece DavidoffMale 10-11Yellow33.6241.50 Gold 
Shane DavidoffNew York, NYMale 8-9Yellow34.0243.18 Gold 
Lisa DavisWindham, NYFemale 21-29Yellow28.4219.61 Gold 
Jake DiddenMale 21-29Yellow34.6445.79 - 
Jack DonlonGansevoort, NYMale 12-13Yellow31.7233.50 Gold 
Miles EarlyRidgewood, NJMale 8-9Yellow40.9372.26 Bronze 
Wyatt EarlyMale 1-5Yellow1:00.34153.96 Bronze 
Jack EmeryPoint Lookout, NYMale 8-9Yellow35.5249.49 Gold 
Jared FriedmanRoslyn Heights, NYMale 30-34Yellow35.1647.98 - 
Stuart FriedmanRoslyn Heights, NYMale 60-64Yellow34.3544.57 Silver 
David GalloMale 60-64Yellow31.3932.11 Silver 
Peter GalloManhasset, NYMale 21-29Yellow30.5928.75 Silver 
Alexander GoldmanBedford, NYMale 14-15Yellow36.4753.49 Bronze 
Charles GoldmanBedford, NYMale 45-49Yellow38.6562.67 - 
James GoldmanBedford, NYMale 10-11Yellow33.0138.93 Gold 
Harrison GredickIrvington, NYMale 8-9Yellow34.2744.23 Gold 
Tory HaltermannWindham, NYFemale 21-29Yellow29.7825.34 Silver 
Haley HickmanNew York, NYFemale 8-9Yellow32.6837.54 Platinum 
Trent HickmanNew York, NYMale 45-49Yellow29.9726.14 Silver 
Anders HildebrandRiverside, CTMale 6-7Yellow36.3352.90 Gold 
Finn HildebrandRiverside, CTMale 1-5Yellow45.8492.93 Silver 
Kyle HildebrandMale 35-39Yellow27.2114.52 Gold 
Winfield HodgsonMale 8-9Yellow36.9655.56 Silver 
Alexander JoaNew York, NYMale 40-44Yellow39.8567.72 - 
Peter JobsonCatskill, NYMale 10-11Yellow36.6454.21 Silver 
Maris JurevicsNew York, NYMale 50-54Yellow33.7241.92 Bronze 
John KaminMiddle Village, NYMale 75-79Yellow35.3848.91 Silver 
Julien KellyMale 21-29Yellow34.8346.59 - 
Asher KleinNew York, NYMale 8-9Yellow38.7262.96 Silver 
Jordan KleinNew York, NYMale 12-13Yellow32.3936.32 Silver 
Sienna LackeyFemale 8-9Yellow33.7942.21 Gold 
Matthew LamertonRidgewood, NJMale 8-9Yellow40.9572.35 Bronze 
Walter LamertonRidgewood, NJMale 40-44Yellow34.0843.43 Bronze 
Blake LangsdaleMale 12-13Yellow44.6888.05 - 
Tate LangsdaleMale 6-7Yellow46.6596.34 Bronze 
Trevor LangsdaleMale 40-44Yellow31.1931.27 Silver 
Cameron LeeLarchmont, NYMale 12-13Yellow36.5053.62 Bronze 
Jae LeeMale 21-29Yellow36.4853.54 - 
Richard LeeLarchmont, NYMale 45-49Yellow29.4323.86 Silver 
Tristan LeeLarchmont, NYMale 14-15Yellow30.4027.95 Silver 
Daniel LombardoWindham, NYMale 8-9Yellow40.8772.01 Bronze 
Herbert MaierleMiddle Village, NYMale 80-84Yellow33.7742.13 Gold 
Luke ManneWest Nyack, NYMale 10-11Yellow35.8750.97 Silver 
Aidan MirchandaniNew York, NYMale 12-13Yellow34.7946.42 Silver 
Meredith MontgomeryGlens Falls, NYFemale 12-13Yellow31.4732.45 Gold 
Deann MorganNew York, NYFemale 45-49Yellow35.2648.40 Silver 
Juliette MorganNew York, NYFemale 8-9Yellow38.5362.16 Silver 
Courtney MouldTotowa, NJFemale 21-29Yellow36.1752.23 J* Platinum 
Tia MukamalScarsdale, NYFemale 8-9Yellow38.7963.26 Silver 
Daxton MutterNew York, NYMale 6-7Yellow38.8463.47 Silver 
Millie NemserNew York, NYFemale 8-9Yellow39.0064.14 Silver 
Madeleine OkunTarrytown, NYFemale 8-9Yellow37.7358.80 Silver 
Nathan OkunTarrytown, NYMale 10-11Yellow35.5749.71 Silver 
Chadwick OlsenMale 45-49Yellow34.8046.46 Bronze 
Anna PetrunichMale 21-29Yellow48.29103.24 - 
Nicolas PuspuricaGlen Cove, NYMale 6-7Yellow36.1352.06 Gold 
Derek RauchNew York, NYMale 10-11Yellow37.1556.36 Silver 
Rex ReevesOld Greenwich, CTMale 6-7Yellow40.4970.41 Silver 
Henri RiversMale 10-11Yellow32.8638.30 Gold 
Claire RosensteinWestwood, NJFemale 16-17Yellow33.9042.68 Bronze 
Frances RothsteinRye, NYFemale 50-54Yellow39.4966.20 Bronze 
Owen RothsteinRye, NYMale 8-9Yellow36.3552.99 Silver 
Robert SalamonMale 50-54Yellow43.2782.11 - 
Steven SalamonMale 12-13Yellow48.06102.27 - 
Marta Saurina Female 30-34Yellow34.3944.74 Silver 
Alexander ScheiderMale 30-34Yellow48.96106.06 - 
Alan SchreitmuellerAnnapolis, MDMale 60-64Yellow29.9626.09 Gold 
Oliver SchuppNew York, NYMale 45-49Yellow31.5532.79 Silver 
Ella SiegelArmonk, NYFemale 8-9Yellow39.3665.66 Silver 
Jarett SiegelArmonk, NYMale 45-49Yellow29.2723.19 Silver 
Anders SiewertNew York, NYMale 8-9Yellow34.9747.18 Gold 
Molly SiewertNew York, NYFemale 6-7Yellow41.1873.32 Silver 
Thor SimonNew York, NYMale 40-44Yellow29.8025.42 Silver 
Carter SneydLarchmont, NYMale 10-11Yellow34.7746.34 Silver 
Gavin SneydLarchmont, NYMale 10-11Yellow33.5741.29 Gold 
Addison SperySaratoga Springs, NYMale 12-13Yellow36.6354.17 Bronze 
Andrew StoutNew York, NYMale 10-11Yellow58.42145.88 S* - 
Dane SukhoHollis, NYMale 12-13Yellow46.8497.14 - 
Terrence SukhuHollis, NYMale 40-44Yellow37.9859.85 - 
Harrison VelechkoGlen Ridge, NJMale 12-13Yellow41.4774.54 - 
Marcus VitaleIrvington, NYMale 6-7Yellow37.5558.04 Gold 
Nicholas VitaleIrvington, NYMale 8-9Yellow37.1256.23 Silver 
Graham WelshLarchmont, NYMale 10-11Yellow39.4365.95 Bronze 
Eliza Wilke-olsenFemale 10-11Yellow50.71113.43 - 
Lydia Wilke-olsenFemale 12-13Yellow55.67134.30 - 
Charles WordhamLarchmont, NYMale 8-9Yellow43.0581.19 Bronze 
Jeff WordhamLarchmont, NYMale 45-49Yellow37.4357.53 - 
Chris ZipfWhitestone, NYMale 21-29Yellow28.1818.60 Silver 
Peter ZipfMale 30-34Yellow33.4740.87 Bronze 
Daniel ZubarchukBrooklyn, NYMale 18-20Yellow29.9926.22 Silver 

J = Adaptive Snowboard: Lower Limb Disability (-40)
S = Snowboard (-20)