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Jul 7th, 2017
Development Squad Time Trial
Overcast with snow
Thredbo, Australia

Par Time

Results for Jul 7th, 2017 - Development Squad Time Trial

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Nicholas AndreaMale 8-9Yellow22.6255.36 Silver 
Sam AndreaMale 6-7Yellow22.0851.65 Gold 
Mahliya AntoneFemale 6-7Yellow27.8090.93 Bronze 
Kiahna BarnesFemale 8-9Yellow24.2866.76 Silver 
Joshua BeaumontMale 6-7Yellow27.4188.26 Bronze 
Matilda BeaumontFemale 8-9Yellow19.9036.68 Platinum 
Camilla BourkeFemale 10-11Yellow21.3246.43 Silver 
Zara BourkeFemale 10-11Yellow22.4354.05 Silver 
Kayla BoyarskyFemale 10-11Yellow24.1766.00 Bronze 
Mia BoyarskyFemale 12-13Yellow22.0451.37 Silver 
Lilly BrauerFemale 1-5Yellow28.6196.50 Silver 
Billy BressingtonFemale 10-11Yellow26.3480.91 Bronze 
Gabriel BrookeMale 1-5Yellow28.6496.70 Silver 
Billy BrownMale 8-9Yellow19.6134.68 Platinum 
Curtis BrownMale 6-7Yellow25.1872.94 Silver 
Lillian BrownFemale 8-9Yellow24.8070.33 Silver 
Lola BrownFemale 8-9Yellow26.5982.62 Bronze 
Finnigan ByrnesMale 6-7Yellow27.4588.53 Bronze 
Gracie ByronFemale 6-7Yellow20.5941.41 Platinum 
Bella Caddy-gammelFemale 10-11Yellow28.1593.34 S* Bronze 
Eloise CampbellFemale 10-11Yellow23.2159.41 Silver 
Henry CampbellMale 8-9Yellow23.2059.34 Silver 
Oscar CavallaroMale 6-7Yellow32.71124.66 - 
Mia ChawnerFemale 14-15Yellow22.3453.43 S* Silver 
Isabelle ChironFemale 10-11Yellow24.3967.51 Bronze 
Charlotte ConnellyFemale 6-7Yellow24.5068.27 Silver 
Zac CorcoranMale 12-13Yellow18.9830.36 Gold 
Jasmin CowleyFemale 12-13Yellow38.13161.88 S* - 
Hudson DaviesMale 10-11Yellow23.0258.10 Bronze 
Emma Dawson-damerFemale 8-9Yellow20.9643.96 Gold 
Georgina Dawson-damerFemale 10-11Yellow20.8943.48 Gold 
Francesca DennisFemale 8-9Yellow21.3946.91 Gold 
Alessia DiverFemale 6-7Yellow26.5482.28 Silver 
Ellee ErikssonFemale 6-7Yellow25.8177.27 Silver 
Meah ErikssonFemale 8-9Yellow28.6696.84 - 
Chilli EvansFemale 12-13Yellow20.3039.42 Silver 
Indii EvansFemale 10-11Yellow20.2839.29 Gold 
Sissy FairrieFemale 10-11Yellow22.8757.07 Silver 
Ruby FreeburnFemale 10-11Yellow22.6955.84 Silver 
Harriet FullerFemale 6-7Yellow26.3280.77 Silver 
John-maxwell FullerMale 8-9Yellow18.3626.10 Platinum 
Kaden GibbonsJindabyne, OTHRMale 1-5Yellow30.88112.09 Silver 
Alec GordonMale 18-20Yellow21.2646.02 S* Silver 
Lachlan GrantMale 10-11Yellow24.3367.10 Bronze 
Ben GuineyMale 10-11Yellow20.2038.74 Gold 
Guy GuineyMale 12-13Yellow19.6735.10 Silver 
Tom GuineyMale 8-9Yellow24.0164.90 Silver 
Zac HallisMale 12-13Yellow22.1852.34 Bronze 
Piper HardingFemale 10-11Yellow20.4540.45 Gold 
Oscar HaugerudMale 10-11Yellow22.4053.85 Silver 
Jemma HopkinsFemale 10-11Yellow21.1545.26 Silver 
Addison HosieFemale 6-7Yellow27.2787.29 Silver 
Oliver HowellMale 8-9Yellow20.9043.54 Gold 
Sienna HowellFemale 6-7Yellow26.0879.12 Silver 
Isabella HupfauFemale 8-9Yellow20.8343.06 Gold 
Ignatius IrvineMale 6-7Yellow24.3567.24 Silver 
Lily JarvisFemale 8-9Yellow25.5875.69 Bronze 
Edward JohnsonMale 6-7Yellow20.3239.56 Platinum 
Samuel JohnsonMale 10-11Yellow21.0744.71 Silver 
Phoenix JohnstonMale 12-13Yellow27.7790.73 - 
Hamish KennedyMale 8-9Yellow21.3646.70 Gold 
Sophie KennedyFemale 12-13Yellow19.3632.97 Gold 
Lukas KwanMale 6-7Yellow30.44109.07 - 
Jed LangbyMale 12-13Yellow31.08113.46 - 
James LeatherbarrowMale 14-15Yellow18.0223.76 Gold 
Xavier LeesMale 6-7Yellow24.9271.15 Silver 
Amalie LeslieFemale 10-11Yellow21.0144.30 Gold 
Reuben LeslieMale 10-11Yellow22.3953.78 Silver 
Samantha LovettFemale 12-13Yellow22.1051.79 Silver 
Axel LysterMale 6-7Yellow25.1672.80 Silver 
Jack LysterMale 8-9Yellow22.2752.95 Silver 
Callum MasjukMale 16-17Yellow23.5361.61 - 
Sasha MasjukFemale 12-13Yellow29.22100.69 - 
Shae MatherFemale 6-7Yellow28.6997.05 Bronze 
Cora McCloskeyMale 16-17Yellow23.3860.58 - 
Hannah McConnellFemale 10-11Yellow24.0865.38 Bronze 
Sophie McConnellFemale 8-9Yellow22.8556.94 Silver 
Hannah McKayFemale 12-13Yellow22.2052.47 Silver 
Will McKayMale 8-9Yellow29.27101.03 S* Bronze 
Chester MobbsMale 10-11Yellow22.8957.21 Silver 
Aidan MooreMale 8-9Yellow22.5154.60 Silver 
Leo NankervisMale 8-9Yellow22.9257.42 Silver 
Max NankervisMale 6-7Yellow26.8884.62 Bronze 
Ruby NorgardFemale 10-11Yellow27.3487.77 - 
Thomas NorgardMale 10-11Yellow21.1445.19 Silver 
Tulli OaydaFemale 8-9Yellow21.0744.71 Gold 
Jesse PaskeFemale 10-11Yellow19.9436.95 Gold 
Sophie PaskeFemale 12-13Yellow19.5434.20 Gold 
Tessa PaxtonFemale 8-9Yellow19.6134.68 Platinum 
Tor PaxtonMale 6-7Yellow24.8770.81 Silver 
Elizabeth PedrucoFemale 12-13Yellow19.9737.16 Silver 
Samuel PedrucoMale 12-13Yellow20.7242.31 Silver 
Archie PetersMale 6-7Yellow33.43129.60 - 
Remy PhillipsMale 6-7Yellow25.0371.91 Silver 
Gianmarco PradelMale 10-11Yellow20.2539.08 Gold 
Alexandria QuinnFemale 8-9Yellow19.6134.68 Platinum 
Gretchen QuinnFemale 6-7Yellow26.4581.66 Silver 
Filip F RackhamMale 10-11Yellow20.3239.56 Gold 
Sylvie RedwinFemale 1-5Yellow30.12106.87 Silver 
Edyn RoyASPEN, COFemale 6-7Yellow20.6341.69 Platinum 
Mykenzie RoyFemale 8-9Yellow21.2545.95 Gold 
Jamie RussellMale 10-11Yellow22.6355.43 Silver 
Henry SalterMale 6-7YellowDNF-  
Athena SatsiasFemale 8-9Yellow26.7583.72 Bronze 
Parisse SatsiasFemale 10-11Yellow25.0972.32 Bronze 
Tess ShanahanFemale 8-9Yellow22.9557.62 Silver 
Calvin ShortusMale 10-11Yellow19.6434.89 Gold 
Larissa ShortusFemale 6-7Yellow24.3567.24 Silver 
Saskia ShortusFemale 6-7Yellow25.3073.76 Silver 
Ariel SilberbergMale 8-9Yellow24.2266.35 Silver 
Katie SilberbergFemale 10-11Yellow21.5047.66 Silver 
Jessica StewartFemale 10-11Yellow23.8263.60 Bronze 
Nixon StewartMale 8-9Yellow24.9771.50 Bronze 
Samantha Stynes - GarrattyFemale 8-9Yellow20.3539.77 Platinum 
Zali SummerauerFemale 8-9Yellow20.1638.46 Platinum 
Julian SusaMale 6-7Yellow28.2093.68 Bronze 
Oliver SusaMale 8-9Yellow20.1938.67 Gold 
Lachlan TappMale 6-7Yellow23.4060.71 Gold 
Allegra TaubenschlagFemale 6-7Yellow23.7162.84 Gold 
Siri TaubenschlagFemale 6-7Yellow32.31121.91 Bronze 
Rupert TehanMale 12-13Yellow19.7635.71 Silver 
Daniel Ternes - DixonMale 12-13Yellow19.5734.41 Gold 
Aravin ThangarajMale 14-15Yellow19.4033.24 Silver 
Lily ThangarajFemale 10-11Yellow24.0665.25 Bronze 
Will TurnerMale 6-7Yellow22.9457.55 Gold 
Carl VandergraafMale 12-13Yellow20.1738.53 Silver 
Cody VandergraafMale 10-11Yellow23.8263.60 Bronze 
Ross VassMale 10-11Yellow21.0544.57 Silver 
Lara WalshFemale 10-11Yellow27.5389.08 S* Bronze 
Bronte WhiteheadFemale 6-7Yellow24.8370.54 Silver 
Cora WhiteheadFemale 10-11Yellow22.6955.84 Silver 
Rex WillettMale 6-7Yellow24.2666.62 Silver 
Elliot WilsonMale 10-11Yellow23.1659.07 Bronze 
Travis WoolleyMale 6-7Yellow26.2980.56 Silver 
Chloe YeeFemale 10-11Yellow23.5461.68 Silver 
Joshua YeeMale 6-7Yellow30.46109.20 - 

S = Snowboard (-20)