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Cranmore Mountain Resort

Mar 19th, 2017
overcast calm day
last sunday nastar of the year

Par Time

Results for Mar 19th, 2017 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Billy AdamsNorwell, MAMale 8-9Yellow36.6542.83 Gold 
Faye AdamsNorwell, MAFemale 10-11Yellow29.8116.17 Platinum 
Tess AdamsNorwell, MAFemale 10-11Yellow36.4041.86 Gold 
Eliza AronsCharlestown, MAFemale 6-7Yellow43.9971.43 Silver 
Lucy AronsCharlestown, MAFemale 8-9Yellow41.6262.20 Silver 
Mia AstrauskasSudbury, MAFemale 10-11Yellow39.4153.59 Silver 
Siena AstrauskasNew Castle, NHFemale 6-7Yellow47.8486.44 Silver 
Grace AudetteCambridge, MAFemale 8-9Yellow35.0236.48 Platinum 
Meredith BrooksDurham, NHFemale 12-13Yellow33.9832.42 Gold 
Julia BrownDurham, NHFemale 12-13Yellow30.7119.68 Platinum 
Rachael BrownGLEN, NHFemale 65-69Yellow44.6373.93 Bronze 
Morgan CarrGlen, NHFemale 10-11Yellow30.2918.04 Platinum 
Aishling CoberyFemale 8-9Yellow41.9063.29 Silver 
Erin CoberyFemale 8-9Yellow46.9282.85 Bronze 
Bowden CoombsRye, NHMale 1-5Yellow44.3972.99 Gold 
Richard CoombsRye, NHMale 6-7Yellow40.2456.82 Gold 
Carson CouperthwaitKittery, MEMale 10-11Yellow33.3730.05 Gold 
Kyle CoutureDouglas, MAMale 8-9Yellow33.3830.09 Platinum 
Art CunninghamStandish, MEMale 70-74Yellow30.2617.93 Platinum 
Ella DeanWest Roxbury, MAFemale 8-9Yellow34.1032.89 Platinum 
Emily DelehantyWinthrop, MAFemale 50-54Yellow35.6739.01 Gold 
Nicholas DelormeSherborn, MAMale 6-7Yellow33.2429.54 Platinum 
Daniela DinittoMethuen, MAFemale 12-13Yellow30.8720.30 Platinum 
Sean DoucetteJackson, NHMale 45-49Yellow28.2610.13 Platinum 
Holden EdenbachGorham, MEMale 8-9Yellow36.3141.50 Gold 
Morgan EdenbachGorham, MEFemale 8-9Yellow35.2437.33 Platinum 
Markus FaustMarblehead, MAMale 1-5Yellow43.8270.77 Gold 
Anna GarofanoBarrington, RIFemale 12-13Yellow32.2225.57 Gold 
Eva GarofanoBarrington, RIFemale 10-11Yellow30.7119.68 Platinum 
Ben GaudinTopsfield, MAMale 6-7Yellow48.9190.61 Bronze 
Joseph GaudinTopsfield, MAMale 8-9Yellow39.5554.13 Silver 
Max GaudinTopsfield, MAMale 10-11Yellow35.3437.72 Gold 
Chris HorvathTaunton, MAMale 55-59Yellow34.8235.70 Silver 
Donna HorvathTaunton, MAFemale 55-59Yellow37.7947.27 Silver 
Bill HoukHales Location, NHMale 60-64Yellow31.3622.21 Gold 
Myra JohnstonN Conway, NHFemale 8-9Yellow1:16.34197.54 - 
Reed KarnoppIntervale, NHMale 12-13Yellow29.4114.61 Platinum 
Stefan KarnoppIntervale, NHMale 50-54Yellow27.999.08 Platinum 
Paige LanouetteFemale 10-11Yellow32.4826.58 Platinum 
Ron LeightonRochester, NHMale 60-64Yellow28.9012.63 Platinum 
Violet MalinowskiTopsfield, MAFemale 8-9Yellow34.4534.26 Platinum 
Bea MayYork, MEFemale 10-11Yellow34.3033.67 Gold 
Anoush McCarthyBelmont, MAFemale 8-9Yellow32.5927.01 Platinum 
Brian McCarthyBelmont, MAMale 10-11Yellow34.6935.19 Gold 
Claire MunkacsiFemale 14-15Yellow31.4322.49 Gold 
Cade MurphyRye, NHMale 10-11Yellow32.1625.33 Platinum 
Brandyn NaultIntervale, NHMale 12-13Yellow31.9524.51 Gold 
Addy NelsonIntervale, NHFemale 12-13Yellow31.0220.89 Platinum 
Ellie NelsonIntervale, NHFemale 8-9Yellow51.2499.69 - 
Dave A OlsonFryeburg, MEMale 45-49Yellow34.8735.89 Bronze 
Hannah PacsayWolfeboro, NHFemale 8-9Yellow35.0236.48 Platinum 
Caleb PageJamaica Plain, MAMale 45-49Yellow34.3333.79 Silver 
David PageJamaica Plain, MAMale 6-7Yellow40.2556.86 Gold 
Emma PorcaroWindham, NHFemale 12-13Yellow31.7823.85 Platinum 
Grace PorcaroWindham, NHFemale 10-11Yellow32.2225.57 Platinum 
Preston PotterManchester-by-the-sea, MAMale 10-11Yellow34.6134.88 Gold 
Sadie PotterManchester-by-the-sea, MAFemale 8-9Yellow37.9247.78 Gold 
Samantha QuarantielloNewburyport, MAFemale 16-17Yellow29.8816.45 Gold 
CORINNE RayGLEN, NHFemale 50-54Yellow41.7462.67 Bronze 
MARK RayGLEN, NHMale 55-59Yellow38.1748.75 Bronze 
Caroline RogersMiddleton, MAFemale 12-13Yellow36.4442.01 Silver 
Ken RomanoLynnfield, MAMale 50-54Yellow28.7612.08 Platinum 
Nick RomanoLynnfield, MAMale 21-29Yellow28.8012.24 Gold 
Cameron SakelariosHampton, NHMale 10-11Yellow36.4141.89 Gold 
Jacob SakelariosHampton, NHMale 12-13Yellow36.7343.14 Silver 
Scot SakelariosHampton, NHMale 45-49Yellow33.0428.76 Silver 
Luke SantosCambridge, MAMale 12-13Yellow30.4318.59 Platinum 
Luke ThebergeSherborn, MAMale 12-13Yellow30.1817.61 Platinum 
Dylan TraskPlainville, MAMale 12-13Yellow33.2829.70 Gold 
Tyler TraskPlainville, MAMale 10-11Yellow32.0925.06 Platinum 
Sarah TurnerWoburn, MAFemale 12-13Yellow33.3429.93 Gold 
Jake WellinghurstNorth Conway, NHMale 55-59Yellow29.0913.37 Platinum